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a new hypnotic and serene journey

She had considered quitting music four years ago. But the popular psyche-pop revelation of the Anglo-Saxons has found in meditation and art therapy a new breath that irrigates his latest album. Meet.

Melody Prochet has found the key to her famous echo chamber, from which she was known capable of composing semi-awakened titles that belong only to her. A rare artist on the French indie-rock scene to capture the attention of English speakers, she nevertheless announced in 2018 that her second album, Have a nice trip, would be his last. Ten years after the success of her debut album as Melody’s Echo Chamber, produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, she is making a comeback and refining her very personal pop-psyche, resuming a routine from the promos she never got used to. not submitted on the last album. She was then recovering from a heavy accident and had refused most interviews. Today, Melody is based in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, where she practices art therapy with the elderly. Backtracking on her decision to take early musical retirement, we were able to meet her in Paris to clear her return with the hypnotic and serene Emotional Eternalan album at the crossroads of turkish psych rock trances and guided meditation sessions.

In the offices of her Domino label, in Paris, she talks about the release of the previous album, Have a nice trip : Everything was very fleeting and faded a bit… Which wasn’t a bad thing because I needed a lot of silence after this kind of delirium: it was a very dense record! ” The song Alma, placed at the end of the new disc, is the one that broke this silence. She wrote it as she parted ways with her one-year-old daughter for the first time: I had no choice but to handle this situation in a somewhat spiritual way. It’s a love poem to my daughter and I naturally shared it with my collaborators and the label “Explains the one who left Sweden, where she spent more than a year, to settle near the forest, in Sisteron, where she now lives with her two children. Since Have a nice trip, she had operated a voluntary cut, and listened only to the music chosen by her partner, either: Lots of meditative music, theta waves and ambient bands like Sigur Rós… These are the only music that infused me a bit. The album opens with these words: “My feelings overflow » (My feelings are overflowing), but afterwards it is above all a question of channeling them: It is about the circularity of life, in the lyrics as well as in the music, where trances evoke the eternal, with the help of strings and drones, which are like a door between two worlds “, she describes.

A rare artist from the French indie-rock scene to capture the attention of English speakers, Melody Prochet announced in 2018 that her second album, “Bon Voyage”, would be her last.

Photo Diane Sagnier

Reine Fiske and Fredrik Swahn, the Swedish musicians who have worked in the studio remotely with her during the pandemic, share some of her references to the most ornate French chanson: We have common passions, for example for Robert Lelièvre [qui a fait carrière dans la folk et le rock progressif au Danemark, ndlr] or even Léonie, who composed many pieces with Jean-Claude Vannier, and, of course, Françoise Hardy – my collaborators are fans of Moon flower. Folklore also brings us together a lot, we wanted to bring the authenticity of the saz [luth à manche long, ndlr] and traditional Swedish instrumentss. With Françoise Hardy, she shares as much the sweetness, the ability to make the French language sound on orchestrations of Anglo-Saxon influences as a certain rejection of the stage. “ I like the trance that is played out there, but I find it difficult to go there. Françoise Hardy had stopped out of perfectionism, it’s true that it makes you anxious to hope to find some care there. Then putting yourself in the spotlight does not correspond to all natures: it is very complicated for me. »

To replay the album as it is would be a vocal feat: she composed a lot with the violins of her keyboard, replayed in the studio by the violinist Joséphine Rodsin and as close as possible to the very high-pitched voice of Melody. A violist by training, she keeps memories of the orchestra in her approach to the voice: “ The violists never had the theme, they weren’t in the light, and this situation of humility still resonates in my music today. So I don’t put my voice forward, it’s more poetry that interests me “, she explains. The title Pyramids In the Clouds translates the period of doubt during which she thought of stopping the music, choosing to “ to leave oneself alone, to trust silence, because, in silence, one can hear the metamorphosis, discover one’s otherness “.

She who started music with her project My Bee’s Garden at 19 and had never thought of having a “ ordinary job » is now studying to become an art therapist and does workshops in nursing homes. “ It’s interesting to anchor yourself in reality and not just be in your art », Explains the one whose songs are among the most dreamlike of the spring.

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