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Boating: this Perpignan company finds or manufactures THE hard-to-find part for your boats

It’s a small company that has everything to become big. Capt’ain Chercheur was born three years ago in Perpignan and has carved out a place for itself in the spare parts market for boats. And for good reason: its specialty is to find or manufacture items that cannot be found and to compensate for the lack of follow-up by manufacturers.

Sailor emeritus trained in Brittany, then skipper of boats in Greece, a professional opportunity in Canet-en-Roussillon led Vincent Paravey, founding manager of Cap’Tain Chercheur to settle in Roussillon, as manager of a store of fittings.

Very quickly, he realized this: many boaters are tearing their hair out to find certain parts for their boats, especially if they are over ten years old. This is essentially linked to the fact that manufacturers do not necessarily ensure follow-up in manufacturing after a few years and that stocks are running out very quickly.
He therefore came up with the idea of ​​flying with his own wings, or rather sailing with his own sails, by creating his own company: an online start-up whose vocation is to find these famous unobtainable pieces. Better yet, to manufacture them on demand if necessary!

Vincent Paravey is the founder and manager of Cap’Tain Chercheur.
Independent – JR

Support in projects

The project won over and very quickly benefited from the support of Plein Sud Entreprises, the business incubator dedicated to supporting innovative projects in the Pyrénées-Orientales department. Cap’Tain also quickly joined French Tech in Perpignan, a community of startupers who combine their efforts to grow together.

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Already, Vincent Paravey is flanked by three permanent collaborators. One is responsible for the “tech” and IT part, the other two for marketing and sales. The latter run to boat shows and scour the coasts to promote not only Cap’Tain Chercheur and its catalog of the most sought-after unobtainable products to boaters and professionals, but also another web space under development:, a sale of nautical parts “professionally designed for all boaters”.

Expand internationally and find a partner in 2022

Launched just seven months ago, this new platform already has 90,000 views and 600 specialist stores are partners. Vincent Paravey harbors serious hopes of development in the short and medium term. He also plans to grow his team, first by hiring a collaborator specializing in “tech”. “What I would especially like this year is to find a partner manager, preferably female, to carry out development projects. Of course, the profitability objectives are there, but I would like to increase our conversion rates and expand our scope of influence, especially abroad. By definition, sailing is everywhere in the world”, he points out. To date, in fact, most requests for parts come from the Atlantic coast and Brittany in particular.

The Cap'Tain researcher team will expand this year.

The Cap’Tain researcher team will expand this year.
Independent – JR

Going back to Cap’Tain Chercheur, a more specific tool, it registers an average of ten parts requests each day. The conversion rate, that is to say of concretization of the request in formalized purchase, is of the order of 30%. If the part is not in the catalog and cannot be found, Cap’Tain Chercheur has it made! To do this, the start-up has partners including a design office that reconstructs broken parts, a machining company located in Toulouse and above all a service provider for three-dimensional printing.

Of course, this can be expensive depending on the parts, but it is the price to pay to dispose of the untraceable…

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