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Discover the mountain in summer

Mountain holidays are ideal for people who love winter sports and snow. It’s a good way to enjoy the beauty and authenticity of the landscape and nature. Contrary to what one might think, this type of destination can be very pleasant in summer. Want to judge for yourself? So find out here everything you need to know to enjoy the mountains in summer.

Which destination to choose for a great summer holiday in the mountains?

Discovering the mountains in summer is an excellent idea for spending a great vacation with your loved ones. Indeed, the mountainous regions have a lot to offer, in terms of exceptional landscapes and entertaining activities to try. It is even possible to rent a magnificent mountain apartment for a short stay with all your family. To take advantage of this, you can organize your next summer vacation to one of the following destinations:

– The resort of La Plagne Champagny-en-Vanoise

This is a region located in the Vanoise massif. It is a must for travelers looking for a beautiful destination in the mountains in summer. The fauna and flora of the region are very rich and diversified. The same is true for landscapes composed of natural waterfalls, dense forests or imposing mountains.

– Tignes resort

The “My Tignes” Card is the key to practicing all the leisure activities of this Savoyard resort. It is a perfect playground for families and friends. The nautical base, on the shores of Lake Tignes, allows you to have fun on the water. It’s up to you to choose between pedal boat, canoe, stand-up paddle and kayak. For downhill mountain biking enthusiasts, go to the Tignes bike park to hurtle down the 160 km of slopes! For lovers of aquatic space, the Lagoon offers fun or sports pool, aquagym, aqua-bike, and wellness area.

– The Chamonix-Mont-Blanc valley

This magnificent valley is nestled in the heart of the Alps. It is a high mountain resort which represents a dream destination for lovers of adventure and nature. It is presented as a vast playground, where you can do many activities, while enjoying a magnificent view of Mont-Blanc.

– The resort of Les Angles

This resort located in the Pyrenees offers you one of the largest ski areas in the entire region. With its many shady places where life is good, you can visit it and admire its various natural riches.

What activities to do during the summer holidays in the mountains?

Have you finally chosen the ideal destination for your summer vacation in the mountains? So the next step is to choose the activities you want to try. The least we can say is that you will be spoiled for choice, because it is impossible to get bored in the mountains. You can therefore opt for:

– Paragliding: an activity that allows you to fly over the region like a bird and experience thrills

– Summer tobogganing: an activity that allows you to slide down different tracks on rails at full speed

– Mountain biking: you can rent mountain bikes on site and go for walks on trails laid out for the occasion

– Rafting and canyoning: these water activities are considered aquatic hiking

– Fishing: there are several fishing spots in the mountainous regions to enjoy the pleasures of this activity.

Why go to the mountains in summer?

What landscapes!

There is nothing better in travel than to move around, wherever you go you can always see the beauty. In high mountain areas, this is often the case as well. What a landscape! How marvelous are the valleys, the hundreds of thousands of trees that give life to this world, the crystal clear rivers, the routes that almost always hold a pleasant surprise, the hypnotic places that nature forms…!

In the mountains, there is also comfort!

In the mountain destinations there are also hotels with all the comforts, routes that adapt to everyone, without requiring great physical effort and places that offer first-class catering where you can enjoy the local gastronomy and feasting.

Keep in good shape

In the world of walking, there is always a route that suits your conditions and even if you do little exercise, it is good to feel better and stay in good shape during your vacation. In addition, there will always be a feeling of effort shared with those who make the course and a good reward on arrival like a refreshing drink.

Walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise for weight loss because the gradual increase in muscle tone helps you exercise more each day to burn more and more calories. It also increases blood circulation, with a tonic effect, and improves lung performance.

Endless outdoor activities

A summer vacation in the mountains is the perfect opportunity to try new adventure sports. In addition to the activity parks, you can try your hand at archery, golf and even alternate hiking routes with mountain biking.

It is therefore in your best interest to choose a destination in the mountains to spend your next summer vacation.

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