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A Sunday in Meuzac, in the land of Father Castor between moors and ponds

In Meuzac, economic activity was going well in the 18th century. If it is mainly agricultural, steel and artisanal, there were also many potters, sheet and tile makers. As a result, three forges were created in Cherchaud, Forgeneuve and Chabrenas. Around the 19th century, an important gold-bearing site emerged in Meuzac, which ceased its activity at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the town relies on tourism. Covering an area of ​​20 hectares, Lake Forgeneuve is very popular with triathletes. Water skiers enjoy sliding on this body of water fed by the Boucheuse.

It is on this site of Forgeneuve that a good part of the history of Meuzac was written. In 1650, the forge which was there, was used to refine the cast iron coming from the foundries of the Dordogne. It was located in the center of a forest massif, which produced the charcoal, necessary for the manufacture of steel. The advent of blast furnaces will get the better of the steel industry.

Mediatheque du Pere Castor, Meuzac, building, illustration
It was also in Forgeneuve that Paul Faucher, creator of Père Castor, took refuge during the war with his wife Lyda Durkikova. There, many albums were made. The construction of a media library dedicated to Father Castor on this site was essential. Around Meuzac, there is no shortage of goals for walks. Le Puy Jaillant, located at an altitude of 495 m, is the highest point of the pond circuit. In Chavagnac, you can take the time to discover the remains of the old chapel. It dates from the time of the Templars and was placed under the protection of Saint-Barthelemy. It was given in 1326 to the commune of Meuzac.

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The church. Romanesque, with two bell towers, it is built on a single vessel. The statue of Saint Roch was the subject of popular fervor.

At Cluzeau, the moor remains a curiosity. The chaos of dark rocks, give an austere and mysterious character. Protected since 1993, it is of great scientific interest. There are also rare species, such as gorse or heather. To avoid trampling, it is recommended that walkers between March and September follow the marked paths. The most sought-after birds such as European nightjars and Eurasian falcons appreciate this magical site. We will understand! Silence here is essential.

Follow in the footsteps of Father Castor

Meuzac:Lockdown illustrations Meuzac
30 minutes from Limoges. Take the A20 towards Toulouse. At exit 42 turn right on the RD7bis towards Meuzac.
Length : 8.5km
Duration : 2h 30
Departure : Lac de la Roche car park.
1/Turn your back on the village of Meuzac by taking the RD243. Turn left and head towards the housing estate of the hamlet of Vergnes. Cross it and at the exit take a path that goes up to the left towards the wood. Follow the path to the right until the RD243

2/Cross the RD and take the road opposite that leads to La Roche. Cross the village and at the exit turn right on the path. Arrived at the road, turn right. At the crossroads, turn left, walk along the Forgeneuve pond, the Père Castor media library and arrive at Longeplane.
3/ Turn right onto the road leading to Petite Boulessie then immediately left before the small pond. Continue on this path which goes up in the forest.
4/ At the crossroads of 4 paths, take the one opposite that goes up to the RD215. At the road turn right twice and take the direction of Villeneuve.
5/ Just before the hamlet, turn left on the small covered path to the road. Follow it to the right then to the left and continue on the stony path. Turn right, before the hunters’ house and continue through forest and meadows

6/ At the road turn left, cross the river Boucheuse and after the houses, take a path on the left; Turn right to reach the Saint-Roch church. Cross the main road of the village

At table


If she runs the bar, tobacconist and restaurant in the town centre, she is also responsible for the Pailotte au Lac. Friendly welcome…

L’escala dau Limousi:

Forgeneuve, a very good table. 05 44 22 57 75.
To note also: the Chaumière meuzacoise. 05 55 09 97 06

Jean-Francois Julien


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