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All our advice for a solo trip

Travelers are going through a tough time right now. As the world slowly reopens, we’re here to inspire you and help you plan your next adventure, whether it’s a short break or a flight to places you haven’t yet seen. Until then, we’ve got you covered with the latest travel advice and COVID-19 updates, to keep you in the know and ready to go whenever you feel ready.

There are trips that are particularly dreamy. Better still, they have become myths even if the idea arouses a stab of anxiety among some travelers. Solo travel is one of them. From Marco Polo to Mike Horn, many apprentice adventurers dream of solo explorations around the world. Nevertheless, many of them have not yet dared to take the plunge, especially women. In this article, we give you all the tips and advice to take to the skies with yourself!

As a reminder: we are still in a global health crisis. It is therefore advisable to check local guidelines and follow the health and safety measures in force before booking a trip. Please wear your mask when necessary and wash your hands frequently wherever you are.

Why travel solo?

When we question travelers, the reasons given for a solo departure are diverse and varied: friends or family not very available, desire to roam at your own pace, need to choose without compromising, thirst for living your own experience or will to meet people. Let it be said: it is easier to get acquainted when you leave alone than when you travel with two or more.

Solo holidays sometimes start out as a constraint and often turn into a great success… or even a new habit! Indeed, some left on their own because they had no choice and left the table (or rather the suitcase) afterwards because they loved the experience. You just have to get out of your “comfort zone” once, and “dare” to be pleasantly surprised and to swear by it!

Traveling one-on-one with oneself offers the possibility of choosing without having to suffer: the place of vacation, the dates of departure, the timetable… No one with whom to bicker over bedtime or wake-up time. In short, the good life, without worries, without problems as Mr. Sasha Distel would say! On the other hand, love may be present depending on the encounters on site!

Where to go on a solo trip?

The world opens its arms wide to anyone who dreams of going on their own. The majority of destinations can be discovered solo but some are more suitable than others depending on a certain number of criteria to be fixed beforehand:

– Is this the first time you’ve been on your own?
– Are you anxious about leaving?
– What is your travel budget?
– How long do you want to leave?
– Do you want to go far or close to home?
– Do you prefer discovering or resting?

Some corners of the globe are invaded by backpacker solo. On the long-haul side, Southeast Asia and South America (cheap) and North America (more expensive) are very popular. But you can also choose to leave for closer lands, in Europe or even to stay in France if that reassures you!

We can give the example of a 25-year-old young woman who chose Australia for her first solo start! This departure caused him some cold sweats but the fact of organizing everything in advance and leaving within a defined framework (visa Working Holidays) reassured her a lot and gave her the experience of a lifetime. A nice line to add to your CV.

Do not hesitate to consult our interactive map to find out where you can go now. Whatever the choice, we recommend that you check the site of the local governments before your departure and in particular that of the French government. Indeed, the directives evolve very often while the pandemic is still raging.

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