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BusinessToGo, Lufthansa Global Spaces: two new travel tools

Two days before the launch of BusinessToGo, Lufthansa unveiled another booking tool for meetings and group hotels, in partnership with Hubli

In May, do what you like “, it seems… And it obviously pleases Lufthansa not to be confined to air transport alone. For the past few days, the German group has therefore been varying the pleasures, by announcing in quick succession two new platforms which are opening up new horizons for it. Starting with the official launch of BusinessToGothe result of cooperation with TripActions, in which the German group is one of the investors. ” Lufthansa has decided to change its positioning and address end customers directly, offering more than air travel, potentially hotels, in the German SME market, which is very important “, explained moreover last February Zahir Abdelouhab, Vice President Sales Southern Europe of TripActions. A decision which materialized on May 4 With l’arrival of BusinessToGo in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Waiting for a larger scale deployment.

This new tool explicitly targets SMEwith the promise to allow them to manage their travel program global while earning and using loyalty points from the German group. And by relying on NDC technology… In concrete terms, small businesses can thus via BusinessToGo book hotels, rental cars, train travel and… flight tickets of course. With a small subtlety, however: to access airlines outside the Lufthansa fold, SMEs will have to subscribe to the Premium version of the platform.

Indeed, BusinessToGo is available in two versions. “Essentials” gives access to the full range of flights from the Lufthansa Group and its joint venture partners, as well as a wide range of hotels, trains and rental cars offered by TripActions “, indicate the persons in charge of the project. Which continue: Customers also benefit from enhanced policy and profile management, negotiated rates for TripActions hotels, duty of care and CO2 reporting, real-time management insights, 24-hour support /7 and centralized billing, all enabling holistic management of a company’s travel program “. A range of features that are promising to say the least, to which is therefore added in the version Premium booking outside Lufthansa, but also access to assistance in configuring the platform. In addition, other features should expand the BusinessToGo tool, starting this year.

With the launch of this new travel solution, we are offering unmanaged small and medium-sized business customers the opportunity to use an innovative and modern professional booking platform that combines the latest technology and a wide range of flights, hotels and rental cars with the advantages of PartnerPlusBenefit notes Stefan Kreuzpaintner, Senior Vice President Sales for Lufthansa Group Network Airlines and Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Airline.

Another tool for meetings and hotels

Coincidence of timing – or not – Lufthansa also unveiled two days before the launch of BusinessToGo a another booking tool dedicated to business customers. This time, the German group relied on a partnership with Hublia specialist in reserving meeting rooms and workspaces, and on the work of the Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH). The German group has therefore “connected” via an API integration to the platform which claims a catalog of 185,000 sites to launch its own platform, Lufthansa Global Spaces. Business travelers can thus book meeting rooms, workspaces, but also hotel stays for groups of employees.

The future of work is flexible and, in many cases, not tied to a specific location – and we want to help shape that future

We are always looking for new opportunities in the travel industry and want create long-term value in a market that is experiencing major changes and which naturally also has an impact on the core business of the Lufthansa Groupnoted Christine WangManaging Director of Lufthansa Innovation Hub. The traditional business trips have considerably decreases since the start of the COVID pandemic. At the same time, we increasingly see that [la frontière entre] the categories “work” and “holiday” fade away. Today’s travelers are often away for longer periods of time and sometimes work remotely. We believe this trend will only continue. The offer “Lufthansa Global Spaces” is the logical result of this observation: we want to offer travelers the smoothest and most pleasant travel experience possible, even beyond the plane. Today it also means allow customers to work from anywhere. The future of work is flexible and, in many cases, not tied to a specific location – and we want to help shape that future “, continues Christine Wang.

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