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Femina Provence | Fashion – Vanessa Bruno for Lulli in Cassis: “I am not an anchored Parisian, I love the South and I am inspired by it”

A romantic stroll along the water’s edge, relaxation with friends in front of the sunset or even a family aperitif on the beach… And all this with lots of raffia! This is what encourages us to this new fashion collab, designed by two women and for women. The Parisian designer Vanessa Bruno, with the famous tote bag, and the founder of Lulli, Anne Vouland, have combined their passion and their taste for beautiful things in order to offer customers of the multi-brand Lulli a capsule collection that smells like summer. Between the tote bag that needs no introduction, the most recent “Moon” bag, flat sandals, belts, a hat and goodies… eight pieces make up this collection called “A summer in raffia” exclusively redesigned by Vanessa Bruno . Meet.

How did the idea for this capsule collection with Lulli come about?
Vanessa Bruno:
Lulli is a loyal customer, we have been working together for about 10 years, I was kindly contacted. It was obvious to me, so it was with pleasure that I agreed to launch a capsule collection. The basic idea was to make an event, then we tried to find an axis, to offer exclusive pieces to customers.

Is this a first collaboration for you?
With a ready-to-wear concept store, yes, it’s a first. Every year for my “Cabas voyage” capsules, I do collaborations, but it’s more with artisans. That’s how I enjoy myself. Like with Popolo, for example, where we made hand-painted plates.

What attracted you here then in this association?
I make my collections, I have my shops, I create my own universe, my own identity… I tell my story, that of the woman, of the clothes, of how she wears them, of the way she accessorizes her outfits , but I also like to meet and mix my universe with people, entities that have a strong point of view. This is the case of Lully. It’s a multi-brand with a real personality, then it offers a real recommendation to customers who want to expand their wardrobe.

Do you feel connected to Lulli’s values?
I think we have a shared vision: we don’t forget that we do all this to advise and make women dream. For my part, I make clothes to sublimate the daily life of the woman, that she is comfortable in her everyday outfit while feeling quite special, by wearing something unique in terms of quality. , volumes, materials. I like this idea of ​​clothing that transcends time and Lulli has this way of seeing things too.

And in terms of style…
They have a very casual style, with the choice of good pieces in the shot. It’s “On the go!”, we put it on and a little dresses us up, but at the same time it’s also very well thought out and worked on.

Tell us a bit about this capsule collection, essentially made up of raffia accessories…
We are in the South and we are entering the summer season, raffia was obvious. The models exist, but the theme, colors and finishes have been designed exclusively for Lulli. We have black, because his universe is both cool and subtly rock. We only find essentials that will last over time, we will be able to put them on and put them back on. The bags can be worn with a dress to go to the beach or in town with jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers… There is a certain freedom, the combinations are multiple and for different times of the day, then the pieces are aimed at all women.

When you think “Vanessa Bruno”, you imagine a very Parisian fashion, but the South inspires you…
Help ! I am not an anchored Parisian. Of course the South inspires me, my mother is in the South, I love the South, I spend my holidays there… I have my own style, now what I like is to tell a story through each season. And developing a universe around a theme, that’s how I work.

The canvas shopping bag is your “success story”, but raffia bags are following it closely today.
I’ve been working with raffia for more than 15 years and it’s a great story. I absolutely wanted to find raffia where the palm plantations could allow the leaves to be dried on site, worked, woven and dyed by the craftsmen. Making a raffia bag requires one person and between 5 and 10 days depending on the model. So I work with a factory in Madagascar and only with women. Thanks to that, we were able to develop a large network of women. They were 10 at the beginning, they are more than 1,500 today. It helps families, villages, it’s a very beautiful story. Raffia, you can find it all over the world, but not of this quality and the way it is worked. The technique is completely artisanal, each bag in its weaving can be a little different.

What do you expect from this capsule collection?
I like to meet my clients in store, I like advising them, so I’m already delighted to come to Cassis and meet Lulli’s clients for an evening when the collection comes out. I also hope that it will meet the expectations of customers.

Vanessa Bruno: “It’s better to have little, but good”

Twenty-six years after its creation, where is the brand Vanessa Bruno?
Vanessa Bruno: We opened shops recently, we even managed to make transformations during confinement. We opened in Aix, in Cannes, two shops in Nice, one in Arcachon, one in Capri. A next one will open in Lyon in June, with a new visual identity. We are gradually transforming the design of the shops. It’s very exciting to be able to make them evolve through a new architectural concept. The Saint-Sulpice store in Paris has been open for 25 years, even though I have refreshed it several times, it deserves a real facelift. And at the same time, we are developing digital with content to advise women and expand our community.

What is your sustainability secret?
(Laugh). I have no secrets. Everything that happens to me, I’ve never really calculated. I have this ability to create a wardrobe in which women find themselves, they don’t have the impression of being disguised. I offer a daily style, chic, nonchalant, bohemian, but of quality. I think that all the women who have encountered the brand through ready-to-wear or accessories find each other over the years, even if time passes. There has necessarily been the success of the shopping bag, it made the brand known, it has entered the collective unconscious a little. It’s a great story, which has led to other great stories, such as a mother’s first bag given to her daughter, for example. Fashions change, but codes remain. I managed to impose mine. Women know that they will always find my volumes of blouses, my flair jeans, my natural yak sweaters… these things that I have kept for years. I want to keep a balance between telling extremely desirable stories around new collections, new volumes, new silhouettes and at the same time I integrate “my essentials” that I mix with new colors, new materials. ..

Financially, you don’t depend on any group, is that a source of pride?
Yes, I’m very lucky. I have a partner called Henri Sebaoun who developed the Carven brand. When Carven stopped, he came to join me, and he is the one who – I must say – is the mastermind. He is at the helm of all the financial strategic development of the brand. It is thanks to his vision, his advice that we have continued to develop as well.

Summer 2022 capsule collection,
Summer 2022 capsule collection, “Tote bag travel to Greece”.Photo DR

What is your motto?
“It is better to have little, but good”

In 2014 you left the Fashion Week calendar, do you have any regrets?
No ! I think I did well! I was one of the first to say that the important thing for me was to get closer to my clients and above all to build a less “driven” fashion around a fashion show aimed more at the press than at the clients. It allowed me to develop my activity and to invest myself much more in the creation of content that we launch every month because we advise the client, we show her how to wear the clothes. It’s everyday fashion, accessible and more authentic.

What do you have in store for us this summer?
This year it will be a stopover in Greece with the “Cabas voyage” capsule. Last year it was Capri. We will therefore find embroidery work on ready-to-wear and accessories, which is inspired by Greek craftsmanship as well as prints and colors that will refer to the country.

Practical information : collection available on Lulli on the Web or in store – Price between 45 € and 295 €

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