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Before the summer, the race for identity papers intensifies, the small towns of Haute-Loire are taken by storm

The deadlines for having an appointment at the town hall are “on average 65 days in France today, compared to 12 days a year ago”, government spokesman Gabriel Attal recently recalled.
A situation which forced the government to react by putting in place “an emergency plan” with additional means in the town halls allowing to register its request for identity card or passport. At the same time, the government announcement concerns 160 new agents since the start of 2022.

The prefecture invites everyone to make arrangements

The extension of the deadlines is mainly due to the end of the measures to fight against the Covid which restricted the possibilities of travel abroad, to the effective implementation of Brexit, to the success of the new electronic CNI.
The Haute-Loire is not immune to the phenomenon, especially as summer approaches, even if the time it takes to issue identity and travel documents, CNI and passport, remains lower than it is nationally. , although… The prefecture indicates that it currently takes a little over two months.
The prefect invites the Altiligériens to make their arrangements now. “By checking the expiration dates of their identity card and passport. If necessary, requesting their renewal now by making an appointment at one of the 15 town halls* in the department authorized to collect requests”.

700 requests per year at Monastier

Note that CNIs and passports expired less than 5 years ago will be valid for candidates for the exams, scheduled for the months of May and June, as well as for registration for driving school permits. Deadlines may vary from one city to another, from one geographical area to another. Some do not hesitate to travel several hundred kilometers to go faster, as can be seen at the town hall of Monastier-sur-Gazeille, which receives many requests. “It is true that people have a second home in the area or ties with us, but not always” notes the mayor, Michel Arcis. Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille, a rural town of 1,800 inhabitants, now processes around 700 requests per year compared to 250 twelve years ago. The authorization for the collection of identity cards dates from 2017.
And we come a long way! From the entire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. Applicants from Ain or Montélimar preferred to make the trip, given the deadlines imposed on them at home. The big advantage of Le Monastier is to remain open on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Easier for a renewal

An employee of the Saint-Chaffre estate indicates: “For a simple renewal, it’s simpler. The prefecture handling the case already has a lot of information. We still ask to verify the identity. For a first request, and depending on the place of birth, you need a copy of the birth certificate, a specific proof of address, an identity photo that has never been used, the paper form that you must complete and for which a pre-request can be made on the internet. Fingerprints are taken on both hands.
At Monastier, it takes six weeks to get an appointment at the town hall to have a passport drawn up, to which you should add about three weeks for the production of the document and for which it is necessary to physically travel. Please note that the delay has tended to increase in recent days. As soon as the title is received at the town hall, the person receives an SMS informing them that it is available and that they can come and collect it.
Nadine, a Coubonnaise was lucky: she got an appointment last week at the town hall of Monastier after going through the town hall of Puy-en-Velay which did not offer her an appointment before the end of June for a simple identity card. And this retiree regrets: “I moved to Coubon ten years ago, my husband had been able to do his papers at the town hall. Today this is no longer possible. It’s a shame, because of course not everyone has the opportunity to move either.

“It’s time-consuming for municipal agents”

The six-week period initially announced may be shortened depending on any withdrawals. Maybe that’s what happened to Nadine. “We try to make every effort to welcome people within a reasonable time”, specifies Michel Arcis. And to add: “It is time-consuming for us. Agents have a big responsibility. They are on the front line to ensure that there is no fraud. The municipality has a grant from the State but which in reality does not cover all the costs”.
Four agents at Monastier-sur-Gazeille are authorized against three previously. It is true that the town hall fulfills new missions, in particular with the Maison France services. The Laurent-Eynac administrative center has been beefed up.

Philippe Suc

Fifteen town halls in Haute-Loire authorized to collect requests

The issue of identity and travel documents, CNIs and passports, is the responsibility of the town halls. Fifteen are qualified.The deadlines for an appointment vary according to the town halls and evolve from one day to another.

Implementation of the issuance of permits is shared by the authorized town halls in charge of registering applications for titles, and the services of the Ministry of the Interior responsible for examining applications and issuing titles.
The prefecture confirms that the 15 town halls* authorized to register CNI and passport applications in Haute-Loire are currently registering an influx of appointments which may result in an extended processing time.
After making your pre-application online, you should make an appointment at one of the town halls authorized and equipped with a biometric terminal. The biometric identity card came into effect on August 2, 2021. Smaller, with additional information, this digital ID card is gradually replacing the traditional card.

The authorized town halls of Haute-Loire

?Aurec-sur-Loire, Brioude, Brives-Charensac, Chadrac, Craponne-sur-Arzon, Langeac, Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille, Monistrol-sur-Loire, Le Puy-en-Velay, Sainte-Sigolène, Saugues, Tence , Vals-pres-le-Puy, Vorey and Yssingeaux.


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