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10 tips to reduce your CO2 emissions while traveling

Reducing your carbon footprint while traveling has become a real problem for travellers. How, indeed, to compensate for or reduce the pollution emitted during one’s journeys, visits and stays abroad? To help you, Liligo has compiled 10 tips that will allow you to reduce your CO2 emissions while travelling.

1. Choose a direct flight

If your destination requires you to travel by plane rather than train or carpool, try to limit your carbon footprint by avoiding unnecessary detours. Choosing direct flights will allow you to reduce your CO2 emissions by thirds and sometimes even by half.

2. Sanitize your own water

In many destinations, especially in Africa and Asia, tap water cannot be drunk for health reasons. Rather than multiplying plastic bottles, plan a water sanitation treatment or quite a filtration device which will allow you to drink almost any type of soft water. Also discover different ways to always have drinking water when traveling in our dedicated article.

3. Choose public transport

Rather than renting a car on site, why not use public transport such as buses, rickshaws or even trains? Three advantages to this: less pollution during your travelsmore economical journeys, and an additional opportunity to immerse yourself in local life!

4. Eat local and seasonal

Even today, many travelers prefer to keep their culinary habits when they go abroad. However, by prioritizing local and seasonal products and limiting your meat consumptionyou will reduce your carbon footprint and actively participate in the local economy.


5. Stay in eco-friendly hotels

Did you know that theecological impact of a night in a hotel was huge? Between heating and/or air conditioning, daily laundry handling and often continental breakfasts, hotels account for a significant portion of your travel carbon footprint. One solution: eco-lodges and ecological hotels, major players in ecotourism. And to add authenticity to your trip, you can also stay with locals or think about home exchange.

6. Choose an ecotourism destination

Your carbon footprint will not be the same whether you go to India or Norway. Some countries are committed to limiting their CO2 emissions on a daily basis, and this also applies to their tourist infrastructure. Go, for example, to meet the pioneers of ecology in Bhutan, the only territory in the world to have a negative carbon balance !

farm in bhutan

7. Discover without polluting

The choice of your activities will have a direct influence on the carbon footprint of your trip. Rather than a 4×4 safari or a quad ride, prefer neutral activities such as cycling, hiking, snorkeling or climbing.

Slow Travel iStock

8. Respect biodiversity

Tourism can, in some places, have a detrimental effect on ecosystems. In order to minimize the environmental impact of your trip, never throw waste in nature, follow the visit instructions, and never take plants, minerals or animals during your visits. No more sand collections of all colors!

9. Prefer sobriety to frivolity

Are you going to travel to Iceland and have heard that you can eat whale there? Do you dream of petting lions during your safari in Africa? All these activities are controversial for a good reason: they have a deleterious impact on local ecosystems. To limit your carbon footprint while traveling, favor simplicity, including when it comes to buying souvenirs, opt for local crafts.

10. Financially compensate for your trips

Many associations have recently emerged and make it possible to calculate and offset CO2 emissions while traveling, this is the case of Greentripper for example. The funds collected are used to finance various projects set up to work both to improve the living conditions of populations around the world and to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Do you know any other tricks? Tell us everything in the comments.

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