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Delegate Ministers and Secretaries of State also have their job descriptions

C. Mallet / Localtis


  • Christophe Béchu, Mr. Communities

This is the brick that was missing from the government trio for the communities, after the publication of the decrees of attributions of the ministers Amélie de Montchalin and Gérald Darmanin (see our article of June 2 on the 17 decrees of attribution of the ministers of full exercise) . The decree defining the missions of Christophe Béchu as Minister Delegate in charge of local authorities to the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion. In the end, we don’t learn much: “He proposes and executes the measures necessary for the realization of government policy concerning local authorities”, is it summarized. He exercises the powers of the two ministers “in terms of decentralization”… but also, it should be noted, those of Amélie de Montchalin in terms of “territorial cohesion”. This potentially widens its scope a lot.

  • Gabriel Attal, public accounts, including local

Alongside Bruno Le Maire at Bercy, Gabriel Attal is the new delegate minister in charge of public accounts. No surprise for him: the award decree is a copy-paste of the one published five years ago for his predecessor, Olivier Dussopt. The files on his desk: preparation and execution of the budget, taxes, cadastre and land registration, customs and indirect rights, budget management and public accounting, property, state civil service pensions, state purchases and real estate, “multi-year public finance strategy”, social accounts… and “rules relating to local finances”, an area therefore straddling Bercy and the Interior.

  • A third pillar at the Quai d’Orsay

The three ministers delegated by Catherine Colonna, the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, each have very distinct portfolios.

Foreign trade and attractiveness, Frank Riester will continue to do what he was doing in the Castex government, since his award decree has not moved a comma. It deals with export promotion, “economic expansion outside France”, “international development of French companies”, European and international trade negotiations, promotion of France abroad, “policy of attractiveness of the territory”…

Same thing for Clement Beaune as Minister Delegate in charge of Europe: no change in relation to the powers he enjoyed in the previous government. “All questions relating to European construction, including institutional questions”, are always entrusted to him.

On the other hand, there is a new delegated ministry created at the Quai d’Orsay. The one entrusted to Chrysoula Zacharopoulouwhich will be specifically responsible for “development, the Francophonie and international partnerships”: development aid, cultural and scientific cooperation, cooperation with international organizations with a French-speaking vocation, contribution to “negotiations relating to world health, food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture, as well as those on the fight against global warming”, humanitarian action…


  • Olivier Véran, between Parliament and citizen participation

The former Minister of Health Olivier Véran is now only Secretary of State. One of the five Secretaries of State directly attached to the Prime Minister. Here he is in charge of “relations with Parliament” (in other words, relations between the government and Parliament… an issue whose importance and complexity will obviously depend on the outcome of the legislative elections), but also of “democratic life”, which includes relations with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Cese) and the “development of democratic life”, in particular “citizen participation in public policies and decisions in its various forms”. The possible future National Council for Refoundation announced by Emmanuel Macron is not mentioned, but we can assume that it would be part of the perimeter.

  • Isabelle Rome, the fight against all forms of discrimination

Magistrate then senior civil servant at the Ministry of Justice, Isabelle Rome will now be responsible for “equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities”.
On the first subject, it is a question of women’s rights, the fight against “any discrimination linked to sex, parity and professional equality, the “fight against harassment and against sexist and sexual violence”, but also of ” taking into account maternity and paternity” and “development of childcare, in particular collective, for young children”…
On diversity and equal opportunity, the recitals are broad and vague: “policy in favor of equal opportunity in the political, economic, social, educational and cultural fields”, “measures intended to eliminate discrimination, particularly in terms of education, higher education, employment, housing, health and access to responsibilities in society”. With a specific mention for “discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people”.

  • What childhood for Charlotte Caubel?

What will Charlotte Caubel do as Secretary of State for Children? It is not her decree of attribution that will tell us since it simply indicates that she “knows, by delegation of the Prime Minister, of all the affairs in the field of childhood that the latter entrusts to her” … During the previous five-year term, Adrien Taquet, then Secretary of State in charge of child protection and families, had focused quite a bit on child protection and on the “1,000 first days” strategy. But it depended on the Ministry of Health and Solidarity. For the time being, Charlotte Caubel’s first meetings have apparently focused on child protection. It remains to be seen whether its prerogatives will extend to early childhood (with in particular the public service of early childhood that Emmanuel Macron aims for, knowing that the subject is on the other hand mentioned for his colleague Isabelle Rome) and/or to youth.

  • Justine Benin, the sea in all its states

She may only be Secretary of State, Guadeloupe’s Justine Benin inherits exactly the same attributions as Annick Girardin, full-time Minister of the Sea in the previous government. The list is long and covers all dimensions of maritime issues, whether ecological, economic or diplomatic: “maritime influence and influence”, navigation (pleasure, nautical activities), underwater resources, fishing, maritime transport, ports, protection of the environment, integrated management of coastal zones and maritime public domain, naval and nautical industry, renewable energies at sea, tourism on the coast, etc.

  • Olivia Grégoire, the Wednesday meeting

Olivia Grégoire has already engaged in the exercise three times since her appointment. That of the press conference reporting on the work of the Council of Ministers. A role previously played by Gabriel Attal. The most visible task of the Secretary of State, spokesman for the government, even if the brief decree of attributions also refers more generally to his “mission of information on the activities of the government”, which includes, among other things, responding to requests from the media, particularly in the event of a crisis, relying in particular on the government information service (GIS).

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