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Cruises departing from Miami and Florida: Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale), Palm Beach, Port Canaveral…

For cruise departures, the major Florida ports are Miami, Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) which is right next to (north) Miami, but also Cape Canaveral (4 hours north of Miami), and there are also some departures from Tampa (west coast). Jacksonville (northeast) also has a cruise port. Wondering where to go and on which ship? Follow the leader !

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The Freedom of the Seas moored on the Bahamas island of CocoCay, owned by Royal Caribbean (photo credit: RCL).

What is the best season for a cruise from Miami and Florida?

From March to May the Caribbean is sunny and calm. In winter, the weather is generally good, but it can still sometimes, occasionally, be A LITTLE cold in Florida/Bahamas/Yucatan. It all depends on where you arrive: if you have just landed from France or Quebec in the middle of winter, you will find that it is hot!!! In any case, it’s what we call “the high tourist season”, and it’s not for nothing: generally many people enjoy spending this season in the Caribbean.

Between June and November is the rainy season, and therefore there are tropical rains, sometimes every day, but not (or not necessarily) all day.

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Which cruise port to choose in the Miami area

From Miami or Port Everglades you can go almost anywhere. From West Palm Beach, on the other hand, there is only one major regular line which goes every two days to Freeport and Nassau (Bahamas).

Theme cruises departing from Florida

In 2015 there were still “Motorhead” themed cruises!

Let’s go pell-mell: each year there are generally cruises for French speakers, specific cruises for styles of music, such as “country music” cruises, cruises with a group that will play live, ” specials” karaoke contest (“La Voix” / “The Voice” style), techno cruises, cruises for goths, naturists, series fans, etc. And then of course seasonal cruises, such as Christmas cruises for example .

Where to go on a cruise from Miami?

Miami is one of the largest cities in the Caribbean and one of the largest cruise ports. Attention: two other cruise ports are in the urban area of ​​Miami: the huge Port Everglades (which is in Fort Lauderdale) and that of West Palm Beach. From Miami and Lauderdale you can go absolutely anywhere, both in Europe and in Quebec, but we are not going to present the whole planet to you here, and of course only the cruises in the region. So from Miami different routes are created to go to:

– The Bahamas: hundreds of idyllic islands within a handful of miles from Miami.

See our complete guide to the Bahamas

Great Stirrup Cay is a little paradise in the Bahamas owned by Norwegian Cruise Line. Photo credit: NCL.

– The Greater Antilles: Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

See our Cuba guide

See our guide to the Dominican Republic

– The Southern Caribbean: Aruba, Curaçao etc… off South America. Many departures are from Puerto Rico, in order to offer a cruise of a reasonable duration, but there are also some from Florida.

– The Eastern Caribbean: the Caribbean Arc is also called “Lesser Antilles” (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominica, Les Saintes, American Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Saint-Martin etc…). These cruises are quite interesting for those who like stopovers, because the islands are often very close on the itineraries, and for some cruises it is almost possible to make a stopover every day.

See our guide to the French West Indies

– The Western Caribbean: cruises depart with stopovers in the “Mayan Islands” Roatan (Honduras), Cozumel (Mexico), but also Belize (NHC is the owner of the island of Harvest Caye there, for example). The trips are obviously very nice, but if you really want to discover the “Maya Country”, it will be easier by renting a car in Cancun, or by going down there in an “all inclusive”: they offer shuttles for all visits .

See our guide to Yucatan (Maya country in Mexico)

– Further away : Some are very fond of more distant continental destinations, for example in Panama, Venezuela etc…

The Adventure of the Sea (of Royal Caribbean) moored on the island of Cozumel (in Yucatan, Mexico). Photo credit: RCL.

Cruise to Cuba from Miami

A cruise ship in the port of Havana, Cuba. Photo credit: Tim Stahmer on Flickr / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

The impossibilities:

Since 1962, three years after the communist revolution, it is forbidden for residents of the United States to go to Cuba for tourism (some have the right to go there for other reasons (family, university…), but not tourism), and travelers are also prohibited from leaving the United States for tourism in Cuba. American cruise lines are not allowed to go to Cuba.

The possibilities :

Non-American cruise companies have the right to have stopovers in Cuba (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Viking…).

Douez derogations were thus put in place (family, studies, sport, religion, etc.) by the Obama administration in 2016. A few weeks later, all the Americans who wanted to go on vacation to Cuba, citing false reasons: “ I have family in Cuba” or “I have to go pray in a church” etc… It lasted a few months before the new president, Donald Trump, asked his police to tighten the bolts. Today, if you are a foreigner and you play this little game, you can find yourself locked up, deported and then banned from American territory. In addition you will have lost the price of your trip to Cuba. Or maybe nothing will happen to you. But the risk seems quite significant for simple tourism. You should consider simply making a stopover in a foreign country.

The short cruise to the Bahamas from Miami

– More and more often, tour operators remove one or two days of vacation in Florida to offer instead the equivalent in the Bahamas. It is often the region of St Augustine that goes by the wayside, replaced by islands like Bimini. Frankly… it’s both a shame to shorten his stay in Florida, and on the other hand to make such a short one in the Bahamas. But why not: it’s happening.

