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Cheap destinations for summer holidays

Do you have a mini budget to go cheap this summer? However, there is no question of organizing a discount holiday. We have found flights for you for less than 250 euros in countries where, as you will see, you won’t have time to get bored. Going on a cheap summer vacation is possible.

Fly away for cheap this summer! ✈️

Where to go this summer at the best price?

If you don’t know where to go on a cheap summer vacation, you will find discounted plane tickets below to travel this summer!

To take a vacation in summer without breaking the bank, we have selected for you 4 exotic destinations that can be found for less than 250 euros. What to be able to make you happy and go on a cheap summer vacation!

A cheap flight to Morocco

Do you want a little change of scenery? Morocco is ideal! Let’s start with the city and discover Casablanca with the Hassan II mosque which has the highest minaret in the world. This magnificent building will captivate you. The only place of worship in which non-Muslims can enter, the Hassan II mosque can be admired during the day but also at night when the light is reflected on the sea. Then, go to Meknes, a city classified as a World Heritage Site. Unesco. The so-called “Versailles of Morocco” will impress you, especially thanks to its Dar Jamaï museum. If you want to get away from it all, go to the Ouzoud waterfalls. With waterfalls 110 m high on three levels located in a green setting made up of almond trees, olive trees and other fig trees, the Ouzoud waterfalls are an invitation to daydream. Finally, to admire a breathtaking sunset, put down your suitcases in Merzouga. Charming little village located at the gates of the desert, Merzouga will seduce you if you want to go on a cheap summer vacation.

Cheap trip to Cyprus

Once again you will see, going on a cheap summer vacation does not mean that your vacation will be missed. Let’s go on a trip to Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean that has nothing to envy to the others. Let’s leave aside Nicosia, the capital, and leave directly for Limassol. You will discover old colonial buildings, craftsmen’s workshops, and plan a walk to the archaeological sites of Kourion and Amathus. Meet on the terrace of the fort which offers a unique view of the city before, of course, going to enjoy the beaches and the Mediterranean climate that reigns in Limassol. We recommend Kourion Beach, a beautiful beach of fine sand bordered by cliffs. Next, let’s take a detour to Larnaca (or Larnaka). With its historic buildings, its marina, its Islamic sanctuary, Hala Sultan Tekke but also and above all its mosque overlooking the Salt Lake where flamingos returning from Africa flourish, Larnaca will charm you. Finally, let’s complete our trip to Cyprus by packing our bags in Paphos. This summer destination will be an opportunity to discover its fort on the sea, the tombs of the kings but also Vardas Beach to admire a sunset.

Cheap trip to Cyprus
Sea Caves near Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Cheap holidays in Bulgaria

Yes, for 250 euros, you will be able to go to Bulgaria this summer. A city located in the east of the country, Varna is on the Black Sea. Varna has an archaeological museum and a very beautiful Orthodox cathedral. The visit continues with the unmissable Varna aquarium which will appeal to the whole family. 140 species of fish that inhabit the Black Sea are found here. Want to go for a walk ? Discover the ruins of the Roman baths 100 m from the sea to finish this walk on a fine sandy beach. Let’s now leave the city to discover an exceptional place during your inexpensive summer vacation: the Seven Rila Lakes. It’s time to take your backpack and your walking shoes. Walk to the top of Mount Damga then descend gradually. You will see it, three lakes take shape before your eyes. Continuing your descent, you will discover 4 other hidden lakes. During your walk, you can admire magnificent landscapes while being lulled by the sound of waterfalls.

Cheap holidays in Bulgaria

Are you tempted by a trip to Greece?

Greece is one of the European countries to visit at least once in your life and it is a perfect destination for a cheap summer vacation. There is so much to see that it is always difficult to indicate the essentials. So let’s take a trip to the Greek islands and in particular to Corfu. Here, we stroll through the streets of the old town with its colorful houses before going to one of the most beautiful squares in the country, Spianada. If you like to walk, somewhat winding paths will offer you a unique view of the creeks and the most beautiful beaches on the island. Let’s now leave Corfu to discover the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Tiryns. The ruins here are imposing and impressive and mark part of the history of classical Greece. A story that we find naturally in Athens by going to admire the Parthenon and, of course, the Acropolis. And if you want to experience a stay under the sign of idleness in Greece, a cheap destination par excellence, the islands will be able to offer you beaches of great beauty, such as Myrtos beach or Voutoumi beach.

