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Destination North America: How to get to the United States and Canada from Morocco

[MAJ 8 novembre: Les conditions ci-dessous pour voyager aux Etats-Unis ne sont plus valables. Cliquez ICI pour consulter les nouvelles conditions de voyage vers les Etats-Unis].

The United States is ranked by Morocco in the A-list.

[MAJ 13 novembre: Pour quitter le Maroc vers un pays de la liste A ou B, la présentation d’un pass vaccinal ou d’une autorisation d’exemption de la vaccination est obligatoire. Toutefois, les touristes de passage au Maroc et les Marocains résidant à l’étranger peuvent quitter le Maroc sans autorisation préalable ou obligation de présenter un pass vaccinal].

Morocco is classified by the United States at “level 1”, corresponding to a “low health risk”, according to the CDC. (Update: June 9).

The same source states that all travelers arriving in the United States from “Tier 1” countries, vaccinated or not, aged 2 and over must present, before boarding, a diagnostic test for Covid-19 negative of less than three days, or a certificate of recovery, over the past three months. This measure also concerns American citizens, diplomats, holders of special visas, and people in transit through the United States.

“The 3-day period corresponds to the 3 days preceding the flight. We use 3 days instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By using the 3-day time frame, the validity of the test does not depend on the time of the flight or the time the test was taken. For example, if a passenger’s flight is at 1 p.m. on a Friday, they can board with a negative test that was taken any time on or after the Tuesday before,” the CDC explains. (Update: June 9).

The diagnostic tests accepted by the United States are the nucleic acid amplification tests – NAAT – which notably include the PCR test, or the antigen tests.

The result of the diagnostic test must be in the form of a written document (version paper or electronic). It should include the following information:

– Type of test performed (whether it is a NAAT or an antigen test);
– Entity that carried out the test (for example: laboratory or health entity, etc.);
– Sampling date;
– Information identifying the traveler (full name, date of birth, passport number).

The language of these documents must be checked with the airline, which must be able to decipher them.

For vaccinated people with a vaccine FDA cleared or a vaccine urgently authorized by the World Health Organization, the CDC recommends carrying out a new test (NAAT or antigenic) 3 to 5 days after their arrival in the USA, carried out at laboratories, or at sites dedicated to screening as well as self-monitoring. If symptoms of Covid develop, isolation and screening are required.

For unvaccinated people, the CDC also recommends retesting (NAAT or antigen) 3-5 days after arriving in the United States. Whether the test is positive or negative, a 7-day isolation is mandatory. If travelers do not take the test upon arrival, a 10-day quarantine is required.


Travelers who have already been affected by COVID-19 must provide proof of a positive result for a screening test carried out 14 to 180 days before their departure. This proof must be obtained in a third country before continuing the journey to Canada.]

As of this writing, Canada has yet to announce the easing of travel restrictions. (Update: June 9).

According to local newspapers, Justin Trudeau’s government is actively working on easing health measures to prepare for the reopening of borders. Announcements are expected from next week, according to the same source.

On its portal, the Government of Canada specifies that no entry is yet permitted for optional reasons, in particular leisure and tourism… (Update: June 9).

Each person can check their eligibility to enter Canada by clicking HERE.

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