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14 tips to save space in your summer suitcase

Every year, it’s the same obstacle course to pack your suitcase… How to have a crazy wardrobe during our holidays without having to take 4 suitcases? It’s simple, you have to be ingenious. We therefore offer you all sorts of super simple tips to optimize your luggage as much as possible. Souvenir shopping galore on the way back!

1 – Use smaller containers

For your liquid foundation, your day cream or your lotion for example, transfer them to smaller bottles, or a lens box. That avoid bringing back large bottles products that take up space in the toilet bag and therefore in the suitcase.

2 – Place heavy objects close to the wheels

The right tip for distribute the weight evenly and save space? Install the heaviest objects on the side of the wheels of the suitcase.

3 – Roll your clothes

We reserve the folding for “wrinkle-free” clothes (t-shirts, sweaters, jeans) and we roll the rest: dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts, light pants… It’s perfect for maximizing space in a packed suitcase.

4 – Fold your clothes vertically

Another technique from Marie Kondo, famous for her storage tips, is allows you to have an overview of the clothes and avoid wrinkled ones. The vertical folding does not crush the clothes unlike conventional folding.

5 – Use a pillbox for your jewelry

In order to store rings, earrings and other small jewelry without losing them, it’s an unstoppable trick. You can also place your ear cuffs (ear cuff) Where your small earrings in the button holes to avoid damaging them. And if a necklace is fragile, we slip two straws to prevent it from breaking.

6 – Stack your bras

We do not put them in a ball in the suitcase, especially if they have a shell, because they will take up more space than necessary. Layering is therefore a good trick for save space and avoid damaging them.

7 – Try the method of bundle packing

Also called “bundle wrap”, this technique consists of lay all your clothes on top of each other before folding in all the ends and form a beautiful package. Good on the other hand, it will be necessary to unfold everything to look for a garment on arrival…

8 – Place your shoes in a shower cap

In order to avoid taking a shoe bag, you can put your summer pair in your suitcase provided youuse a shower cap to protect your clothes. You had to think about it, but it works, as a bonus it allows you not to dirty the suitcase once the shoes are worn.

9 – Choose two tops to match one bottom

You can wear the same bottom several times on vacation, but not the same top. At least in summer, it is not very recommended in view of the heat. For a skirt or pants, so we take two tops, a t-shirt and a blouse. A good ratio that allows you to have an orderly, but complete suitcase.

10 – Place your brushes in an empty glasses case

One can add a nail file, tweezersa toothbrush… Very practical and space-saving!

11 – Store in your socks and shoes

All spaces can be used. We therefore slip our fragile beauty products into our socks, for example to prevent them from bursting in the suitcase. Same for shoes, you can slip in your underwear instead of bundling them up.

12 – Use pliers to cover your razor

If you use one, that’s the trick to avoid accidents from the first day of vacation when you open the toilet bag. A crab clip for the hair will do the trick, for example.

13 – Take a tote bag for dirty laundry

Each element will thus be in its place. Also consider taking a bag, or a small pouch, to put your high-tech objects and another for your underwear. You can also bring a large enough toiletry bag to really put all your beauty products there.

14 – Place a cotton ball inside your powders

Finally, if you take makeup with you, this is the trick to avoid shocks and find your favorite product broken. For liquid products, put a piece of plastic film on the tip then close the cap on the film. This will prevent your cream from spilling all over your clothes in your suitcase.

Last bit of advice: you can opt for a suitcase that is already optimized with small exterior and interior pockets, and even spaces dedicated to shoes.

Do you also have techniques to make room in your suitcase? Help the community by sharing them on the forum, section Daily problems and tips.

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