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Cycling, a new ally of ecological tourism?

At a time when we are increasingly aware of environmental issues, rethinking our holidays is at the heart of many issues. In fact, some solutions are emerging to preserve tourist destinations. But what about the bike? Every year more of us use cycle paths, especially for our business trips. Using the bicycle, both an economical and ecological mode of transport, could also be part of our holidays. All the more so if it contributes to preserving tourist destinations. So, is cycling an ally of ecological tourism?

Does cycling really help preserve tourist destinations?

Mode of eco-friendly travel par excellence, the bicycle makes it possible to travel without using fossil fuels and without producing greenhouse gases. Already used on a daily basis for its good environmental results, the bike could, this year, find a place during our holidays.

Moreover, in order to combine business with pleasure, more and more tourist municipalities are getting involved in making the practice accessible.

The bicycle as a solution to travel differently

The bicycle, the ideal solution for traveling differently

Beyond having a positive effect on our health, cycling allows a new way of travelling. It is actually a matter of going back a little, far from the massive and unreasonable use of other modes of transport.

In order to preserve tourist areas, cycling offers several solutions.

At first, the bike is positioned as an alternative mode of transport which allows you to “park” your car for vacation time. The bike is then installed as a way to go shopping, to visit, to go to the ocean… Everything we do on vacation. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, the calm of the holidays helps to try this new habit.

In fact, favoring cycling during your holidays also offers time. Admittedly, we cannot foresee very long journeys by bicycle. However, it is an invitation to travel more freely. This eliminates the need to book trips and refueling.

Moreover, traveling 100% by bicycle is a solution chosen each year by many travellers. As a family with children, or alone, following one of the 17 EuroVelo routes or on a loop near your home, cycling is an ecological and dynamic way to explore and discover.

Holidays in line with environmental issues

Much more than a different way of travelling, cycling is a way to comply with the needs of changing our lifestylescrucial to the climate crisis.

Traveling by bike or using a bike on your vacation spot allows you to physically clean up the space. By reducing car use, tourist destinations regain a certain natural charm. This alternative also facilitates the fact of moving away from mass tourism and its excesses.

Furthermore, cycling tourism generates multiple indirect benefits, such as more frequent use of the train. It is concretely a new good habit allowing to travel while minimizing our carbon footprint thanks to ecological means of transport.

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On the other hand, because of this mode of transport, it is easier to fit in at a local level. Communication, exchange and discovery are facilitated.

Cycling, a new era of ecological tourism

Ecological tourism, also called sustainable, green tourism and ecotourism, is a form of travel geared towards respecting the environment, discovering and protecting nature. The practice of cycling fits completely into this green tourism.

Ecological tourism by bike to admire and protect the local fauna and flora

By moving and traveling by bicycle, our holidays are decidedly slower. This slowness is more than conducive to the observation of what surrounds us. Nature, heritage, architecture, by bike, we have time to look at everything and admire each point of interest without having to stop. Cycling to preserve the environment on vacation

Moreover, the cycle routes generally use cycle paths and reserved lanes passing through the heart of the most beautiful places in each region. This is rarely the case with other means of transport.

Also, with the emergence of bicycle tourism, tourist infrastructures are increasingly sensitive to the practice. Whether it’s the Accueil Vélo label on the cycle route, or rental service providers, the offer is constantly expanding. The protection of tourist destinations becomes to everyone.

Cycle tourism also has the advantage of getting closer to others more easily. In fact, this mode of travel allows undeniable local tourism. Cycle tourists consume more naturally on the road or close to their camp site. Thus, at the local level, the economy of the region is boosted thanks to the economic benefits of the practice. A good way to make the infrastructure made available profitable.

The bicycle, as a tool for ecological tourism, is a win-win compromise, both for tourists and tourist sites. The desire for bicycle travel stems from infrastructure, attracting more and more clean consumers.

Best practices in our territory

Only, it remains necessary to respect certain rules so that cycle tourism develops without negative effects on the surrounding fauna and flora.

If the practice develops, cycling remains a relatively dangerous activity. Indeed, whether you ride on cycle paths or not, the space is shared with other users. Thus, it is important to respect the level of each by adopting a courteous attitude.

Moreover, and even if it goes without saying, let’s all show good citizenship.

On a bike ride, let’s respect nature by leaving no trace of our passage. Our trash stays with us until we come across a trash can. Even if they are biodegradable or of natural origin, it is preferable not to leave any waste in nature. These could disrupt an entire ecosystem.

Ecological tourism by bike

We also need respect the indications and prohibitions. Some trails may be closed due to natural hazards or by municipal decision. These closures must be respected for our safety as well as the protection of the area.

Finally, it is crucial to respect private property. It seems obvious not to venture into a field or pick fruit from an orchard. These disrespectful practices can encourage owners to refuse passage on a cycle route near their homes.

Also, the notions of sharing and promotion are important. By sharing the tourist discoveries made on the handlebars of our bike, we potentially encourage other people to choose this mode of travel – and its good practices – for their next vacation; in order to combine cycling and ecological tourism.

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