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At the Miss Aesthetics contest, a fashion show and facelift – Liberation

That day, in front of a half-full Cigale, the show’s star columnist Do not touch My TV Jean-Michel Maire hosted with former reality TV candidate Milla Jasmine the first final of the Miss Aesthetics contest. It was two months ago. On the stage, for five hours, thirty women paraded in front of a jury composed, among others, of the director of a consulting agency for cosmetic surgery abroad and a former participant in the show Secret Story converted back into erotic pictures. But this “contest”, which was sold as an anti-miss France, quickly took on the appearance of a fiasco. Between the filing of complaints by participants, possible legal proceedings, uncounted votes, the departure of partners, a cosmetic surgery union which is suing it, the list of grievances is long against this beauty contest which is making the praise of the scalpel, and which has just reopened registrations for its 2023 edition.

Miss Aesthetics initially had inclusive, open, and alternative pageant clothes. Exit the criteria imposed by the historic competition of TF1 for which it is necessary to measure 1.70 m minimum, to be between 18 and 24 years old. Here, to win the crown, you could be fat or thin, in a wheelchair or able-bodied. The 30 finalists had to win 1,500 euros in gifts and spend a week in a luxury hotel abroad before the ceremony at La Cigale. And the winner was supposed to win a world tour, 10,000 euros for a new wardrobe, thalassotherapy and… 15,000 euros for aesthetic treatments and/or surgical operations. A shame for a competition that advocates self-acceptance. At the maneuver behind this happening of dubious taste, we find Glloo Esthetic, a company created in May 2021. Co-founded by Félix Koum, this platform of “cosmetic advice” directs patients wishing to have surgery abroad. The few consultants who work for Glloo refer clients and collect commissions. They also receive gifts, a laptop or 2,500 euros for cosmetic surgery.

Staging an operation

This is not Félix Koum’s first entrepreneurial facelift against the backdrop of trashy telebusiness. Since 2017, he has chained projects related to surgery in Tunisia. Antenna director of Star 24, a confidential “100% people” channel, he then launched the program Zero Complex which pushes the limits of voyeurism a little further. In partnership with a Tunisian medical stay agency, French reality TV candidates are filmed on the pool table. The staging of their operation acts as remuneration… The buzz arises especially when Mélody Perez, one of the participants of the second and last season of the show, experiences complications after having implants in the buttocks and affirms that we promised her money so she wouldn’t talk about it. The magazine Telestar In vain will she later assure that she had been operated on previously without having indicated it to the doctors, the concept will not survive her chilling testimony.

Koum tries to bounce back and launches the filming ofoperate on me doctor in the summer of 2020. Same concept, another clinic in Tunis. Again, former reality TV headliners agree to appear in front of the cameras in exchange for an operation. Season 1 will not air. This does not prevent the entrepreneur from launching the casting of the second (which will ultimately never be shot), evoking with the participants a broadcast on Amazon Prime – which the platform denies in stride. In France, where the public health code specifies that “medicine should not be practiced as a business” and “Any direct or indirect means of advertising are prohibited”, Félix Koum never managed to sell his hardcore concept.

“He made fun of the girls”

Miss Aesthetics, her last pickaxe, does she cross the rubicund? As soon as the competition was announced, the prize of 15,000 euros offered in surgery and aesthetic care caused controversy. And naturally invited himself to the summary of Do not touch My TV in October 2021 on C8. Presented as “Spokesperson for the Miss Aesthetics Committee” and member of the jury, Shelly Fray endeavored to defend the decried concept. HAS Releaseshe says she is an actress and explains that Félix Koum had spotted her on social networks: “When he asked me to introduce myself as a spokesperson for the competition on the set of TPMP three hours before the antenna, I accepted. I’ve always wanted to do TV. I didn’t get paid and didn’t really know what I was talking about. I was playing a role.”

First step, in December 2021, the preselections. Those who wanted to participate had to pay 39 euros in registration fees and send photos. 500 women registered on the Miss Esthétique site, representing 19,500 euros in earnings for the Glloo Esthetic company. 200 were chosen for the selections which took place in Levallois-Perret, Marseille, Lyon and Bordeaux during the month of January. On the jury side too, things are shady. “Félix asked me to lend him 20,000 euros by telling me about a documentary soon to be broadcast and he offered to be a juror, reports Miss Amal, influencer with some 150,000 subscribers. Fortunately, I didn’t lend him anything. I left the jury before the final. I never had a contract. He made fun of the girls. He knew who he wanted to win in advance. For the jury, he had set up “fat”, “racialized”, “disabled” categories.

The 200 selected learned that the competition was done without a bailiff – which is not mandatory – and above all, that the votes to decide between the 30 finalists were going to be paid. What was not in the original regulations. Between the two rounds, Glloo changed it. If it takes 99 cents for a vote at Miss France, with Miss Aesthetics, it’s 3 euros per vote with the possibility of buying packs: 1 million votes for 3,000 euros. “We learned after being eliminated that the votes of the public were only used to decide between points out Laurine Mainieri, who made it to the semi-final. If our scores obtained during the selection in front of the jury and the MCQ of general culture were too close between two competitors, then the votes were taken into account. Ten participants claim to have filed a complaint for “scam” against Glloo Esthetic.

Today, the candidates have still not been informed of the number of votes she had received or their score. Asked, Félix Koum affirms to Release that “the candidates received more than 80% of the planned gifts”. Those missing result, according to him, from “withdrawals of the partners because of the controversy of the losers”. He also defends himself against all sprains. “I have a medical tourism business and have been promoting the surgery for almost three years but haven’t done anything wrong.” His adviser, Gérard Abadjian, finally adds that his “Client received no complaint, no summons of any kind. It is not enough to be angry for any reason and file a complaint. The competition went well overall. The winner and the runners-up represent the innovative philosophy of this competition.”. Asked, Jean-Michel Maire and Milla Jasmine did not answer our questions.

Five hours of soft animations

Release was nevertheless able to consult three minutes and pre-complaints filed online by former candidates (1). Faced with a lack of organization and broken promises, partners have also left the ship. Like Vannah, entrepreneur at the head of Night’n’go, which sells aesthetic care devices, who explains to Release initiate legal proceedings. She is asking for reimbursement of her participation in the event, ie 9,200 euros excluding tax.

The competition is especially winking Muriel Bessis, head of the Association of successes and failures of cosmetic surgery, who reported it to the National Union of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, one of the main unions in the sector. “It is illegal to offer plastic surgery for gain, she hammers at Release. Medicine should not be practiced as a business. Especially since we are talking about surgical interventions that will take place outside of France.” On February 22, the union summoned the company organizing the competition, Glloo Esthetic, for interim measures. The Paris court forced him to withdraw the cosmetic surgery prize from the competition and to reimburse the lawyer’s fees. On the event’s website, the famous endowment has disappeared.

At the end of February, as the final of the competition approached, the planned trip to a five-star hotel in Morocco for the thirty contenders for the crown turned into a week-long stay in Portugal with a low-cost airline flight. cost. And four per room. All had to pay 100 euros for the week. The promised dream activities and meals did not take place. Competitors realized that they had to buy their own evening dress for the parade. After five hours of parade and soft animation, Anaïs Bressy, stamped with the number 11, won the crown. For two years, she will only receive 30% of the turnover from her product placements, as her contract indicates. The remaining 70% will go into Glloo’s pocket. She has since carried over the shoulder, in addition to her scarf, the weight of the most opaque beauty contest in France.

(1) When questioned, the Paris prosecutor’s office did not wish to follow up.

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