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6 tips for traveling cheaper

Traveling well and cheaply is possible! More and more students and young people dream of exploring the world with their backpacks. Yes, but here, in the general idea that we have of traveling abroad, all of this is expensive. And yet, by carefully researching cheap flights, accommodation and means of transport at lower costs, it is possible to dramatically reduce your travel budget. Here are some tips to help you save money while traveling.

1. Find a cheap plane ticket

Always compare prices before buying

There are hundreds of websites that sell plane tickets, these are the sites of airlines, or the sites of online travel agencies, which resell plane tickets. There may be price differences from site to site. It would be a shame to miss THE cheapest site! The mission of a travel search engine is to circle the web in seconds so you can compare prices on one platform. Try ours!

Be flexible on travel dates

Go mid-week and absolutely avoid Sunday returns to find the best prices. Also carry out several searches by shifting your departure and arrival dates by a few days to a week, so you will find the cheapest date combination for your flight.

Anticipate and follow the evolution of prices

As a general rule when it comes to flights, the more you anticipate, the more you earn. Avoid making your reservation less than a month in advance, prices will certainly have increased. A good trick is to follow the evolution of prices to seize the best offer when it arises: for this, use the newsletters and price alerts, which you will receive directly on your email.

2. Save money on other means of transport

  • Carpooling is developing more and more and makes it possible to find many journeys much cheaper than the train. This option is especially valid in European countries.
  • The bus is a great way to travel cheaply in countries like Thailand, Mexico or Vietnam.

For travelers leaving with family or friends, it is better to consider a rental car which, in addition to sharing the costs, offers the possibility of going absolutely anywhere and when you want.

3. Compromise on hosting

Who says travel abroad does not necessarily say 5 * hotel. There are several ways to sleep cheap abroad:

  • Couchsurfing consists of sleeping for free with people ready to welcome you. It is ideal for people who travel alone and want to meet locals.
  • Hostels are some of the cheapest accommodation, you sleep in a dorm with other travellers. – The price of a bed in a dormitory varies from €3 in the cheapest countries to €20 in the most expensive countries.
  • Small budget hotels, unlike other options, offer more freedom and privacy. Many hotels around the world offer excellent value for money.

Friends on a trip

4. Eat local

In addition to immersing you in the heart of the local culture, eating the gastronomic specialties of the country allows you to make big savings on the food budget. In Asia, South America or Africa, local meals are always cheaper than Western meals.

Avoid tourist restaurants as much as possible and don’t hesitate to walk a few hundred meters more to find a small, typical and inexpensive restaurant. The best way to save money is Street Food, a good way to eat well for one or two euros. Are you going to Europe?

moroccan food

5. Work to travel

More and more young people are going to travel abroad thanks to a Working Holiday Permit or by bartering their services for room and board. There are several ways to travel while working:

  • WWOOFING consists of working a few hours a day on a farm in exchange for a bed and three meals.
  • Youth hostels very often agree to offer you a bed for a few hours of cleaning per day.
  • Fruitpicking is an Australian specialty (but also found elsewhere) and allows travelers to make a small salary by picking fruit.

farm in bhutan

6. Remember that there are no small savings

Traveling cheaper is a real philosophy that involves a minimum of rigor and discipline. No need to be afraid, it is not because you plan to travel at lower costs that you will not be able to enjoy your experience.

Here are some additional tips that will allow you to travel without having a lot of money:

  • Visit free sites. Many museums, places of worship and cultural sites are free, either permanently, or on certain days of the week, or at certain times of the day. Enjoy!
  • If you plan to visit a city, think about public transport subscriptions which are generally much more advantageous than single tickets.
  • In countries where negotiation is part of the culture, do not hesitate to haggle over everything and anything, from transport to accommodation, but within the limits of local habits and customs of course.

Finally, always to save money, read our advice to avoid bank charges abroad.

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