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A newsletter that makes you want to read!

A few weeks away from doing a spring cleaning of our digital data during Cyber ​​World Clean Up Day (to be held on March 19) here is a little focus on a tool that is often present in droves in all our mailboxes: the newsletter. Indeed, this powerful marketing tool makes it possible to keep a link with its prospects and keep them informed of its news or that of its ecosystem, but does it still have to be open and above all read! Here are some observed tips for a successful newsletter!

Registration: a crucial step

When you have the chance to deliberately choose the newsletter you want to receive, what better than to know exactly what you are subscribing to? You have certainly already experienced this situation where you are interested in a subject, you want to know more and you come across this little button “Subscribe to the newsletter”. But before clicking on it, several questions may legitimately come to mind: what will this newsletter contain? How often will I receive it? How long will it take me to read it? Where will my data be stored? Will I be able to unsubscribe easily if in the end it no longer suits me? …

So many relevant questions if you want to avoid receiving yet another newsletter that we will not take the time to detail. As such, the Pays de Bergerac has developed a very interesting proposal: a explanatory page dedicated to the newsletter which details what it contains and how often it is sent.

Newsletter of the Pays de Bergerac: explanation of the content before registration

Once we have been able to check if the content corresponds to what we expect, the registration page details the data collection policy and the use that will be made of it. In addition, it offers from this moment the procedure to be able to unsubscribe easily if its desire changes. A very good initiative which is completed by the personalization of the sending theme. What to subscribe in full conscience!

explanation of the storage of data for the pays de bergerac newsletter
Subscription to the Pays de Bergerac newsletter: explanation of data storage

Another interesting initiative was observed on the side of the tourist office of Sarlat to know what one subscribes to: display thehistory of the last newsletters on the website as an element of comparison.

history of the newsletters of the tourist office of sarlat
Availability of the history of the newsletters of the Sarlat tourist office

An attractive design that enhances the content

That’s it, you’ve signed up and you’re receiving your very first newsletter. At this point … nothing is worse than an email that takes several minutes to open because it is overloaded with graphic elements. For example, dozens of photos in a row, a flashy background color where it’s hard to discern the different texts, clickable buttons everywhere, emojis at the end of each sentence, texts that multiply the effects (bold, underlined , italics), an unsuitable font… In short, a graphically overloaded newsletter can harm the content displayed.

In order for your newsletter to be attractive, it is important to respect certain specifications. For example, limit the use of photos which are not there to be aesthetic but must be used to support your point (which is even more valid if you want to commit to responsible digital), limit the colors which must enhance your elements and remain readable, limit the use of emojis which are not displayed in the same way depending on the devices used, have a font large enough (14px) to be read by all and participate in digital accessibility, limit buttons in favor of hypertext links, moderate the effects to be able to enhance what is really important: the content. In summary, the design of your newsletter must make it possible to promote the readability of your content.

The Corrèze Tourisme newsletter: a design that serves its message: the news of the day
The Corrèze Tourisme newsletter: a design that serves its message: the news of the day

Worked and attractive content

The design must therefore serve the content which itself must be worked on. For this, it is essential to start with good know your target and define your objective : inform, promote, engage, build loyalty, thank, survey, call to action… Depending on this, several principles will apply to choose the best layout and organization for an efficient newsletter.

There are also a few basic principles to follow. For example, the subject of the newsletter must contain between 50 and 64 characters, the reading time is a good indication to give upstream, the length of the text must be calculated at the risk of finding its newsletter decapitated and seeing a message appear final “see the entire newsletter” forcing your interlocutor to open the email in their browser to view the entirety. So many tips allowing you to go from writing to a real copywriting making your reader want to go to the end of your newsletter and wait impatiently for the next episode.

A bet that has more than succeeded on the side of the Seignanx tourist office, with an inimitable style newsletter that can be devoured in the blink of an eye and combines good advice and humor, enough to make us want to read the next one without delay!

Analysis: an essential time

Once the newsletter has been sent, the work is not finished: we will have to analyze the elements. This is the whole point of a communicator: know if his message has reached its target and if it has been decoded or in other words understood ! The statistics used will depend on the type of information you are broadcasting. Thus, if your newsletter has a more informational objective, you will focus on reading time, while if your newsletter aims to promote a product or an event, you will be more interested in the conversion or registration rate.

The 15 marches newsletter includes a page dedicated to this support on its website where the various previous elements are brilliantly mentioned but in addition, it offers to discover the opinions of readers which make it possible to complete their quantitative analysis with a qualitative analysis and thus to ensure that its newsletter corresponds to the desires of readers!

Extract from the opinions of readers of the 15 marches newsletter
Extract from the opinions of readers of the 15 marches newsletter

Here are our few tips for a successful newsletter. If you have other inspiring examples or tips to apply, feel free to add them in the comments!

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