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Arrived from the Canary Islands three years ago, Marta fell in love with Cotentin

Marta, in the center, will long remember her parents’ first visit to the Cotentin. They made a strange discovery… (©DP)

His big smile and his joie de vivre can be guessed through the phone. Marta’s good humor is contagious. This 27 year old young woman lives in Port-Bail-sur-Merin the Sleeve. Originating from Canary Islandsshe arrived in the Cotentin almost three years ago, in October 2018. She landed with a family in the town, as a AU pair.

However, nothing predestined her to land and settle in the Cotentin.

After finishing my veterinary studies, I was a little tired. I wanted to take a little break, by becoming an au pair as I had always wanted. It was the perfect time to get started!


Improve your level of French

His gaze then turns to the France, a country that has always attracted her. “When I was young, I often came on vacation with my parents, in the Perigordin Upper Normandyto Bordeaux and Paris. During my studies, I wanted to come for a year but it was not possible because of my level of French. So I went to Belgium! »

This allows him to learn the basics of Molière’s language. “I wanted to take advantage of my experience as an au pair to further improve my level,” she explains in almost perfect French with a hint of Spanish accent. While she initially wished to escape in a big city France, it was impossible for her to find a family to take her in. “They were all already in high demand. »

The crush thanks to… a hen

Until she comes across a photo of Camille, a young resident of Port-Bail-sur-Mer, posing with a hen.

I had one at home, and I spent a lot of time with her. I thought it was a sign! The same day, I sent a message to the family and we organized a video.

Ticket in hand, she arrived in the Cotentin in October 2018 in the Laisné family. His time alongside Camille and Gabrielle, 5 and 7 years old, was to last three months, then six. She finally stayed. ” It’s not not the weather who convinced me”, smiles the one who comes from an island where it is 15 degrees in winter. “But it still rains sometimes,” admits Marta.

A warm welcome

Yet it is, in a way, a form of warmth that definitely seduced Marta. Human heat. ” I have been very welcome here ! It had been a long time since I had felt so good somewhere, like it was home. The people are warm, welcoming, always in a very good mood and very honest. They never pretend! I feel really good. »

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She leaves the family to strike out on her own in a house in Port-Bail-sur-Mer, “two minutes” from the family home where it all started.

I moved a few times in three years. I happened to go back to live with the Laisné family, which has become a real family. We spend very good times together.

Her role as an au pair abandoned, Marta initially worked in the civil service to carry out health checks. “For a little over a year, I have now been a veterinarian at the clinic piles. »

First visit from his parents

If she has already returned to see her family in the Canary Islands for a few weeks, her parents had never come to her before. It’s been done since this month of June 2021, during which they put down their suitcases for a week in the Cotentin. “They were supposed to come last summer, but it was complicated because of the Covid-19. There have been many canceled flights. »

On the program, in particular: walks on the beaches from the Côte des Isles to Barfleur via Utah Beach. “Like me, they found the landscapes magnificent. They understand that I stayed here! »

Bottles with historical content

One of their walks was marked by an unusual event. Thursday, June 17, an imposing wooden hull, in the shape of a submarine with a small Norman flag, lies on the sand of the beach of Ravenoville. Curious, Marta approaches it to touch what she thought was a trash can.

Taking it, I then thought of a buoy. But it was strange, because there was a phone number and writing on it explaining how to open the bottle.

These messages are the work of a group of history-loving friends who met on the outskirts of the fortress ofLarge Island in Saint-Marcouf, Sunday, June 13. They had then launched at sea five jeroboams protected by wooden hulls built on the model of the “Nautilus”, an American submarine launched in Isigny-sur-Mer in 1800 to free the Saint-Marcouf islands from the English presence.

Discover local history

Each of the bottles was connected to a local historical figure : Napoleon, Olson, Philip, Fulton and Gouberville. To identify them, the names of these personalities have been written in capital letters on the wooden shells. Inside each container, historical documents had been carefully slipped there.

Telephone numbers were also written in indelible marker on the protections of the bottles. These contacts were for those who, like Marta, would get their hands on the wooden “Nautilus”.

I came across the bottle of Gouberville, which I didn’t even know. This allowed me to learn something! It was funny too, to me who never happens anything it was a bit lively.

A new party in sight

Two days after her discovery, Marta takes advantage of an aperitif with friends to open the curious container. “I also called the number at that time. I was told that I will win a gift with everyone else who discovered these bottles. »

Four of the five bottles thrown into the sea were indeed found. A prize-giving is planned between now and August 21, at the level of the Utah Beach Museum. At stake: Port “Grey Hound” from 1944, a magnum of Champagne, a bottle of Whisky, a bottle of Calva and the journal of Sieur de Gouberville.

“It’s perfect as a gift!” It will be an opportunity to have another evening to celebrate, ”laughs Marta, whose living room is now decorated with the wooden shell. “I didn’t dare take the bottle out, because I was afraid of breaking it. And then it’s very pretty like that! No doubt now: Marta has acclimatized to local customs.

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