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Checklist so you don’t forget anything on vacation

You have just arrived at your vacation spot and bad luck, you forgot your charger! Toothbrush, padlock or sunscreen, we all tend to forget something when we go on vacation. To avoid this annoyance, have you thought of making a list? The editorial staff has prepared one for you in any case! Print it out before packing your suitcase to make sure you don’t forget anything when you go on vacation and follow all our advice to prepare for your trip.

The Top List so you don’t forget anything in your suitcase

The editorial staff wanted to make your life easier and prepared its top list for you to prepare your suitcase, but also your handbag, and not to forget anything to go on vacation this summer:

In your purse

  • Your wallet with your identity papers, including your passport if you are going abroad, your bank cards, your checkbook, your driving license and some cash;
  • Your vital card;
  • Your prescriptions if you follow a regular treatment;
  • Your phone of course and its charger without forgetting your earphones or your air pods;
  • An external battery if needed;
  • Your glasses and sunglasses, spare lenses if you wear them, your lens case;
  • Tissues, wipes, hydroalcoholic gel and surgical masks for hygiene;
  • Your plane tickets if you are traveling by air or your train tickets (make sure you have them in your phone if they are electronic tickets);
  • Compression stockings if you are flying;
  • A medicine kit with paracetamol, dressings, disinfectant, soothing cream in case of insect bites;
  • A small make-up bag for pretty girls (but beware of the capacity if you’re traveling by plane).

In your toilet bag

  • Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner;
  • Your toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Your make-up and make-up remover;
  • A pair of tweezers;
  • Hair removal equipment or razors, shaving foam for men;
  • Your manicure kit;
  • Menstrual pads;
  • Sunscreen and after-sun;
  • Hairdressing equipment and a hair dryer, your styling products, gel for gentlemen;
  • Your care creams for those who use them;
  • Condoms for rascals;
  • Your contraceptive;
  • A mirror ;
  • Deodorant;
  • Your perfume to always smell good.

In your suitcase

  • Your towel and the beach towel;
  • Underwear and your bathing suit;
  • Trainers, flip flops, city shoes for your night outings;
  • Sun protection: hat, cap, bucket hat;
  • Pajamas or a nightgown;
  • A backpack or a tote bag to go to the beach;
  • A jacket, a light sweater in case of freshness;
  • Tops (t-shirts);
  • Stockings (pants, shorts, skirts);
  • Dresses or jumpsuits;
  • A bag to put your dirty laundry for the week;
  • A universal adapter if you are traveling abroad;
  • Additional medication: treatment you may be taking, mosquito repellent, compresses, anti-nausea, etc. ;
  • Swimming accessories if you are going to explore the oceans: snorkels, flippers;
  • A travel guide to organize your stay.

Your video material

Here is the list of hi-tech devices not to forget for the most addicted to new technologies:

  • Your reader, very practical for not carrying several books;
  • A tablet ;
  • A PC;
  • The corresponding chargers;
  • A USB key to download your photos from day to day;
  • A speaker, very practical to take on the beach or during a picnic.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Check the weather

Beyond all the things you should not forget in your suitcase, your handbag or your toiletry bag, there are some good tips to take into account when preparing it.

Do you know what the weather will be like where you plan to stay during your vacation? plan warm clothes if you find that it can get chilly in the evening, rain gear if it is a place with high risk of rain.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Check the equipment on site

Very important, especially if you stay a long time at the place of your vacation. Vcheck for example if the accommodation has a washing machine ; if not, have you provided enough clothing? Is there a laundry near your rental or within the campsite?

How to properly prepare for your trip? Beware of liquids on the plane

We have already mentioned it for your handbag or cabin luggage, but it is the same for your suitcase in the hold. The transport of liquids is regulated and you cannot take all the containers of your choice with you.. Depending on the airlines, the rules vary so do not hesitate to consult their website or contact customer service to find out what volume of liquids you can take on vacation.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Choose the right luggage

Choosing the right travel bag is essential for getting around in a practical way. This choice will depend on where you have chosen to spend your vacation and also on the mode of transport you will use. A “sports” bag is not practical if you have to walk between two connections and it will be better to favor the wheeled suitcase. It is also ideal for protecting your personal belongings that will go in the hold on the plane. If you are going on an adventure and have chosen minimalism to travel, the backpack is a must.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Think about local purchases

We all tend to shop once at our vacation spot, if only to bring back souvenirs. Have you planned to leave some space in your suitcase?

How to properly prepare for your trip? Roll up his clothes

You will find plenty of articles on the web recommending that you roll your clothes in your suitcase instead of folding them. You will save space (ideal for placing your holiday memories there!) and it also helps to avoid creasing your clothes.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Measure and weigh your suitcases

The dimensions of the suitcases are also regulated and those of your cabin suitcase must respect the data indicated by your airline, it is advisable to measure your luggage before leaving.

Also remember to weigh your luggage. A certain suitcase weight is usually included with your plane ticket and you have to pay extra for heavier luggage. You will pay less if you have planned before and checked this option when booking your ticket only if you do so once you arrive at the airport at baggage check.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Remember to label your luggage

Baggage labeling will allow you to find your suitcase more easily, especially if it has no distinctive sign and a person has essentially the same one. Furthermore, it may happen that your luggage gets lost ; thus, a label with address and telephone number will make it easier for the person in charge of your luggage to contact you.

How to properly prepare for your trip? Plan a schedule

If you are going on vacation to a very touristy place with a multitude of monuments or sites to visit, it is better to plan ahead before you leave. Time is often limited on vacation and it is necessary to optimize it if you want to visit as many places as possible and not be frustrated.

You can also plan to go to a particular restaurant, or visit a special shop in the area. Also note the addresses and days of the local markets, and make a list of priority things you would like to do. Then slip it into your suitcase.

Here you are armed with good advice to prepare well for your departure on vacation and if you are more the type to do it at the last minute, find out how to choose the right vacation at the last minute without making mistakes.

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