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Camping-Car Park, review of motorhome tourism in Aude » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

CAMPING-CAR PARK, 1st European network of stopover areas and services for motorhomes, reveals the results of the attendance of areas in Aude in 2021.

With a total capacity of 263 pitches, the 7 rest areas spread over the entire department in Villasavary, La Palme, Quillan, Port-la-Nouvelle, Fabrezan, Limoux and Castelnaudary welcomed 50,000 motorhome users in 2021. aires has increased by 64% between 2020 and 2021 while the number of overnight stays has increased from 27,630 in 2020 to 48,507 in 2021, an increase of more than 75%.

Aude, a popular destination for motorhomes all year round!

These excellent results can be explained by the enthusiasm of itinerant tourists for the Aude and an increasingly important practice of motorhomes throughout the year. Motorhome owners have been seduced by the heritage of this department of Occitanie located between Toulouse and Montpellier and bordered by the Mediterranean to the east, the Montagne Noire to the north and the Pyrenees to the south.

In addition, motorhome owners are traveling more and more throughout the year. The coastal reception areas are not only frequented in summer, they also record very good results in winter. For example, the La Palme and Port la Nouvelle areas have doubled their visitor numbers over the winter period in 2021.

In terms of length of stay, motorhome owners stayed an average of 1.3 days at the rest areas and give them an average rating of 3.75 stars out of 5. As regards the nationality of motorhome owners, 86% are French and only 14% come from abroad. Since the lifting of health restrictions, more and more of them are returning to France.

The Castelnaudary area is the busiest in Aude

Located 40 km from Carcassonne, the Castelnaudary area records an average annual occupancy rate of 75% in 2021. In detail, this rate was 84% ​​in March 2021, 94% in August 2021 and 98% in October 2021. This is a record for the department. At the national level, the Castelnaudary service area obtained the 4th position in the 2021 ranking of the most profitable areas among the more than 350 areas of the CAMPING-CAR PARK network.

Motorhome owners: a clientele that consumes locally

A motorhome couple spends an average of €12 per day on accommodation and €44 on local economic players. Leisure vehicles are used throughout the year, for many reasons: to visit tourist sites, attend cultural events, visit those around you, practice a sport or discover local gastronomy. These indirect benefits represent an economic challenge for municipalities. The economic contribution of motorhome owners to the Aude department is thus estimated at €27 million in 2021 compared to €21 million in 2020.

Thanks to a partnership with CAMPING-CAR PARK, merchants, restaurants and tourist sites are promoted to network users through multiple communication media (website, application, newsletters, circuits, etc.). In return, they can benefit from advantages and reductions at these merchants, on presentation of the PASS’ÉTAPES, access card to the areas of the network.

The impact of rising fuel prices

With the rise in fuel prices, motorhome owners say they want to continue to travel, but without going too far from their homes and consuming more locally. According to a survey carried out by CAMPING-CAR PARK, 93% of them declare that this increase will impact their next trips: 83% will adapt their habits to compensate for this increase. Only 3% say they will not be able to stay in a motorhome because of rising fuel prices, and 14% are not going to change their habits. Among the adaptations they are considering, 53% say they want to stay longer in the same area to limit their travel costs, and 30% want to focus on local tourism this season by staying in their region.

A booming market of 2.2 billion euros per year

With 40 million nights per year, the motorhome accommodation market represents 39% of the outdoor accommodation market. This market directly and indirectly benefits the French economy to the tune of 2.2 billion euros each year. It is therefore essential for the municipalities to structure their territory quickly to adapt to the growing demand and to welcome motorhome owners in good conditions.

This enthusiasm for itinerant tourism will accelerate, driven by the boom in sales of new and used motorhomes. In 2021, more than 100,000 motorhomes were registered, including 30,194 new motorhomes – a record in France – and 70,330 second-hand motorhomes.** Today there are more than 560,000 motorhomes on the national territory. Owners use their motorhome for about 11 weeks a year: they travel everywhere in France and in all seasons, with a tendency to favor the French coast for their long stays.

Itinerant tourism, the choice of convenience

This mode of travel attracts a large number of tourists due to its ease of access and use: once the keys to the vehicle are in hand (owner as well as renter), all that remains is to choose a destination and stop when we decide, the time of a night, a day, or more if affinity! 100% flexible planning, itinerant travelers can do what they want and when they want.

Thanks to the CAMPING-CAR PARK application, they have access to all the information necessary to select their stays in one click. Notable fact of the 2021 summer season, the share of reservations with CAMPING-CAR PARK (in particular via the application) has remained at a high rate for this type of tourism: 15% of nights on average were subject to reservations. The health situation has accentuated this need to escape with more trips with 12 destinations visited on average over 15 days of vacation (compared to 10 destinations previously).


CAMPING-CAR PARK is the leading European network of stopover and service areas for motorhomes. Founded in 2011 by Laurent Morice and Corinne Bruel, two experts in regional tourism development, the network now has more than 350 areas in Europe. It welcomes camper van owners as close as possible to points of interest (town centre, beaches, shops, etc.) offering access to all services in complete safety, 24/7 all year round. Cleverly positioned in the major centers of tourist attraction, the CAMPING-CAR PARK areas have already been visited by nearly half of the 560,000 leisure vehicles registered in France. On the strength of constant growth since its creation and a real vector of regional development, the company has already announced the opening of 140 additional areas in 2022.

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