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10 inexpensive destinations in August

In high season, it is not always easy to be able to book holidays at an affordable price with the assurance of a pleasant stay. However, it is not necessary to have such a high budget to leave, provided you know the best destinations! Here are the top 10 countries where to spend your holidays for a cheap trip in August.

5 Countries for a cheap trip to the sun

If the weather is your number one priority, it’s wiser to stay close to mainland Europe where the sun shines all summer. the North Africa also offers weather conditions perfectly suited for sunny holidays. Here is our top 5 countries to go to in August for a cheap trip to the sun.

1- Tunisia

We tend to forget it, but Tunisia is just a stone’s throw from our home and offers us a little corner of paradise on a background of orange sand. Only 2 hours 30 minutes flight from Paris, plane tickets are generally very affordable. The cost of living on site is very reasonable and allows you to enjoy a comfortable stay at record prices. Sunny in August, Tunisia is an ideal country for make the most of your summer vacation and come back as tanned as rested!

2. The Canaries

At the gates of Spain, the Canary Islands are both very close to France, sunny all summer long, and incredibly diverse in beauty. The seven Canary Islands each have their own atmosphere, landscapes and colours, and are a ideal destination for hikers. We enjoy it as much in Tenerife hiking in the Teide national park as in El Hierro walking towards El Camino de Jinama, or strolling on the sublime beaches of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. To get an idea of ​​the cost of living, we will retain the price of a pint of beer : around 2 euros only! What to enjoy the holidays without asking questions.

3- Croatia

Croatia is a sublime country that we appreciate as much for the charm of its small fishing villages like Rovinj, its architectural treasures in the cities of Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Trogir and Split, its sublime green parks in Plitvice and Krka, and its countless small wild coves. To avoid spending too much on site, a tip: eat local ! The cost of living is 35% lower than in France, but if you stick to consuming imported products, this gap decreases to approach French prices without you realizing it.

4- Portugal

How about spending your August lying on the exquisite Algarve beaches in Lagos, Aljezur, or Albufeira ? A stone’s throw from France, Portugal is not only a quickly accessible destination by plane, but also very inexpensive once there. To avoid spoiling anything, you can spend the summer there under a radiant sun, either by sinking into the sand of splendid beaches, or by traveling through towns of singular beauty to admire, for example, the colors of Portthe architectural prestige of Coimbra and Sintraand of course the animation of Lisbon.

5- Malta

Priority to idleness and celebration? Malta is the perfect destination for you! But contrary to its reputation, Malta is much more than a haven for partygoers. The island is of a very wild arid beauty and has a multi-millennial cultural heritage which has earned it its legendary architecture. The oldest monolithic temples in the world the trendiest nightclubs rub shoulders there. Paceville is the party empire and strangely reminiscent of Ibiza. The turquoise water of its beaches makes it a perfect destination for resting… and partying!

5 Countries for a (very) exotic cheap trip

Need a real break? Change continent and go to Asia! If the plane ticket represents a larger budget, the expenses on the spot are derisory as the cost of living is low. The Asian continent is ideal for a trip that is both economical and incredibly exotic.

1- The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most incredible destinations on the continent: you fall in love as well as with its heavenly beaches than its green rice fields. In August, the weather is quite variable depending on the region of the country. Find out before you leave if you really want to spend the summer under the sun. In any case, you will not be able to get bored while spending your holidays in the Philippines, both for the landscapes of the islands and the animation of its megalopolises.

2- Vietnam

And if you embark for the halong bay to admire its turquoise water, the charm of its steep rocks, and its multitude of wild islets? Vietnam’s cultural heritage is immensely rich and appeals to solo trekkers and families alike. Temples, imperial palaces and old towns await you for a real cultural change of scenery.

3- Laos

Laos is the cheapest destination in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most beautiful and the country is for the moment preserved from mass tourism. Life is quiet there and although the country has no access to the sea, you can savor delicious moments along the Mekong and the Nam River. Laos is a very spiritual country and its temples are among the most beautiful in the world, with a possible detour to the Angkor temples in Cambodia.

4- India

If you are above all looking for a change of scenery without having to spend too much to leave, India is the ideal destination! Full of paradoxes, you can discover lush temples and palaces of extraordinary beauty, not far from the slums: the contrast is disturbing, but you get used to it! Authentic, warm, fragrant, incredibly noisy, India is a unique country that you love or hate, but to visit at least once in your life.

5- Thailand

Thailand is a country where you can not only enjoy many activities with a small budget, but also vary the leisure activities according to everyone’s desires: from trekking to lazy afternoons on a tropical beach, through visits to temples, royal palaces and ancient ruins, it is impossible to get bored in Thailand. We will take the opportunity to make our first fathoms in diving : the country hosts the most beautiful sites in the world for majestic underwater discoveries!

Whether you choose to stay in Europe for sunny lands, or whether you prefer to get away from it all by leaving for Asia – which is by far the cheapest continent to travel to – you will not be disappointed by any of these destinations, which each have their identity and their own treasures to offer to travellers.

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