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A single association for all boaters in the ports of Pornic

Jean-Pierre Maquaire, new director of APP44, Robert de Voguë, president of APP44, Pascal Nocet, new director of APP44 and president of Noë22. ©Le Courrier du pays de Retz

It blows like a new wind for the ports of Pornic (Loire Atlantique). A new dynamic that relies on synergy, like the first boat show which will take place from May 13 to 15, 2022 at Noëveillard harbor and which brings together professionals and associations linked to nautical activities.

For all boaters

Among them, theNoëveillard boaters association (APN44), created in 2010 to bring together port yachtsmen. Since April 29, its 235 members have decided to play it collectively and to expand their area of ​​intervention to all the ports of Pornic (the Noëveillard, stranding ports and old port). New name for a new life: the APN44 becomes APP44 either Association of Boaters of Pornic.

The goal, as detailed by Robert de Voguë who remains president, is to “take charge of the collective interest of the yachtsmen of Pornic; be a force of proposal with the port authorities; unite users in nautical or land-based activity projects; help improve the level of skills (technical, environment, safety); participate in any action deemed useful in the context of the preservation of the maritime or terrestrial public domain. »

An evolution that goes in the direction of history:

“Since January 1, 2022, the ports of Pornic have been managed by the same manager, Loire-Atlantique Nautisme (Lan): management of water bodies and land areas. Since January 1, 2020, the development of their land areas has been the responsibility of the Syndicat mixte Les ports de Loire-Atlantique. There are strong interactions between the stranding ports and the port of La Noëveillard. »

Robert de Vogue, President of APP44

Positive services!

For example, a yachtsman under an annual rental contract in the port of La Noëveillard can put his boat (if it can run aground) in the stranding ports when he is not using it, with a reduction in his rent at the Noëveillard.

A yachtsman in the stranding ports can have his boat on a pontoon in the port when the tide times do not correspond to his navigation program. Boaters in the port of La Noëveillard have the possibility of using the Gourmalon slipway free of charge.

“All of these services are included in Lan’s RFP response. It’s super positive! »

What about grounding ports?

Many boaters from stranding ports are now on the waiting list for a berth at the port of La Noëveillard (350 requests in all). Because if the deep-water port is going to be confronted with a vast redevelopment project, there are no projects for the stranding ports.

Videos: currently on Actu

The APP44 therefore recommends the installation of pontoon minutes, the installation of electrical terminals and water taps, parking spaces reserved for boaters in the ports of Gourmalon, Petit Nice and Château… “Our request will therefore be immediate”, emphasizes Robert de Voguë.

Especially since the resources that Loire-Atlantique Nautisme will have “thanks to the rents of yachtsmen from the port of Noëveillard should allow an improvement in the services offered to yachtsmen in the stranding ports. »

Objective 600 members

If the APP44 today has 235 members, “it could bring together 600”, assures the president who is appealing to boaters.

To join: Association of Boaters of Pornic (APP44) Box 67 – House of associations – 4 rue de Lorraine, 44210 Pornic. Email:

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