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Cheap travel abroad: top 10 destinations

Do you like to travel, go on adventures and discover new horizons, but your pockets are rather empty? Don’t worry, with this top 10 cheap destinations abroad you won’t spend a lot during your vacation. Is that what you want? Here we go !

The Greek Islands

Do you want to go to the sun, for a romantic trip or with friends? The Greek islands are incredible from a landscape point of view, but also from a wallet point of view.

You can then go to one of the 250 islands that make up the Cyclades, but also to Crete, a very large island where life is good.

If you’re more of a party animal, head to Ios or Hydra where rave parties are plentiful. If you prefer calm, cocktails by the beach, Paros or Skiathos are for you.

Indeed, on these islands, the cost of living is 24% lower than in France. A cheap meal will cost you 10 euros and a pint of beer 3 euros. A night in a 3-star hotel will cost you around 43 euros per night. As for the price for a round trip from France, you can find tickets from 50-60 euros, which is very inexpensive, it must be admitted.


Bulgaria, you tell me? Yes, compared to France, life is absolutely inexpensive and the setting is absolutely marvelous for a great vacation.

You can first go to the beautiful capital and second oldest city in Europe: Sofia. You can visit many museums and taste local culinary specialties. If you prefer the ambiance, beach side, you will have to go to Nessebar. This city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located on the shores of the Black Sea and will offer you beautiful walks. To party, go to the Golden Sands region on the shores of the Black Sea.

In Bulgaria, the cost of living is 50% lower than in France. You can enjoy a meal for 5 euros and a good pint for only 1 euro. A night in a 3-star hotel will cost you 36 euros and a return flight from France can cost you around 50 euros if you look hard enough.

If you are short of money because you don’t have a job, Pôle Emploi helps you find one and can pay you benefits, so don’t hesitate, maybe the next trips will be more lush.

Romania and Bucharest

Still in Eastern Europe, the price still so low, it is Romania that you absolutely must visit if you have a small budget. More precisely, go to Bucharest, the capital where you can discover a little Paris with its Champs-Élysées, an Arc de Triomphe and a very present nightlife for young people.

What is good in Romania is that life costs 54% less than in France. You can sleep for fifty euros, eat for six euros and drink a pint for one euro. So, take your ticket which will cost you around 100 euros round trip and come enjoy Bucharest.

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Spain: which regions?

Say hello to our Spanish neighbors. They have magnificent regions and in particular Galicia (north-west), where life is good with few tourists and great places to make the most of the holidays. You can also go to Andalusia, a very sunny, inexpensive region where you can enjoy the beach and cute little villages.

The cost of living is 30% cheaper than in France and you can travel to these regions with low-cost flights from 18 euros. Hotels are accessible for a budget of 30 euros per night and you can even rent a car for 1 euro per day.


Go to Croatia, a paradise country and a low price for a successful holiday! The beaches, the 698 islands, the small villages and pretty towns, the nature and the waterfalls, the breathtaking landscapes, you will not be disappointed. See you in Split or Dubrovnik, the party is guaranteed!

Life is 30% cheaper there than in France, you can stay between 30 and 50 euros a night, eat a good meal for 10 euros so don’t hesitate to take your ticket which can cost you around 40 euros if you go ahead.

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The Red Sea in Egypt

Leave for Egypt, come to the edge of the Red Sea, swim with multicolored fish and discover the beauty of the seabed with its magnificent corals. I swear to you that one is well there at any time of the year.

You are going to hallucinate prices in Egypt life costs 52% less than in France and you can sleep a night for 11 euros or 30 for more comfort, eat for less than 5 euros and drink a good pint for 60 cents! Allow a little more for the plane ticket, that’s the downside.


We escape a little further to India, where life is even cheaper.

You can discover one of the 7 wonders of the world: the Taj Mahal. We love the culture, the cuisine and the landscapes. You can also go to Jaipur, the pink city and visit the sublime palace of the winds. If you want relaxation and rest, the state of Kerala will make you enjoy its wonderful beaches, while remaining at a really affordable price.

Indeed life in India is about 60% cheaper than in France. Enjoy a good meal for less than 2 euros and a pint for 1 euro. A 3-star hotel will cost you around 23 euros per night and it is only the ticket that costs more: count another 350 and 400 euros.


Not far from India, it is in Vietnam that you must put your suitcases.

The capital Hanoi, French city atmosphere mixed with Vietnamese culture will make you travel for sure. Further south you will find Ho Chi Minh City and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the country’s largest city. If you prefer the countryside, go to Dalat and enjoy the flower fields, tofu factories and cashew nut plantations.

Life in Vietnam is 50% cheaper than in France: 3 good meals, a few pints of local beer, a 3-star hotel, transport for a budget of 25 euros per day, you will not be disappointed with the detour . Only the return ticket will make you spend: 400 euros for the cheapest.

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We stay in Asia with our beautiful Thailand, known mainly for meditation and its paradisiacal landscapes. Discover Bangkok and its beautiful monuments, its river and its nightlife. If you prefer lounging on the beach, head south to Phuket Island or Ko Phi Phi.

The cost of living in Thailand is 42% cheaper than in France. Find a room between 15 and 30 euros per night and eat for 3 euros. Besides the flight which will cost you around 400 euros, you will spend almost nothing!


What better than Latin America to be truly out of place. The eighth largest country in the world will show you all the colors: savannahs, plains, mountains, the sea, there is something for everyone in Argentina. Head to the San Telmo neighborhood in Buenos Aires for some buzzing nightlife without a lot of cash. For the more adventurous, Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia will make you discover breathtaking landscapes.

Life costs 54% less than in France. A good restaurant for 6 euros, a good pint for 1 or 2 euros, a night in a 3-star hotel for 60 euros per night, you can only love it. All you have to do is save for the plane ticket: count between 400 and 600 euros.

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So, treat yourself to beautiful destinations, even if you’re broke!

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