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Camping holidays: how to prepare them well?

To spend the ideal holiday, many people opt for camping, a tourist activity whose followers number in the thousands. Made of adventures and discoveries, it is always entertaining whether you do it alone or in a group. However, going camping is an ideal way to organize a group vacation. If you plan to go camping with friends during your next vacation, find out here how to best organize your stay.

Compare campsites and book a pitch

The choice of site is essential if you have to go camping with family or friends. Indeed, by consulting online booking platforms, you can choose the best campsite for your holidays and spend unforgettable moments. To do this, various parameters must be considered.

What type of campsite to choose?

The choice of the type of campsite depends entirely on your desires and the experiences you want to live. In France and elsewhere in Europe, there are different types of camping for different types of experiences.

Thus, from the Var to Normandy, via the Pyrénées-Orientales and the Vendée, the options are numerous. Of course, the choice must be concerted and suitable for the whole group. In practice, it is necessary to take into account the budget, the availability, the lifestyle and the mode of camping adapted to your type of adventure with several. In terms of camping modes, you can opt for any of the following options: classic camping, luxury camping or glamping and motorhome road trip.

Which campsite to choose?

The choice of a location for your camping holiday is essential, especially when you opt for traditional camping. This location will be where you can park the group caravan or pitch the tents. For this purpose, you can choose different drop-off points, such as campsites:

  • by the sea or lake,
  • at the mountain,
  • in nature.

To choose the most comfortable location for everyone, you must take into account the opinions of the group and choose an optimal environment. In addition, you must take into consideration the accessibility of the site.

In addition, to make your choice you can compare the various offers available. Indeed, there are sites specializing in the organization of camping holidays in France and all of Europe. As a general rule, they offer a comprehensive catalog of French and foreign campsites. On these dedicated platforms, you have enough information to sort through and choose the ideal campsite, location and destination for your group adventure.

How to book your campsite?

After choosing your destination, you can book your campsite remotely on specialized sites. In theory, an online booking portal is made available to you. To book, you will be asked to select or enter your arrival and departure date, depending on the availability of the campsite. You must then fill in some information, such as the number of campers, the identity of each and certain additional contact details.

At the end of the process, you will be issued a rental or reservation contract, which you will sign digitally or after printing it. In the latter case, you will have to return a copy of the document to the campsite by post or via the Internet. However, some campsites offer the possibility of booking by phone or email.

Ideally, camping reservations should be made in advance and not at the last minute. We generally speak of “early booking”. This is a reservation method that allows you to reserve your campsite up to one year before departure. This option has the advantage of guaranteeing you savings on the bill. Moreover, with the anticipation, you are sure to take advantage of the best pitches and not to find yourself without a pitch the day before departure.

Choose your type of accommodation

Apart from the type of campsite and location, you need to think about the type of accommodation that suits your needs. In theory, you must opt ​​for accommodation compatible with the type of camping chosen and the location found. Among the possibilities offered by campsites, you can bet on the mobile homes, which guarantee you comfort and conviviality. If you are passionate about adventure, tents are ideal accommodation solutions.

On the other hand, if you decide to spend your camping holiday in the heights, the cabins are what you need. Finally, you can opt for caravans for their atypical side, tipis to live an equally original experience. It is without forgetting motorhome and caravanfor lovers of itinerant camping and adventure.

Make a provisional budget for the holidays

Between the different reservations, the purchase or rental of equipment and the cost of activities, camping, even if it remains an economical accommodation solution, involves making certain expenses. You must therefore plan a substantial budget to cover all items.

To do this, you have the option of creating a common kitty. In practice, the budget should be, in the best of cases, increased by 10 to 15%, to cover any unforeseen expenses.

Provide camping equipment

For comfort and safety, and to guarantee a successful camping holiday, it is important to provide adequate equipment. It is, in general, a list of equipment among which are some essentials. In addition, camping with several people offers you the advantage of carrying only what is necessary and of not encumbering you with suitcases. In addition, the choice of material can be made in consultation.

Camping essentials

If you are camping in a tent, you must take with you, among other things, the equipment following:

  • sleeping equipment (sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, floor mats, etc.),
  • kitchen equipment (stove, pans, crockery if necessary),
  • hygiene products (toilet bag for example),
  • a pharmaceutical kit (medicines, mosquito repellents, etc.),
  • a cleaning kit (garbage bag, sponges, etc.),
  • a map of the area.

You must add to this list of needs other matters, such as appropriate clothing and footwear. In any case, for a camping holiday with several people, it is probably not essential to encumber yourself with personal belongings. In addition, for your pleasure and to immortalize the highlights of your vacation, you can provide games, a ball, a camera… Not to mention food and water, which it is always prudent to provide, even if you plan to eat at the restaurant or shop there. This allows you to optimize your budget.

Note, however, that the choice of equipment still depends on the type of camping you want to do and the type of accommodation. Thus, for a campsite in the mountains, you will need to provide hiking equipment, for example. Furthermore, if you book a mobile homecooking equipment will generally be provided with the rental.

Hardware testing, a must

It is desirable, even essential, to test the planned equipment before taking it with you. The test must be carried out several days, at least a week, before departure. Its purpose is to detect and anticipate any possible malfunction, in order to change equipment in poor condition if necessary.

In terms of testing, inflatable mattresses, tents and a few other sensitive objects must in particular be controlled. It is the same for the transport vehicle which must be overhauled and insured against any breakdown.

Check the weather forecast for your stay

The last week of preparation for your trip, it is recommended to check the weather conditions that are announced for your camping period. This precaution avoids the unpleasant surprises of bad weather.

In addition, it allows you to better prepare, to choose equipment adapted to climatic conditions announced. It also lets you know what activities you can organize and what security measures you need to take. You will also be notified of any impact the weather may have on your budget.

Make the final preparations before going on vacation

By following the previous steps, your camping with friends or family should be sufficiently well organized. However, some last preparations are to be made the day before and the day of departure.

Preparations for the day before

The day before departure, it’s time for the last checks. It is, in this case, the time to review the equipment, the bags, the checklist so as not to forget anything. This is also the time to load the motorhome or vehicle intended to take you to your destination. For an ideal load, you must in particular ensure the correct distribution of the weight of the belongings to be carried. This will allow you to have good road holding.

In addition, you must refuel and check vehicle parts to avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way. Finally, the day before is the ideal time to look at the weather conditions announced for the day of departure and the state of the traffic.

The day of departure

On the day of departure for the camping holiday, it is strongly recommended to hit the road fairly early. This advice is particularly valid for people whose destination is far away. This will save you from arriving late and having to pitch your tents at night.

In addition, in the event of traffic jams or unforeseen events on the road, you will undoubtedly be less stressed. Finally, this precaution allows you to take advantage of the campsite reception service. Check the reception opening hours and let the staff know if you plan to arrive late.

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