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do you have to travel now? the disappointment of two Caen natives who left for the Canary Islands for a failed vacation

They will long remember this stay where they had to recharge the batteries under the sun of the Canary Islands. Two Caennais have been detained with gloves and masks for a week in a hotel in Tenerife, without news from the French authorities while Belgians and English are repatriated.

They did not expect to experience a holiday like this. They left Normandy in the storm last week to warm up under the Canarian sun, enjoy the light and the fresh air.
In the end, they will only have seen the pool terrace (empty) and will not even have set foot in the water. In the end, they will have wasted their time (8 days of unpaid vacation and double that with nothing planned to compensate for their loss of salary while they are self-employed) and vacations that boil down to managing as much as possible of stress.
In short, they will be happy when they are back at home where they can re-read Voltaire who would have advised them to cultivate their garden to be happy!
But for the moment no one is talking to them about returning: Paris has not even provided them with a return ticket.

Of course, they are not the only ones. Since February 24, 2020, 69 French people have been quarantined in a 4-star hotel in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, after an Italian couple was infected with Coronavirus and hospitalized with their 4 children.
In total, nearly a thousand tourists from all over the world found themselves stranded in this hotel because of this case. But that’s no consolation.

According to their testimony, collected by telephone, for 48 hours from Belgians, English and Irish are repatriated by their consulates. The French are desperately waiting for news from Paris, without seeing anything coming.
The Caen tourist couple (who prefer to remain anonymous) cracks and claims to feel completely abandoned.

We watch the others leave, return home to follow their quarantine more serenely. And U.S ? Nothing.

Since February 26, they are still allowed to get some air with walks in the park of the 4-star hotel: the only authorized outing. “But we are with gloves and masks. In the restaurant, we also wear our masks to talk to each other. We barely take them off, just long enough to swallow our food”says the woman, a little disillusioned by this grotesque situation.

video length: 00 min 30

Walk in the park in the sun with mask and gloves: dream vacation!

The swimming pool ? a culture broth

Even if she understands the meaning without complaining, why can’t quarantine be done in Normandy, at home? As nationals of other countries do?

“We end up communicating with our eyes with those who serve us at the table. It’s special.” And it has nothing to do with holidays sold on glossy paper in travel agencies.
“Swimming in a pool? Certainly not, it’s breeding ground. It would be worse than anything.”

The couple do not want the tour operator who does everything to stay in touch with his customers, but it is still the fault of bad luck.

Should we leave? On February 24, the stage of the epidemic in France had not been reached. Now that it is, the question deserves to be asked.
Everyone has to answer it with their own parameters. But you have to know what to expect, in the event of placement in confinement.
Two weeks ago, we saw French people repatriated from China. Today is over.

“We have nothing, no temperature and no symptoms.”

View of the deserted swimming pool where almost no one bathes even though the temperature is 22° at the moment:

Everyone is waiting for instructions from the French General Health Agency, but we are told nothing directly. We don’t know how we’ll get back or when? From March 9, official end of quarantine? We are told nothing.

In their room, this couple has transformed their holidays into a reading break, but they still have to have something to take care of.
“Frankly, fortunately family and friends are calling us”

Holidays under high police surveillance

In this report from Spanish television, broadcast on FranceTV, from the first day of confinement with the help of amateur videos, we realize the turning point that the holidays could have taken.
Sanitary tents, chained hotel doors, police surveillance to ensure that confinement is respected, daily medical surveillance, staff who speak to you, protected from head to toe….

video length: 01 min 45

Testimonials from French tourists confined with this Norman couple

Obligation to comply with the rules of the host country

While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contacted on the case of these two Normans, did not answer us on the fate reserved for them (date of return, care, etc.), it reminds us, from a diplomatic source, that French travelers should know that they have obligations.
“As you know, the situation is very evolving and the measures related to the COVID-19 crisis fall within the competence of the authorities of each country concerned. It is important that our fellow citizens respect the public health recommendations issued by the authorities of the country in which they are located.”

Before leaving, consult the Travel Advice page on the France Diplomatie website, with all the international news concerning the Coronavirus.

We encourage French residents to register in the register of French nationals living abroad and to update their contacts with consular services, if necessary: ​​mobile phone number, email address (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Tourism and Covid-19

Tourism professionals are aware of the impact that this coronavirus epidemic could have “Which will slash global tourism revenue by at least $22 billion (€20 billion), according to a study by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Oxford Economics.”

Travel agencies are overwhelmed with cancellations

This is an alarming observation for many professionals whereas usually, the month of March is a month of reservation for the May and summer bridges. The number of cancellations multiplies every day;

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