– Good to know: Most cruise lines own an island in the Bahamas. As a result they almost always make stops in their own little havens.

– The day cruise in the Bahamas

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line makes the crossing between West Palm Beach (Florida) and Freeport and Nassau (Bahamas). Photo credit: Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

In one day you can only go to Bimini or Freeport (Grand Bahama). The other islands of the Bahamas are further away.

– From Miami you can spend a day in the Bimini archipelago.

– From Fort Lauderdale there are daily shuttles to Freeport, on the island of Grand Bahama.

– “Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line” departs from West Palm Beach to Grand Bahama and Nassau every other day, so you must stay two nights there.

The long stay in the Bahamas

Take a cruise in the Bahamas. Photo courtesy of The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation

For this you will have to get off the ship and go to the hotel. The major cruise lines, besides the islands they own, will take you either to Nassau, or to Freeport, or to Bimini. For the rest, you will have to travel differently: if for example you want to visit the Exumas archipelago with its famous “swimming pigs”, either you leave with a skipper from your arrival gate, or you take the plane directly from Miami to the Exumas and you rent the boat on site to sail from island to island within the archipelago of your choice. Considering the number of islands in the Bahamas (more than 700), anyway even in one month you will not be able to see everything.

Glossary: ​​What is a “cay”?

It’s like a “key” in the English language. Both come from the same root: the Spanish “caya” which designates an island which is not made of rock, but of stratified: the waste of mangroves, oysters and sand mixed together form mounds on which the vegetation begins to grow. It gives “Key West”, “Coco Cay” etc….

The Disney Cruise

Croisière Disney Cruise à Port Canaveral. Crédit photo : Nathan Forget [CC BY 2.0

Disney Cruise Lines est propriétaire de plusieurs navires, et d’une île des Bahamas : Castaway Cay. Ils vous proposent, si vous le souhaitez, des « combos » : Parcs d’attractions d’Orlando + Croisière. A bord, tout y est « parfait » pour les enfants comme pour leurs parents, aussi bien les activités, les spectacles, l’attaque du bateau par les « méchants », les excursions à terre, sans oublier la célébration de toutes les fêtes comme Halloween, Noël etc… En Floride les croisières partent de Miami et de Port Canaveral.

Quel navire de croisière choisir

Quelle croisière choisir en Floride. Cette photo : Odyssey of the Seas. Crédit : Royal Caribbean

Il y en a des dizaines et des dizaines, donc c’est un peu difficile. Il va vous falloir choisir les destinations et les options. Pour vous aider, on pourra dire que les bateaux de « Princess » sont mieux organisé pour un côté romantique et intime, comme par exemple le « Crown Princess ». La compagnie « Carnival » sera plus prisée par les amateurs de soirées et nuits enivrées ! Les plus grands navires peuvent aller plus loin encore dans la démesure, avec un côté « aventure » : escalade, tyroliennes, baptêmes de plongée sous-marine… et tout à bord du paquebot ! C’est le cas avec par exemple Harmony of the Seas, le plus grand navire du monde dont la construction s’est terminée en 2016. Il appartient à Royal Caribbean et il est basé à Port Canaveral) .

Vous cherchez le parfait petit « love boat » pour une croisière romantique ? Cette photo : le Crown Princess quittant Fort Lauderdale en Floride. Crédit photo : Gobucks2 via Flickr.

Les sites internet des plus grandes compagnies de croisières en Floride :

Uniquement les plus grandes, car il y en a beaucoup. Par ordre alphabétique :

– Carnival

– Celebrity

– Costa

– Disney Cruise Lines

– Holland America


– Norwegian (NCL)

– Princess

– Royal Caribbean

– Virgin

– Viking


– Par exemple : Crystal Cruises

Que faire autour des ports de croisières de Floride ?

– Que faire autour de Port Miami 

Port Miami est entre Miami et Miami Beach. Autant dire que les activités n’y manquent pas du tout !

Voir notre guide de Miami

– Que faire autour de Port Everglades

Il est très proche du centre de Fort Lauderdale qui est une autre grande et belle ville de Floride avec de multiples plages. Vous n’être pas non plus très loin de Miami.

Voir notre guide de Fort Lauderdale

– Que faire autour de Port Canaveral

Cape Canaveral est à la fois une petite ville avec plage, mais elle est surtout connu pour son Kennedy Space Center d’où sont tirées les fusées vers l’espace, et qui est extrêmement intéressant à visiter. On est également assez prêt de Cocoa Beach, et pas très loin d’Orlando, capitale mondiale des parcs d’attractions.

– Que faire autour du port de Tampa

Tampa Bay est une très grande agglomération, avec plusieurs millions d’habitants. La ville en elle même contient des choses intéressantes à visiter, mais en allant vers la mer, les voisines de St Petersburg ou Clearwater ont des plages cinq étoiles….

Voir notre guide de la Tampa Bay

Le paquebot de croisière Odyssey of the Seas entrant à Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale en Floride). Crédit photo : Royal Caribbean Lines (RCL)

Les pages consacrées aux croisières sur les sites internet des Ports :

– Miami

– Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)

– West Palm Beach

– Port Canaveral

– Jacksonville

– Tampa Bay

Six îles des Bahamas qui appartiennent à des compagnies de croisière


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