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6 blogger tips for traveling serenely

Travel bloggers pack their bags very frequently to discover new destinations. Their advice comes from their experience. Here are their 6 tips for traveling with peace of mind.

Drawing on their various experiences, travel bloggers are a wealth of good advice and tips. Because they travel often, they are regularly confronted with situations that are not unique and which more traditional tourists could also face. The travel comparator interviewed 6 of them to collect their best advice for leaving with peace of mind.

1. Have a copy of your passport

Carole, from the Happy Us Book blog, once had her identity card stolen while traveling… She draws a good lesson from it: “My advice for traveling peacefully is to always keep a photocopy of your passport and your identity card. identity in your suitcase or at the hotel (in any case, in a different place from where your real papers are). This will allow you to be able to prove your identity more easily to the embassy in the event of theft of your passport or identity card. When I had my identity card stolen from my backpack in a market in Thailand, luckily I hadn’t put my passport in the same place, so no worries about returning to France with just my passport. »

2. Do not forget your power strip

Charlotte, from the blog Traces de voyages, found herself out of battery on one of these electrical devices, due to a lack of sufficient sockets. “We are often faced with a problem when we travel: the lack of electrical outlets in accommodation to charge our various devices (mobile phones, cameras, GoPro, etc.). As a result, a small power strip in the bag is a must, it avoids having to make a choice and allows us to recharge everything to fill up with memories the next day. »

3. Download an offline map

Sophie, blogger for Ooh My World, is quite far-sighted when it comes to organizing her trip. “I have a sense of direction but when you travel to a foreign country, it’s still really useful to be able to use a map application on your phone. After being without a network or without 3G for a few trips, I have taken to taking the map of the area I am traveling in offline. Suddenly, no more doubt or moment of loneliness in the middle of nowhere! »

4. Memorize flight times

Chris and Alex from the Wait and Sea blog once missed their plane. They’ve learned their lesson… “Always check your flight schedules carefully. Above all, don’t be like us, all proud and swaggering, strolling with our beer in hand in the corridors of Lisbon airport: ‘How good!’ Alex whispers to me, I nod enthusiastically when I see the name of the door “Toulouse” disappear. The beer has become more bitter… We confused the closing time of the doors with that of take-off. Failure. »

5. Keep a copy of your prescription

Lucie from My Tour du Globe has a piece of advice for travelers who take daily medication: “keep your prescription with you, but also the boxes that contain certain information that can be understood by doctors abroad. The marks are different from one country to another but by combining the different sources of information, caregivers manage to find their way around. If you find yourself hospitalized for example, it is useful. When I ran out of thyroid medication in England, I had to make an appointment with the doctor but I hadn’t calculated that everything was different in the UK! It wasn’t easy. »

6. Monitor Live Weather

For a departure to a destination where the weather can be capricious, pay attention to the weather! Audrey from the Refuse to Hibernate blog advises: “Be sure to keep up to date with sites to check out! Last year, we went to Iceland in the middle of winter and we checked the weather conditions and the state of the roads live. We were at Thingvellir National Park one afternoon and as we headed back the snow started to fall and the wind started picking up. We found ourselves blocked because the road to return to Reykjavik was literally buried. Initially we had to take 40 minutes to return to the hotel, but in the end we took more than 4 hours by making a huge detour! »

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