Are you tempted by a trip to Greece?

Where to go this summer for less than 100 euros?

Holidays in the sun, you leave them for others and you prefer to focus on cheap weekends and short breaks for this summer? Find out where to go on vacation with our top 10 cities to visit this summer on a budget. For these cities, the average price of a meal is often between 15 and 20 euros, and that of a hotel night between 50 and 100 euros.

1. Amsterdam

Where to go on vacation to treat yourself to a bit of a change of scenery? Summer is a great season to travel to Northern Europe. Amsterdam offers an ideal terrain for bike rides along the canals, the discovery of the mills or the exploration of more confidential places and the climate is perfect for this summer destination.

Where to go this summer for less than 100 euros?  amsterdam

2. Copenhagen

Still in northern Europe, you can treat yourself to a getaway to Denmark. The long summer days are conducive to gourmet and cultural getaways in the Scandinavian capital. Lovers of design and architecture will not shy away from their pleasure! A destination of choice for a cheap summer vacation.



Looking for a cheap summer vacation? Go to Sweden! 14 islands and 50 bridges set the tone for the Swedish capital surrounded by the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. Stockholm cultivates its Nordic heritage and shares it at Skansen: an unmissable open-air museum in summer.


4. Berlin

Berlin is one of the trendy summer destinations in Europe and it is really a cheap destination. The electro scene there is dynamic, as is the art world in general. Berlin’s singular history explains the perpetual renewal that blows through the German capital.

Night Berlin

Good plan: the Berlin Card which offers preferential rates on many sites.


Have you considered visiting the Irish capital in the footsteps of U2 for a cheap summer vacation? It’s totally achievable. It’s up to you to discover the group’s clip filming sites or their shooting locations. How about a picture of you at Temple Bar?

The Temple Bar.  Dublin

Good plan: stay at the Clarence Hotel, Bono’s hotel and The Edge


In Eastern Europe beautiful Budapest has more than one treasure to share. Modern on one side of the Danube, traditional on the other, Buda and Pest shine with their contrasts. Thermal springs, museums… The richness of Budapest should surprise you during your summer vacation.

  stay at the Clarence Hotel, Bono's Hotel and The Edge.  Budapest

Top tip: a thermal bath in the Széchenyi springs.

7. London

And if you take advantage of your stay in London for a seaside getaway? Only 1h30 from the capital: Brighton, a charming little town in Sussex. Brighton has that little something extra that seaside towns have: a lightness in the air, a natural beauty… To top it off, the food is very good there and the beginners are adorable! Unmissable summer destination in England.

london underground

Top tip: brunch at Sugardough, 18 Market Street, Brighton.


Do not hesitate to get lost in the streets of the Spanish capital to glimpse its soul. Cinephiles will have the impression of evolving in an Almodovar film. A must for your cheap summer vacation: the Prado Museum where paintings by Goya and Velasquez are exhibited.

a brunch at Sugardough, 18 Market Street, Brighton.  Madrid

Tip: book your skip-the-line ticket for the Prado to avoid the long queues.

9. Rome

Did you know that the Eternal City was home to 2000 fountains? One of the many charming assets of the Italian capital. Rome is more than a city to visit: it’s an art of living to savor, a dolce vita embodied by Audrey Hepburn on a Vespa on the big screen in Roman Holidays, a living testimony to Antiquity with the Colosseum, the Forum. The pulse of Baroque art beats at every crossroads and quickens at St. Peter’s Basilica: a must if you are thinking of finding a destination for a cheap summer vacation.

book your skip-the-line ticket for the Prado to avoid the long queues.  Rome

Good plan: a historic visit to the Villa Medici.


On the Lombardy side, fashionistas will appreciate a shopping stopover in the Italian fashion capital. Leaving Milan without going to see Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Pinacoteca di Brera or without going through La Scala will leave a taste of unfinished business in your inexpensive summer vacation.

a historic visit to the Villa Medici.  Milano

Good plan: a getaway to Lake Maggiore (70 km from Milan)

The prices given were updated on April 09, 2019. These prices may change at any time.

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