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EDV Suite: The best digital levers for tourism

How to boost the digital performance of campaigns? this was the theme of the workshop presented by Stanislas Lucien from the Travel Insight agency at the EDV congress.

Jean Pierre Mas, President of EDV, summarized the major challenges ahead for travel agencies at the last congress:

  • Strengthen the attractiveness of our businesses, as customers need our expertise to travel safely
  • Embracing the challenge of eco-responsibility without delay, the tourism sector being duly concerned
  • Accelerate the digitization of the profession

He specifies : ” online commerce has just won 10 years ahead of the pandemic. We gotta go with the flow and anticipate new consumption habits through controlled digitization »

Hence the Travel Insight workshop on the theme: what are the best digital levers for tourism players? The objective is to recall the basics corresponding to both BtoB and BtoC targets, or even both.

An introduction to the fundamentals of communication:

Communicating well begins with a preliminary reflection: what is my identity, my value, my mission? To do this, it is a question of working on a pre-established document in the form of a brand platform. Stanislas Lucien specifies: “ This reference document makes it possible to define its vocation. It allows the mastery of the basics of what the company is and thus its power of attractiveness. By starting by knowing what the company offers and what targets it is aimed at, it will be able to define how it should express itself! »

Good value for money, but not only…

Speeches too often revolve around good value for money. This criterion is certainly important, but it cannot and should not be the only one. The risk being to constantly see an offer that is always cheaper… Under these conditions, it becomes uncertain to build an identity on floating criteria. In the same way, the race for the beautiful image can appear as a trap. An image, as beautiful as it is, cannot claim to endorse long-lasting communication. Stanislas Lucien comments: “ a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words are worth a picture. One must succeed to position themselves by finding the right words with images that correspond to the experience that their target expects. ” he adds : ” the brand platform governs all its commercial and communicative expression. It is an important element in the balance of a discourse generally too based around the best quality / price ratio.. »


Combine storytelling that arouses emotion with embodied visual content that matches the target and what you want to convey. This is one of the first essential steps in the context of the wonder of its future travelers, and this from the first digital contact.

What levers for BtoB tourism players?

3 basic levers to find maximum efficiency with digital levers:

  • SEO
  • Social networks and retargeting
  • Press relations.


For the BtoB activity, this means is now becoming fundamental to succeed in reaching targets such as: travel agencies, works councils, distribution networks or even companies looking for support for their trips and events. Stanislas Lucien explains: “ the foundations of a site optimized for good positioning in search engines depend on its ability to position itself on targeted and relevant expressions for its target. Indeed, for a site to stand out, the product offer is no longer enough. You have to prove your added value by going further than destination sheets, offers, or blog posts based on specific case studies highlighting the agency’s expertise on specific requests or its creativity.

A website in the first results of Google provides the possibility of capturing on certain key expressions up to 65% of the market shares in question. Added to a long-tail position (this is more precise queries) allows the company to quickly accelerate its sales and its competitive positioning.

The press relationship

Everyone agrees on the importance of press relations as an important element for promoting the agency to its final targets. Stanislas Lucien insists on the specialized press as being an important element for the notoriety of the agency’s expertise in order to increase contacts and maintain brand lobbying. He specifies : “Some pre-requisites are mandatory, including having an up-to-date press kit with hard-hitting and relevant news. An important phase for the reputation, visibility and power of persuasion of the brand in its market. Companies present in the specialized media of their activity have more than 70% chance of materializing each of the new incoming and outgoing quotations. »

Social networks & retargeting

Unquestionably, social media represents a communication opportunity for a player specializing in BtoB. But more specifically, tourism professionals have a card to play with retargeting. This is an additional tool. It now represents a digital basic to master in order to relaunch prospective lobbying. Stanislas Lucien goes so far as to say that he appears as the most effective strategy for creating leads : “ once the tracking pixel is installed on your website, social media retargeting tools give tourism players the opportunity to send targeted advertising to all visitors with a specific message that will encourage them to come and rediscover your offers and services on duty. For example, a works council director whose objective is to contract holiday offers for his company goes to your website, returns to his occupations and in particular on Facebook, will be sent an advertisement from your company inviting him to come and rediscover you. or finalize a contact. »

A gold mine of data still under-exploited by players who need to be able to reactivate their prospecting targets with relevance.

If it remains difficult and costly to appear on the first page of Google, everyone will agree, it is interesting to see confirmation that it remains possible for an agency to capturing up to 65% market share on certain key expressions. But to achieve this, it is a question of respecting the fundamentals digital strategies.

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