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Christmas holidays: New York 1st destination for the French

For these Christmas holidays, North America is doing well, in particular thanks to the reopening of the borders of the United States. New York get on the 1st step of the reservations podium by search engine Liligowith a volume of searches multiplied by 10 compared to the same period last year. Montrealin 3rd position in the standings behind Dubaisees its volume of searches multiplied by 7.

In less than a month, the Christmas holidays will begin for all French people. While they were punctuated by uncertainties linked to the Covid-19 pandemic last year: deconfinement just a few days before the holidays, many borders closed, curfews etc., this year and with the vaccination campaign, travel is resuming and these Christmas holidays “mark a highlight for the French in search of escape”, according to Liligo who publishes this list of reservations putting New York on the podium ahead of Dubai and Montreal.

Before the health crisis, the city of New York was widely popular with French travelers throughout the year, and this is confirmed as the Christmas holidays approach following the reopening of the borders. We can clearly see the renewed interest in this destination, which has always been appreciated by the French at this time of year and finally accessible after 20 months of closure. This is excellent news because it announces a very encouraging start to the recovery which marks a boost to the travel sector. “said Guillaume Rostand, spokesperson for Liligo.

At the same time, Marrakesh and Port, which enjoy a mild climate at this time of year, are also popular with French travelers during the end-of-year celebrations. For Christmas, the two cities show relatively low prices, still down compared to 2019: €207 for Porto, i.e. -19% compared to 2019 and €209 for Marrakech, i.e. -37%. Note that with Dubai, Portugal is one of the most popular destinations for the French since All Saints Day.

In view of the health situation on site, The Martinique, which was in 3rd position in the ranking in 2020, behind St Denis de La Réunion and Pointe à Pitre, falls back to last position in the ranking this year; the restrictions in force on the island and the low rate of vaccination of the population discouraging French tourists.

Top destinations
Christmas holidays 2021
Cities Price 2021 vs. 2020 vs. 2019
New York 559 € 21% -23%
Dubai 665 € 13% -22%
Montreal 623 € 28% -22%
Saint Denis of Reunion 960 € 42% -9%
London 170 € 75% -9%
Marrakesh 209 € 31% -37%
Pointe a Pitre 842 € 59% -24%
Port 207 € 18% -19%
Lisbon 214 € 20% -11%
Fort of France 794 € 42% -22%

Round-trip flight for 1 person departing from France during the Christmas holidays – Data observed on the Liligo site.

For the new Yearthe French take off and place the European capitals ” targeted “. London, Lisbon, Prague, Rome, Amsterdam, Budapest and Madrid, as many capitals as top destinations to end the year 2021. ” That European capitals are the object of all desires at the end of the year does not surprise us. The French are looking for nearby destinations to make a short stay and party. Especially since most of these destinations are recording significant price drops compared to the same period before Covid “comments the spokesperson for Liligo.

Top destinations
New Year 2022
Cities Price 2021 vs. 2020 vs. 2019
London 128 € 65% -23%
Barcelona 140 € 40% -9%
Lisbon 169 € -2% -24%
Marrakesh 193 € 16% -32%
Venice 181 € 84% 6%
prague 228 € 53% 4%
Rome 170 € 58% -14%
amsterdam 171 € 33% -14%
Budapest 173 € 41% -18%
Madrid 160 € 21% -9%

* Return flight for 1 person departing from France for the New Year – Data observed on the Liligo site.

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