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10 Days Kenya Safari

Kenya is one of the top destinations for an African safari. I had the chance to travel two weeks in Kenya including 10 days of safari. Back on this incredible naturalist trip.

What photo equipment for your safari?

The telephoto lens is mandatory to take real safari photos. The minimum focal length is 300mm. Depending on your budget and your taste for photography, you can opt for an SLR or a hybrid and quality zooms or a fixed focal length. Check out My Wildlife’s advice on safari camera gear to get an idea of ​​what to pack.

Masai Mara felines

The Masai Mara National Reserve is undoubtedly the must-see animal sanctuary in Kenya. After a seven-hour drive from Nairobi, we settle in the east of the reserve for 4 days.

The savannah as far as the eye can see is just as I had imagined it, populated by antelopes of all kinds: topi, Thomson’s gazelle, Grant’s gazelle and the famous wildebeest who migrate year-round between the different pastures of the park. National Serengeti in Tanzania and those of the Masai Mara. In Masai Mara, large cohorts of wildebeest are usually present from July to September. I was in Masai Mara at the beginning of July. The columns of wildebeest were beginning to flow but I did not see any crossing of the Mara River.

Of all the amazing things in Masai Mara, what amazed me the most was the density of big cats, especially lions. Almost on every safari, I have been able to see them. Leopards, cheetahs and hyenas were also there.

The reserve offers the possibility of flying over Masai Mara in a hot air balloon. It’s expensive but the activity is definitely worth it.

Crescent Island Walking Safari

Crescent Island is a crescent-shaped peninsula located at Lake Naïvasha in the heart of the Rift Valley. One of the particularities of this small private reserve is that you can go on a walking safari there with a guide.

Beautiful two-hour walk in the company of harmless wild animals such as Fassa waterbucks, Masai giraffes, plains zebras, wildebeests or Thomson’s gazelles. Many birds too. It changes safaris in 4×4.

Depending on the season, access can be by car or by boat.

The rhinos and giraffes of Lake Nakuru

We continue further north, still in the Rift Valley to reach the Nakuru National Park for a day of safari. Clearly the park lacks the grandeur of Masai Mara. Its ecosystem surrounding the lake is more closed.

In the past, large groups of flamingos frequented the waters of the lake. They are only a hundred on the spot. It is at Lake Bogoria that you will have the best chance of observing them in Kenya. I did not go there.

I see at least two reasons to come for a safari in Nakuru: to observe the white and black rhinos which are much more difficult to see in Masai Mara and to take a picture of the Rothschild giraffe whose dress differs from the Masai giraffe.

Amboseli Elephants

Return to southern Kenya at the border with Tanzania. Amboseli is the national park to observe the eternal snows of Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa.

Resources for traveling

Here are some resources for planning your trip:

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It’s an incredible park for birdwatching (over 370 species counted) but the park is definitely worth a visit for its herds of elephants, some of which have huge tusks.

The ecosystem includes arid parts, swamps, small hills and gallery forests. The photographic atmospheres are always very different and the fauna is in large numbers.

Just like in Masai Mara, we are in Masai territory. The villages around Amboseli National Park are numerous. It is possible to visit them. If the approach is a bit folkloric, it is also an opportunity to understand the Masai culture a little better.

The endemic antelopes of Tsavo

In the Tsavo region, I discovered Lumo Sanctuary, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park in three days. Three days is far too little for what is Kenya’s largest classified ecosystem. It would take at least two more days to seriously explore this sector of Kenya.

As the region is drier than the other animal sanctuaries on this trip, we meet new species such as the Waller’s gazelle, also called the giraffe gazelle, or the génuk, which has the particularity of being able to stand on its two hind legs. to fetch sprouts to eat. Among the antelopes, one can also observe the beisa oryx and the lesser kudu.

Overall, observations are still more difficult than elsewhere because the vegetation is quite dense.

Tsavo is also an incredible park for observing birds, of which there are more than 500 species, as well as red elephants, whose skin has taken on the color of the earth.

A little rest on the coast

After these 10 days of safari in Kenya, I set sail for the Indian Ocean to spend a few days in a seaside hotel in Diani. Cocktail, idleness, reading and swimming to end this trip to Kenya.

Where to go on safari in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the most interesting countries to go on a safari in Africa. There are a multitude of national parks, national and private reserves to explore the savannah and the bush in search of wildlife observation and photography. Where to go on safari in Kenya? Answer in this article from My Wildlife.

Useful information

International flight to Nairobi and Mombasa. I personally arrived in Nairobi and left Kenya in Mombasa.

Find your plane ticket

Also compare flights with Kayak.

With whom to go on safari?

You can contact the local French-speaking travel agencies based in Kenya with whom I have traveled in East Africa to obtain a quote and organize your safari in Kenya.

Or sleep ?

Here are the hotels and lodges where I slept:

Kenya Travel and Safari Guides

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