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10 inexpensive destinations to visit in September

Are you more of a Septembrist? You are quite right: the tourists returned home, the prices drop significantly. Have a well-deserved vacation! But where to go cheaply? offers you 10 inexpensive destinations in September.

For this selection of inexpensive holidays, we based ourselves on the price of the plane ticket as well as the accommodation on site over the period from September 8 to 15, 2018.



A small country in South-Eastern Europe located on the Balkan Peninsula, Albania is relatively unknown to tourists… And so much the better for you. It is an ideal destination to discover breathtaking landscapes in peace: a transparent Adriatic Sea on the coasts, rivers with unreal colors passing through mountain ranges lined with winding roads and charming historic villages. You will find 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On the mercury side, you can expect mild, even hot temperatures (up to 28°) in September.

✈ Direct return flight to Tirana from 338€ from Orly with Transavia France*

? Accommodation from €16 per night in Airbnb in Tirana for 2 people

The Balearic Islands

cheap destinations september

This string of islands, known for its white sandy beaches with turquoise water, is THE idleness destination par excellence. For all those who want to relax and bask in the sun, with fanned toes, it’s here!

We grant you, the Balearic Islands are highly touristic, but 4 main islands make up this dream archipelago: Formentera the quiet and Ibiza the festive, Majorca the family and Minorca the less overpopulated. You will therefore necessarily find a piece of land that has not been trodden (or not). Regarding the climate, it is still hot in September (up to 27°).

✈ Direct return flight to Palma de Mallorca from €136 from CDG with Easy Jet*

? Accommodation from €420 for 7 nights with breakfast at Hostal Beijuan for 2 people*


cheap destinations september
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Located at a strategic place in Europe, Bulgaria enjoys multiple influences, both European and Eastern. You will discover a magnificent heritage rich in monuments, historical sites and architecture, but also sumptuous city and mountain landscapes. Obligatory passage in the very beautiful Sofia, capital of the country, where vestiges of Greco-Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupations still remain. 24° is the average temperature expected in September.

✈ Direct return flight to Sofia from €240 from CDG with Air France *

? Accommodation from €133 for 7 nights at Hotel Ildo Iliana for 2 people*


cheap destinations september
Istock / © MARIOGUTI

It fascinates as much as it makes you dream, with its landscapes of sublime beauty: immaculate dwellings standing in the middle of a deep blue sea, acropolises and temples dating back several millennia and which no longer need to be presented… Without forgetting its Mediterranean cuisine, with Italian and Turkish influences.

A land of history, magic and absolutely unavoidable in which it will be good to wander in September under a sun of 29°.

✈ Direct return flight to Athens from €320 from CDG with Air France*

? Accommodation from €280 for 7 nights at Xcite Hotel Lida for 2 people*


cheap destinations september

A small country in the Balkans, Montenegro is seeing its popularity increase with tourists. There are several reasons for this: a rich fauna and flora, made up of wolves, bears, a splendid fjord (the mouths of Kotor) in which churches and medieval towns stand proudly, overlooked by Mount Lovcen, an ideal place to trekking. You will also come across superb lakes and rivers in which you can indulge in sports and aquatic activities, such as rafting or kayaking. Finally, its small beaches overlook the Adriatic Sea, transparent and beautiful.

✈ Direct return flight to Podgorica from 280€ from CDG with Montenegro Airlines*

? Accommodation from €259 for 7 nights at Hotel Crnogorska Kuća for 2 people*


cheap destinations september
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Algeria, which is not very touristy, is nevertheless home to many cultural and historical treasures (including 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites). You will detect Ottoman, French and Roman influences, in a setting that is sometimes mountainous, sometimes rural, sometimes desert, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north. From Algiers, with its picturesque little streets and very old mosques, passing through Oran and its resplendent Ottoman citadel, Bejaia, Tipaza etc. Algeria will surprise you for sure. 28° is the average maximum temperature estimated in September.

✈ Direct return flight to Algiers from €257 from CDG with Air France*

? Accommodation from €398 for 7 nights at Hotel du Moulin for 2 people*


cheap destinations september
Istock / © SARO17

In Central Europe, this country is known for the beauty of its large lakes, rivers and glacial hot springs. The majestic mountain ranges are also ideal for trekking sessions in summer. The various medieval castles scattered all over Slovenia will give you an undeniable feeling of absolute romance. The coastline is bordered by the Adriatic Sea.

In September, we will reach 23° maximum.

✈ Direct return flight to Ljubljana from €294 from CDG with Adria*

? Accommodation from €462 for 7 nights with breakfast at the Bit Center Hotel for 2 people*


cheap destinations september
Istock / © KELVINJAY

Below Italy, the archipelago of Malta is well worth the trip! With its 8 islands, it is impossible to get bored there. You will find plenty to keep you busy between visits to temples, caves and prehistoric sanctuaries inland, and aquatic activities by the sea or simply sunbathing by the turquoise waters.

✈ Direct return flight to Luqa from €158 from Orly with Transavia France *

? Accommodation from €400 for 7 nights at the Santa Maria Hotel for 2 people*


cheap destinations september

Increasingly popular with tourists, Portugal has many advantages: an ideal climate for holidays (27° maximum expected in September), sumptuous beaches in the Algarve, Albufeira or Lagos, and a rich historical heritage. Everyone will be seduced, whether they want a cultural stay or rather idleness.

✈ Direct return flight to Lisbon from €147 from Orly with Vueling*

? Accommodation from €539 for 7 nights in Portugal Ways Santa Catarina Suites for 2 people*


cheap destinations september

It’s true that we don’t necessarily think of Russia as a summer destination. However, Saint Petersburg is beautiful and very pleasant in September, with its port, its canals and its legendary architecture. We sometimes reach 25° maximum. In addition, the diversity of Russian landscapes (forests, mountains, steppes) will not leave you indifferent.

✈ Direct return flight to Saint Petersburg from €287 from CDG with Air France*

? Accommodation from €93 for 7 nights at the Mini Hotel Sovotel for 2 people*

*Flight and accommodation prices may have changed since the date this paper was written.

* For flights, we used the Skyscanner comparator and for accommodation, the accommodation site Booking.

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