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7 tips for a successful tourism promotion video

Last September, I presented the top tourism videos at CMonTheBeach. I pulled out 7 tips to help you make a successful tourism promotion video.

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Video: an essential format

Before the advice, here is the decor:

  • 87% of French Internet users aged 16 to 64 watch online videos every month (WeAreSocial).
  • Médiamétrie estimates the daily time spent on Youtube at 31 minutes in 2020, i.e. 4 minutes more in one year. In 2021, with the successive confinements, the viewing time is certainly likely to increase.
  • Especially since the social sector experienced a very strong acceleration in the first half of 2021, strongly driven by the dynamics of video.

Tip #1: What if we stopped destination slideshows?

… to tell real stories!

It is clear that sometimes the monotony of destination videos. Do the exercise like any traveler to watch a destination video in which you have not participated? After how many seconds will you pick up? I have the impression that the tourist actors that we are, sometimes got a little lost by forgetting the essentials in a film: the scenario !

Yes, we are all big children and what we have loved since childhood are stories! Whether funny, dramatic or realistic. Those that sometimes confront us with our own experiences or that make us dream. Those who bring to life on the screen characters that we follow, with whom we identify, that we can love and sometimes even hate. It is this whole register of emotions that keeps our attention.

Once we have shared this observation, the syndrome of the destination slideshow is nevertheless very tenacious. What I conceptualize as a “destination slideshow” is actually a video edited as an enhanced Powerpoint presentation, that is to say a succession of images adorned with a nice elevator music sometimes similar to that of the neighboring destination since unearthed on an online music bank. And all this for 3 endless minutes!

It’s a bit like when Uncle René broadcasts his holiday film at Christmas, barely started, we can’t wait for it to end.

You will certainly find counter-examples with the Tiktok videos shot on the phone in hand without a stabilizer. They have the advantage of conveying a form of authenticity that hits the mark with the audience.

I voluntarily force the line and self-criticism. But frankly we are not far from the truth. We make ourselves happy and we make elected officials happy, but do we really make the main target happy when we look at the statistics in detail?

Tip #2: Views are good, completion is better!

Because obviously, when it comes to giving figures on the performance of a video campaign, it’s the race for the number of viewsexcept that…

  • On Facebook and Instagram, views of a video are counted from 3 seconds of viewing (barely the time to scroll).
  • On Tiktok, the information is more confidential, but according to some research on the Internet and friend-expert Nicolas de Dianous, this figure would drop to zero seconds: video barely displayed, view already counted!
  • On Youtube, views are counted from 10 seconds. Also because the platform hosts videos that are usually longer than other social media sites.

Take the example of Facebook. If your promotional message fits on a video of several minutes and the majority of your audience picks up after 3 seconds, the views will certainly be counted but your main message will not have been able to be broadcast.

To make an analogy, if the chef of a restaurant prepares several plates but the waiters return the majority as soon as they are placed on the customers’ table, one can wonder about the quality of the cooking and be certain that these customers surely won’t be back.

Really, I insist the importance of monitoring the completion rate which corresponds to the share of people exposed to a video until the end. For example, a 15% completion rate means that only 15% of the audience watched the entire video.

Facebook talks about audience retention on a similar indicator (see chart below). And the results are convincing, generally the audience curves fall from the first seconds even for a video of barely one minute. Besides, I prefer “completion” to “retention”, the term favored by Facebook referring more to the prison world, this is indeed a betrayed objective of Facebook: to lock up its audience (end of parenthesis).

The only parry is to manage to produce a video that is powerful enough for the first few seconds and that manages to arouse the interest of the audience until the end.

Or to force viewing with an advertising format that cannot be deactivated on a video with a recommended duration of 15 seconds maximum. Targeting will also be a determining factor, because the more you expand your audience, the more mechanically you will take the risk that a large part of this audience will not be receptive to your message, with ultimately a low completion rate. Conversely, the more you target your video advertising, the more likely you are to address the target and the more you promote a good completion rate.

