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Founded in 1957, the company Royal Air Maroc (RAM) was born from the nationalization of the Compagnie Chérifienne de Transport Aérien (CCTA). Since then, it has become a great national institution that continues to grow. Today headed by its CEO Abdelhamid Addou, Royal Air Maroc is a reference in terms of air transport in Africa. Here is a zoom on the company Royal Air Maroc to learn more about it.

Written by Jean DA LUZ on Friday, March 25, 2022

Royal Air Maroc: all about the company
Royal Air Maroc: all about the company

Royal Air Maroc: all about the company

Organization of Royal Air Maroc

The company Royal Air Morocco is organized around a board of directors and the committees attached to it. RAM’s Board of Directors is made up of ten members. Among these, there is first of all the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The latter is appointed by the Council of Ministers. Then there are four state representatives who are appointed by the government. the board of directors also has a representative of private shareholders and two independent directors.

There are three committees attached to the RAM Board of Directors. These are the Audit Committee, the Investments Committee and the Compensation, Appointments and Governance Committee.

The team thus formed is responsible for managing the capital of RAM. The latter amounts to a little more than 3.6 billion dirhams. It is 53.4% ​​owned by the Moroccan State and 44.1% by the Hassan II Fund.

The rest of the capital is held by Air France, Ibéria and various private investors. They own respectively 1.25%, 0.42% and 0.29% of the airline’s shares. In 2018, the Moroccan airline’s turnover amounted to 16.7 billion dirhams. This turnover stems from the various activities of the company.

The activities of Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc: all about the company
Royal Air Maroc: all about the company

The activities of the company Royal Air Maroc are based on two main areas which are travelers and freight. As far as passengers are concerned, the RAM carries around 8 million passengers a year.

Two million of them are transported on African lines. Of these, 60% are transported continuously. To ensure the transport of these different travelers, the company Royal Air Maroc operates near 2,300 scheduled flights per week.

As far as freight is concerned, you should know that Royal Air Maroc handles around 20,000 tons of freight per year. This represents nearly 40% of the market in Morocco. In this area, the company ranks second, just behind the world leader DHL.

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Fresh products represent 41% of products handled by RAM. Cables, textiles and other products represent respectively 5%, 15% and 39% of the products processed.

These intense activities of the company Royal Air Maroc are favored by the strategic location of the country. Indeed, Morocco’s geographical location means that most of the country’s trade is with Europe. For the rest, RAM also serves the various landlocked countries of the Sahel. These include Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

To promote the movement of travelers, Royal Air Maroc provides regular connections between several airports. This concerns both Moroccan airports and foreign airports. To do this, Royal Air Maroc has a sufficient and efficient fleet.

The Royal Air Maroc fleet

To carry out its various activities, the company Royal Air Maroc operates a fleet that includes 53 aircraft, one of which is a cargo plane. The ambition of RAM leaders is to increase this fleet to 105 aircraft by 2025.

In the meantime, RAM is making the most of its fifty devices. These are divided into two large groups. These are the passenger fleet on the one hand and the cargo fleet on the other.

The passenger fleet

The passenger fleet is made up of 52 aircraft including:

● ATR 72-600s;
● Embraer 190s;
● Boeing 737-800;
● Boeing 737 MAX 8;
● Boeing 787-8 and
● Boeing 787-9s.

The ATR 72-600 are six in number. With only 70 seats, they are the smallest aircraft in the Royal Air Maroc fleet. They serve for regional transport through Royal Air Maroc Express.

The Embraer 190 are only 4 in number. With 96 (C12/Y84) seats, they are larger than the ATR 72-600. However, they remain smaller than the Boeing 737-800.

the Boeing 737-800 is the best represented aircraft within RAM. The company has 31 of them with 159 (C12/Y147) seats each.

The Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 are 5 and 4 respectively. As for the number of seats, it is 274 for the Boeing 787-8 and 302 for the Boeing 787-9.

The cargo fleet

As for the cargo fleet, it is supported by a single aircraft, namely the Boeing 767-300. The latter can transport up to 5,000 tonnes of freight, or 25% of the total freight quantity.

One of Royal Air Maroc’s ambitions is to double the size of its fleet to 105 aircraft by 2025. To do this, the company plans to acquire Boeing 737 MAX single-aisle aircraft and 13 new long-haul aircraft – letters among others.

To this, RAM also plans to add new E190 small carrier aircraft. These should be used for secondary lines. Thus, the Moroccan airline will serve more destinations.

The different destinations served by Royal Air Maroc

To date, Royal Air Maroc serves several destinations in Morocco and around the world.

In Morocco, 17 cities are served by RAM. These are Agadir, Al Hoceima, Beni Mellal, Bouarfa, Casablanca, Dakhla, Errachidia, Essaouira, Fez, Laayoune, Marrakech, Nador, Ouarzazate, Oujda, Rabat, Tangier and Zagora.

RAM destinations in Africa

Royal Air Maroc: all about the company
Royal Air Maroc: all about the company

In North Africa, the Moroccan company serves Tunis, Tripoli, Algiers, Cairo and Nouakchott.

West Africa is one of the areas most served by Royal Air Maroc. Thanks to the RAM, you can easily travel to several countries in the sub-region. Among these are Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau and Guinea Conakry. You can also go to Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Togo.

In Central Africa, RAM serves Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Finally, in Southern Africa, only Angola is served by RAM to date.

Royal Air Maroc destinations in Europe

Just like Africa, Europe is also well served by the Moroccan airline. Among the main destinations for RAM in Europe are France, Italy, Germany, England and Spain.

Added to this are other destinations such as Switzerland, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands. There are also Greece, Gibraltar, Belgium, Denmark, and Austria.

Other RAM destinations around the world

Apart from Africa and Europe, Royal Air Maroc also serves other destinations in the world. This is the case of Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, China, Jordan and Qatar.

In the Americas, RAM primarily serves three countries, the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

To expand its routes around the world and optimize the quality of its services, Royal Air Maroc has used various partnerships.

Royal Air Maroc partnerships

The Moroccan airline has several partnerships to his credit. Among these are interline agreements, international alliance, business partnerships and technology partnerships.

Interline chords

Also called code sharing, interline agreements make it possible to serve secondary cities from the capital. These are important to increase the number of services.

Thus, RAM has signed interline agreements with GOL, JetBlue, Westjet, Etihad, Air France and Qatar Airways. This is also the case with Brussels Airlines, Egyptair, Emirates, Iberia, Turkish Airlines, S7 Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc Express. Thanks to these various agreements, RAM now sees itself serving 33 additional destinations.

The international alliance

In terms of international alliance, you should know that in 2020, the Royal Air Maroc company joined the Oneworld alliance. The latter is the third largest alliance in the world.

Business partnerships

With regard to commercial partnerships, they promote the sharing or pooling of loyalty programs between different airlines. It is within this framework that Royal Air Maroc has joined forces with Iberia and the IAG group. These partnerships have enabled the company’s customers to fully benefit from the programs Flyer and AVIOS.

Technology partnerships

As for RAM’s technological partnerships, some relate to the outsourcing of airport reservation, inventory and check-in systems. Other partnerships, on the other hand, revolve around the maintenance, upkeep and optimization of the comfort of the devices.

In short, it should be remembered that the company Royal Air Maroc is a benchmark for air transport in Africa and around the world. Its activities cover both passenger and freight transport. To do this, it has a fleet of 53 planes which it intends to increase to 105 by 2025. Thanks to its various partnerships, RAM offers a good quality service and serves several capitals and secondary cities in the world.

Royal Air Maroc: all about the company
Royal Air Maroc: all about the company

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