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Boomerang Voyages experiencing very strong growth from 2022?

Will 2022 be the year of recovery for Boomerang Voyages? The tour operator of the NG Travel group, led by Olivier Kervella, has in any case been surfing on very good booking trends for a few weeks. “And if everything goes according to what we are currently observing, we should record very strong growth at the end of the 2022 financial year”, calculates Olivier Kervella.

Because the tour operator, engaged in a dynamic of expansion halted by the health crisis, intends to resume its march forward. “We have learned several lessons from this first quarter”, during which the tour operator collected 80% of the turnover achieved during the same period, in 2019. “The first is that health constraints are not a brake for travellers. As soon as possible, the revenge travelers position themselves. The second lesson is that the market is looking for reassuring products, such as holiday clubs, which are the success of winter here”.

“The transformation of the tour operator profession has accelerated with the pandemic”

Based on these observations, the Boomerang Voyages team has therefore decided to go strong, at least when it is technically possible and the market is receptive. Even if it means rethinking the way you work. “The tour operator profession was in full transformation before the pandemic, which accelerated this process”, analyzes Olivier Kervella. While anticipation and planning have been elevated to the rank of arts for decades by tour-operating professionals, the key now lies in agility. “We always had to be agile. But, with the pandemic, we have learned to be even more so. »

Being even more so, for Boomerang Voyages, means, for example, being able to open three clubs in Zanzibar, the Dominican Republic and the United Arab Emirates in less than a month, to meet growing market demand. . “It has become very difficult to know what will work, what will be open. When a destination works well, do not hesitate to add stock, especially on land. »

“Ultimately, low-cost airlines are the future of tour-operating”

Because the battle, which has long been played out in the air, has changed in nature. “Ultimately, low cost is the future of tour-operating. In any case, that’s what we think of Boomerang Voyages”, explains Olivier Kervella. Now the tour operator only charters charters when there are no other alternatives. “We prefer to work with seat blocks in regular or low-cost airline planes. This segment has allowed the opening of regional airports, the possibilities of departure or length of stay”.

A factor that changed the game, and which allows Boomerang Voyages to deploy a range of clubs of 84 clubs for the summer of 2022. “This is one of the widest offers on the market, if not the wider”, boasts Philippe Sangouard, the general manager of the tour operator. Maybe too wide? “Finally, 2020 and 2021 have been fairly decent years for the group, almost in balance, which is a good performance if we take the context into account. And it is thanks to the clubs, which are reassuring products for a market marked by travel restrictions, ”analyzes Olivier Kervella.

Nearly 110 clubs scheduled over the year

And thanks to two major destinations: Greece and Spain. For the summer season which has just started, the tour operator is therefore betting heavily on these axes, and on the 33 clubs it refers to there (12 Coralia Clubs, 11 Kappa Club and 2 Eldorador Clubs). And the last few weeks have proven him right. “For the moment, 2022 is +30% compared to 2019. The progression has been very strong since the beginning of April (+60%), and certain products, such as our Club Eldorador Ostria Beach, in Crete, are already very well sold”, figures Phillipe Sangouard.

Greece and Spain are indeed the announced successes of the summer, while old “hits” are regaining favor with French tourists. “In recent weeks, Morocco and Tunisia have entered the top 5 best-selling destinations. Here again, we have shown ourselves to be agile in responding to market demand: in Tunisia, we now operate four clubs, compared to one last summer,” concludes Olivier Kervella.

In all these destinations, the tour operator therefore applies the method that has made it successful for ten years. Namely: install its three concepts in hotels that are very often well known to the distribution sector, for having been marketed under other iconic brands in the club sector.

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