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All Saints holidays: what are the best destinations?

“The Canaries are THE destination for All Saints’ Day”. That is Delphine, manager of the Havas travel agency in Lorient who says so. In Vannes, Brest or Saint-Brieuc, we agree. “People want sunshine, the weather hasn’t been nice this summer, they want to leave,” says Sabrina from her Promovacances agency in Saint-Brieuc. The Canaries are almost guaranteed sunshine, but there is another major advantage: the islands are part of the European Union. In 2021, that means a lot.

Europe, the easy way out

Because Spain is on the list of “green” countries compiled by France. Those where the circulation of the virus is moderate, and where travelers can therefore leave without too many constraints. If you are one of those lucky Bretons, who are going to enjoy their All Saints’ holidays in Spain, you will only have to fill out an online form to allow the Spanish government to “follow” you during your stay, and present your health pass or a negative test of less than 72 hours upon your arrival.

The measures are more or less similar throughout the European Union. “The easiest destinations are in the Mediterranean basin”, summarizes Jeanne, manager of the Selectour Celtea travel agency in Vannes. After the Canary Islands, the favorite destinations of the Bretons for All Saints are Tunisia, Morocco, Italy, Egypt…

“Lots of last minute requests”

To travel to Morocco, you must complete a specific document, present your health pass and a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours. In Tunisia, the test can date from 72 hours. “We must not tell ourselves that we are going to travel as before. There will inevitably be constraints,” admits Jeanne. You still have to find your way around, the said constraints having taken the unfortunate habit of changing from one month to the next since the start of the crisis.

It is necessary to warn people upstream that there are risks of cancellation

Direct consequence of these uncertainties: “People are waiting to be reassured, so we have a lot of last minute requests”, explains Sabrina to Saint-Brieuc. And again, “you have to warn people in advance that there are risks of cancellation,” adds Jeanne.

In Europe, Greece still attracts the Bretons a little, in any case the first week of the All Saints holidays, which this year overlaps October and November. But in tourism, the summer season ends with the month of October. At the beginning of November, hotels close, flights to “summer” destinations are reduced, and you have to seek the sun further afield.

An ordeal for the unvaccinated

In Mauritius, for example, which reopened its borders to travelers on October 1. To enter, you must submit two forms to the authorities on arrival and take out insurance covering covid. Vaccinated persons must present a negative PCR test within 72 hours and undergo a test on the day of their arrival, then a second on the fifth day. Many hotels offer their guests to provide the tests at no additional cost.

For the unvaccinated, however, the slightest tourist stay is more of an ordeal than anything else. If you land on Mauritius without a health pass, you will need to book a “quarantine stay” in a hotel, stay in your room for 14 days, and undergo three PCR tests within this time. In Tunisia as in Morocco, you agree to a mandatory isolation of 10 days in an establishment designated by the authorities. In short, outside the EU, unvaccinated tourists are undesirable.

United States and Cuba, coveted but prohibited

There are also two coveted destinations for Bretons as All Saints approaches, where both vaccinated and unvaccinated are not welcome. This is still the case of the United States, which announced the reopening of its borders to vaccinated travelers “at the beginning of November”. “Early enough for the second week of vacation?” asks Jeanne in Vannes. No answer for the moment. Cuba has been more specific, and will welcome tourists from November 15.

In Breton travel agencies, we project ourselves on 2022. Trends are already emerging for the months to come, the Dominican Republic and Asia in the lead. But for nearly two years, trends have mainly responded to the laws of a virus. Projecting yourself until All Saints’ Day is already not bad.

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