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10 Fascinating and Cheap Destinations to Go to in 2020

Travelers, be happy! Lonely Planet has just published its top 10 best destinations to discover in 2020.

The famous publishing house has listed the best countries, the best cities and the best regions to visit during the coming months, but above all the 10 places in the world where you will get the most for your money next year (“best value”). So here they are, with some info to inspire you.

10 magical and inexpensive destinations for 2020:

1. East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Tranquil beaches, volcanic lakes, Komodo dragons, traditional villages, surf spots and diving: Lonely Planet’s (LP) number 1 budget destination has something to dream about. This is East Nusa Tenggara, a group of Indonesian islands located east of Bali and Lombok, which includes the island of Flores. Tourists are still quite few there. “In some places, you’ll feel like a real explorer,” says LP.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Despite its growing popularity, the Hungarian capital remains an affordable – and actually interesting – European choice. In addition to its Danube and its architecture (the Parliament, the bridges, the art nouveau buildings, etc.), Budapest offers many small urban pleasures, says LP: thermal baths hidden almost everywhere, wine bars, photogenic cafes and a crowd of “ruin bars” installed in large disused buildings.

3. Madhya Pradesh region, India

Have you always dreamed of going on a safari? LP’s number 3 destination may be for you. In the state of Madhya Pradesh, you can go on tiger safaris in the heart of the jungle, in parks and nature reserves such as the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The experience is different from an African safari – you’ll have to forget about zebras and giraffes – but also much cheaper, according to LP.

4. Buffalo, New York, USA

Buffalo, really? Well yes! Lonely Planet reminds us that in addition to being located very close to Niagara Falls – which are to be seen at least once in a lifetime – the American city is experiencing a renaissance. Its culinary scene is booming, its hotel choices are growing, and its attractions are worth checking out, including its new Children’s Museum. LP also recalls that there are now many low-cost flights to get there.

5. Azerbaijan

Halfway between Europe and Asia, this former Soviet republic has everything to surprise you. Its capital, Baku, is both ancient (and protected by UNESCO) and hypermodern (sometimes even futuristic), while the rest of the country offers splendid nature and amazing hilltop villages. Above all, according to LP, Azerbaijan is practically unbeatable when it comes to talking about value for money, whether for accommodation, food or tourist experiences.

6. Serbia

Head for the vineyards, spas and beautiful landscapes of Serbia if you fancy an affordable, fascinating and still undiscovered European destination. A tip from LP: don’t miss the famous capital, Belgrade, where you can spend your days discovering a particularly cool café culture and your evenings enjoying a party and cheap nightlife along the Danube.

7. Tunisia

The sea and the desert await you in Tunisia, in North Africa, at very good prices. Among LP’s suggestions: the medina of Tunis, the remains of ancient Carthage and the seaside town of Sidi Bou Said. Of course, there are also excursions to the dunes of the Sahara and… Star Wars filming locations!

8. Cape Winelands, South Africa

It is the wine region located near the city of Cape Town, Cape Winelands, which takes 8th place in Lonely Planet’s “best value” list this year. In this little corner of South Africa, it is said, you can go on particularly affordable (and delicious) wine tours and find quality accommodation at prices much lower than elsewhere.

9. Athens, Greece

“The best things in Athens are free,” says Lonely Planet, which of course refers to all the wonders of the past that can be discovered. But it’s not just the Acropolis and the Parthenon in this city-museum. Athens offers an exceptional and affordable culinary scene, a pleasant walkable city center and beautiful beaches and islands within a few hours drive.

10. Zanzibar, Tanzania

A main city, Stone Town, full of magic, mini-price restaurants, exotic markets and multicultural cafes. Beaches and a turquoise sea worthy of your wildest dreams. Waterfront accommodations at prices considerably lower than in the Caribbean or the Pacific Islands. That’s roughly how LP describes number 10 of its inspiring top budget destinations of 2020. Shall we go?

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