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Eight effective tips to lower the cost of your trip

Going on a trip to Europe, discovering the wonders of America, getting to know the Asian remains is the dream of many French people. They are however confronted with a determining factor which is the high cost of travel between the cost of transport, accommodation and catering. Nevertheless, even with modest incomes, you have the possibility of traveling for several weeks, even months, alone or with your family. By showing ingenuity, it is possible to make substantial savings on certain points of expenditure. To do this, you must put into practice some useful and economical tips that will drastically lower your vacation budget. Discover in this article some tips to lower the cost of your trip.

Consider doing rental real estate

During your absence, you can rent out your home to foreigners who come on vacation to your area. This trick convenient and easy is adopted by millions of French people every year. In addition to generate additional revenueit will allow you to meet new people, build relationships for the next vacation to the country of your hosts. There are specialized sites that connect a large number of people for such an arrangement. With this income obtained, your travel budget will be expandedwhich will allow you to visit more tourist sites or buy more souvenirs.

Apart from rental accommodation, you have the possibility to exchange your house with that of a person who wishes to visit your region. This last trick won’t make you any money, but you will be able to save on your accommodation budget. To put it into practice, various sites are available on the internet to put you in touch with other travellers.

Buy your plane ticket at the last minute

For cheap trips, you can buy your plane ticket at the last minute. Indeed, in order to occupy all available places, some travel companies drastically reduce the price of air tickets for imminent flights. For this, it is necessary to know your starting point beforehand and to carefully watch for imminent departures in order to seize the opportunity. Paying for a ticket a week or a few days before your departure will take advantage of a considerably low rateleaving you extra margin in your budget. This margin can be used to visit other regions or to finance your next vacation.

Try your luck with auction stays

You have the possibility of taking advantage of trips at a lower cost by opting for auction stays. This very clever technique consists of buy interesting services at cheap prices for trips, whatever the country. So you can benefit from a few days of accommodation in hotels, bed and breakfasts, mobile homes including breakfast for one or more people. You can also winning sports activities such as gymnastics sessions; fun activities such as cooking classes or wellness activities such as spa, yoga sessions. This trick will also allow you to benefit cheaper stays sometimes including flights, good plans for catering and many more benefits. To take advantage of this very advantageous trick, take a look at the Loisirs Enchères site, which offers offers in all cities of France and in several other countries. The purpose of this site, which has more than 650,000 members, is to allow you to bring your travel dreams to life Low price. Bidding on this site does not start only 1 euroand you will only make payment after you have obtained the bid.

Travel during low season

If you have the opportunity to travel at any time, you can think about doing so during the slack season. This option allows you to enjoy rates up to 5 or 6 times cheaper only during school holidays. By deciding to travel during this season, you will save on several pockets of expenses such as airfare, accommodation, vacation activities. In addition, you will be able to take full advantage of your holidays and in complete peace of mind since there will be fewer tourists.

Opt for cheap accommodation

If you are unable to exchange your home, you can opt for cheap accommodation. Given the high cost of hotels, you can turn to youth hostel where to proceed renting a bed and breakfast. Indeed, youth hostels are very popular with budget travelers due to their practicality and economy. However, to find a good hostel, it is recommended to follow some tips:

  • Select a few hostels and learn about them by reading reviews from people who have already frequented them;
  • Examine all the options they offer;
  • Check the location of the hostel to find out if it is in the city center or rather a few miles from the big city;
  • Proceed to book two or three nights. This last tip will allow you once in the hostel examine the services, the cleanliness of the environment and many other aspects. Thus, you can either extend your stay there or resort to another hostel.

In addition, you can opt for a bed and breakfast, proposed by inhabitants who wish to welcome tourists against payment. It’s a room equipped with the basic elements that you can rent for a few nights with a service that usually includes cleaning and breakfast. Practical and less expensivethese rooms are available at fixed prices allowing you to save a lot of money.

Opt for cheap means of transport

Transportation is one of the big expense points during your trip. In the event that you can take another means of transport other than the plane, you can put into practice some economical tips:

Opt for healthy and inexpensive catering

Catering during the trip remains a very important and sometimes very expensive element. To save money on this point, but also to eat healthy, you must be ingenious by changing your eating habits a little. To eat healthy while on vacation, you don’t have to go to the big restaurants. You can opt for the classic restaurants who often offer local and inexpensive menus. During your walks, prefer tap water soft drinks and avoid snacking to save a few euros. It is also advisable avoid meat which can be very expensive in some areas. If the accommodation you occupy has a kitchen, it is advisable to cook meals. For this, you will have to go to the local markets where you can buy cheaper products.

Look for free activities

In order to discover the country or the city where you go, you can carry out outings with the locals. Having total control of the region, they will be able to to discover several tourist sites and vestiges of the country. On foot or on board a rolling vehicle, you will get to know the culture, the inhabitants, the parks and other wonders of the surroundings. These local tour guides do these tours on a voluntary basis in order to showcase their city and attract more tourists. Moreover, in most cities, there are activities such as visiting museums or parks that are performed free of charge. To take advantage of this, you can browse the country’s official tourism sites in which you go or you can find out once you are there.

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