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5 tips for choosing the right vacation rental

Here are the essential tips to know to prepare a sporting weekend of anthology alone, with family, with friends or in team building mode with colleagues!

Spending a weekend away from home requires a minimum of preparation and logistical organization. This is all the more the case during a sporting stay involving a rental: nothing should be left to chance. Proximity to spots, space needed to store your gear, comfort equipment, cleaning area, rental of sports equipment on site or nearby… Your sports weekend can quickly turn into a fiasco if the accommodation chosen is not perfectly suited to your needs.

To avoid this disappointment, we have put together this mini-guide comprising five basic practical tips. These tips will help you find the best compromise possible and enjoy your sporting activities with complete peace of mind. We’re warming up, start!

1. The type of rental

Photo credit: Sportihome

First of all, it is essential to define exactly the type of suitable rental. If the budget is obviously taken into account, it is not the only criterion to be taken into consideration. A family with children will not have the same needs as a group of friends in their twenties or a retired couple. Two trail-runners will be able to make do with a small basic apartment in the city center; five kayakers with their boats, certainly not!

In addition to the space and the number of rooms available, including for storing your equipment, it will be necessary to ensure the presence of essential equipment. Is it possible to clean your muddy mountain bike? What about drying wet ski suits? What about waxing your snowboard, waxing your board, checking your paragliding wing? The success of your sports weekend depends directly on taking these details into account.

Occitania sports holiday rental

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There is your favorite sports activity and there is you, your comfort, your desires, those of your loved ones. You may appreciate the presence of a spa, a sauna or a swimming pool to relax after a “physical” day. You will no doubt like to take advantage of a beautiful kitchen and a spacious dining room to allow a group of cyclists to replenish their energy in good conditions.

In short, the essential and secondary needs of all participants should be taken into account. To find the ideal accommodation with ease, we turned to Sportihome. This platform offers more than 10,000 rentals that can be booked online in 40 countries for 60 different outdoor activities. All you have to do is choose!

2. Comfort and equipment

hot tub vacation

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After determining the level of comfort you want during your sports weekend, you will have to choose the necessary amenities. Internet, for example: difficult to update your Instagram account or to send videos of your exploits in a mountain chalet without a network or Wi-Fi! For young children or people with reduced mobility, for example, check that the accommodation is fully adapted and does not present any danger.

Moreover, depending on the sport practiced, the presence of one or more parking spaces is sometimes a sine qua non. If the place of garage is too far from the dwelling to be rented, it can sometimes become problematic and tiring. To avoid this, Sportihome offers to directly check the presence of sports equipment on site. Why bother with your own stand-up paddle when the host graciously leaves it at your disposal?

sports holiday rentals brittany

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Good point to underline: the owners renting on Sportihome can equip themselves with sports equipment in partnership with Decathlon. A dedicated online sales site is offered to them and as Sportihome guests, they benefit from a 10% discount, with delivery included everywhere in France for more than a hundred pieces of equipment!

In addition, Sportihome is also the exclusive “accommodation” partner of the GO Sport loyalty program. The brand has set up a promotional discovery offer for an upcoming sporting weekend, offered to all owners of a loyalty card. Enough to convince the most reluctant to spend an unforgettable sporting holiday in the region of their dreams!

3. The proximity of the spots

Sportihome immersion

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The location of your accommodation plays a major role in the success of your sports weekend. A skier will no doubt be delighted to be only a stone’s throw from the ski lifts. Surfers, delighted to be within reach of the wave while enjoying an apartment overlooking the ocean. Hikers, happy to do without their car to easily access the bucolic paths of their walk with friends, etc.

This saves time and avoids endless loading and unloading from the trunk of the car. Moreover, in addition to fuel or public transport savings, we appreciate the ecological side, which is now fundamental. It is not the practitioners of sports activities in the middle of nature who are going to contradict us, are they?

Take this chalet in the resort of Les Orres, for example. In winter, it allows you to reach the slopes in a few minutes; in the summer, the mountain bike trails are only a few hundred meters away. Finish the car. Or this private apartment in Guillaumes, in the Alpes-Maritimes, near the “Colorado niçois”, very close to the hiking trails. Or this holiday cottage in La Ciotat, a stone’s throw from its creeks and the waves of the Big Blue. Too easy to take a dip or explore the coast by canoe, what do you think?

4. The choice of lessor


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Booking fun accommodation for a sports weekend is now possible with a professional rental company or an individual. The second option is advantageous from all points of view and for all parties. It’s cheaper and more convenient for you, because there are far fewer formalities and guarantees to provide. More virtuous too, since it allows guests to leave their property in peace while being paid.

Moreover, they can more easily guide you in your choice of spot or suggest good local addresses. Short circuit, real! To choose the best solution on the site, check the reviews left by previous visitors and the number of stars. These indications, precise and precious, are ideal to give you a preliminary idea of ​​the advantages or disadvantages of the accommodation. And to bring you closer to hosts who share your sporting approach!

stay share play sportihome

Photo credit: Sportihome

Sportihome provides you with an original criterion: you can choose three types of relationship with the host. Stay (offer accommodation or stay with a host practicing the same sports as you), Share (share tips on local practices, exchange advice) or Play (share sports outings with the owner or tenant).

In addition, Sportihome is a complete reservation platform that offers its customers a complete playful and sporting universe. In addition to the rental aspect with hosts who are passionate about sports, you have access to a wide range of sports activities. The rental of sports equipment itself is only a simple formality since it can be taken care of by Sportihome. Practical, right?

5. Our recommendation: Sportihome


Photo credit: Sportihome

Created in 2017 in Montpellier, is a platform for booking accommodation between sports enthusiasts. The company has become the specialist in sports vacation rentals with 3,000 spots shared by the community, 10,000 vacation rentals, 20,000 sports activities and 20,000 sports equipment rental companies.

This 100% made in France marketplace is supported by European investors, reference banking organizations and French regional institutions. Sportihome is serious business! Moreover, in November 2021, the platform secured funding of two million euros to accelerate its development and continue to stand out from generalist platforms by relying on a committed sports community.

Génération Voyage strongly recommends this innovative service. Sportihome perfectly meets the expectations of athletes looking for accommodation to rent for their holidays. The French sports tourism startup offers countless solutions for anyone who wants to easily organize an exceptional sports stay.

We appreciate its ease of use, the guarantees offered, the many criteria offered and the vast choice of hosting solutions. Friendly, economical, ecological, it will appeal to sports enthusiasts of all stripes. Now it’s up to you to be part of it!

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