The number of views as a determining indicator before the completion rate:

  • Is this really reasonable in the responsible digital age?
  • Is it relevant in terms of communication when your audience picks up after a couple of seconds?

Tip #3: The audio revival

With the advent of 4K, drones that give pride of place to the image (sometimes too much), we had forgotten the importance of sound in a video.

The sound in the video is what the podcast is on the Internet: a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Like sight, hearing is also one of the five senses of the human body. Thus the exploitation of the auditory sense is an important marker of an experience. We even talk about auditory memory for some people.

More specifically, we are beginning to find videos exploiting sound spatialization which creates the illusion of localized sound, such as when you hear a helicopter pass below you.

Others rely on sound design which consists in reproducing the sounds of a destination such as one could hear them on the spot (the flowing stream, the friction of skiing on the snow, the bells of cows in a meadow, the creaking of footsteps on a branch, the laughter of children on the beach, etc.). Without background music, that’s obviously the whole point!

Finally, in a completely different register, we can also find dressed videos with ASMR : soft voices, tapping, whispering, etc. This ASMR technique is particularly used for relaxation, conducive to immersing oneself in a calm and saving environment in a stressful pandemic context in all respects. I read that “ASMR” was one of the most searched queries on Youtube. On good terms…

Tip n°4: The choice of the ratio

Before the smartphone and social networks it was easy.
All you had to do was produce a video in 16/9 format and you were done.

With the multiplicity of dissemination media and audiences, the deal is now more complex.

The ratio refers to the proportions of the display between width and height.
The best known thanks to the cinema is 16/9.
Others remember with the first televisions of the 4/3 fire.
And since the advent of stories and reals on mobile phones, the 9/16 format is a hit. You can even find 1/1 or 4/5 ratios.

The advantage of choosing the right format is that depending on the viewing context, your video will take up more or less of the screen of the user as shown in the image below. And the more screen space your video takes up, the more likely it is to catch the eye.

As it is impossible to produce all the formats, my advice would be to plan to produce the same video in the 16/9 and 9/16 formats which are two common situations of use in native publication as in advertising format.

Tip #5: The double importance of subtitling

First of all, in terms of listening situationthe user may have to mute the sound of his video (in transport, in a family environment, in a meeting, etc.), if your video includes testimonials or spoken voices, it is essential to provide subtitling.

Secondly in terms of accessibility and to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to benefit from all the content, subtitling is essential. It will also be necessary to double it with a downloadable video transcription. If you doubt it, the accessibility of a website is not only based on the developments of the Web agency, but also on the accessibility of the content.

My advice is to use Youtube’s video editor, which makes it easy to create subtitles and even to be able to export them to then import them when uploading to Facebook, for example, and save considerable time. Above all, avoid automatic subtitle editors because even if voice recognition technologies are evolving very quickly, you still risk having nice surprises, such as spell checkers. If you want to laugh two minutes T9samere on Instagram.

Tip #6: Varying Ad Pleasures

The reflex of a video advertising campaign is often limited to the advertising tools of Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, etc.

However, there are other effective platforms and advertising agencies with additional display options in:

  • in-stream: an advertising video inserted into video content broadcast in streaming on the Internet. The most common form of video in-stream is the pre-roll video which consists of displaying the video advertising message before and over the viewing of a content video.
  • out stream : by contrast, it is an advertising video integrated, for example, in the heart of a press article or in compulsory viewing to access content.

These advertising formats are interesting and often effective because they offer different components of geographic, demographic and contextual targetingetc.

You can complete this reading with my other article: 5 tips to increase the visibility of your videos on social networks.

Tip #7: The workshop replay at CMonTheBeach

🎁 As a bonus, discover the top videos presented during the show dedicated to content marketing.
The video replay is just below or here, and it’s a gift. Thanks to the organizers!

And if you read this line, thank you for taking care of the completion rate of this article!

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