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Find the next vacation destination

The festivities are over, it’s time to just stop dreaming of travel. Instead, think about the holidays and sites you want to visit this year! To make it easier for you, we have selected the most beautiful holiday destinations. Please find out where to go on vacation this year in the following lines!

First, think about the budget and how much time you want to spend on your next trip. If you hesitate between several sites, consider comparing prices and conditions on a reliable site. Holidu, the vacation rental search engine offers you hundreds of sites in more than 30,000 cities and 200 countries. What’s more, you can save up to 55% through price comparison. From holiday homes to castles, farmhouses, lofts, apartments and chalets, you are spoiled for choice. You just have to decide where to go!

Tips for choosing the right holiday destination

Where to go on vacation when you have a small budget?

In order not to ruin yourself during the holidays, consider opting for a cheap trip. If you have some flexibility with the schedule or the sites you want to visit, first do a search to see which of your desired destinations is the cheapest during the chosen time period.

When to go on vacation?

The time of year you want to go on vacation can also affect the price. If you prefer to leave for the weekend or during the high tourist season, the trip will certainly be more expensive. Still, going during the low season can help you save some money. And do not forget that as the most visited sites are often the most expensive, it is better to opt for a small town which can be much more interesting and the trip can be more rewarding than if you decide to visit a capital, for example.

The most visited sites are often the most expensive

vacation rental search engine choose from thousands of destinations

Where to go on holiday in France?


No other region of Europe, not even Tuscany, has nurtured so many dreams as Provence. The region offers several activities – from canoeing and rock climbing to walks in pretty villages perched on hills.


The abundance of historical monuments and the glittering Seine with its elegant bridges have made Paris the most recognizable cityscape in the world. If you’re looking to explore the city’s rich heritage, you can spend a long afternoon getting lost in the Louvre or exploring the Musée d’Orsay or the countless churches of Paris.


You can visit a modern art museum, have a delicious meal at a tapas bar up the street, or sample fusion cuisine at a restaurant. Bordeaux offers old dignity with touches of modernity.

Here are the most beautiful cities in France to visit this year

where to spend a dream vacation in france choose the next destination easily


Nice, capital of the French Riviera, is a spellbinding place just about any time of the year. Don’t forget to take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais.

walking sticks

Much smaller than its neighboring city Nice, Cannes is known for the film festival that takes place there. It also has wonderful beaches where you can enjoy the rays of the sun.


Lyon is the third largest city in France which surprises with its elegant architecture, lively museums, beautiful rivers and beautiful old Lyon district.


Marseille’s main attraction is the city itself. A place that will always remain magnificent with its rocky coast, the sea and the thrilling rhythm of a large port city.

What are the most beautiful countries in the world?


With its castles, deep lochs and breathtaking islands, it’s no surprise that Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

New Zealand

The country offers rolling mountains, fjords, islands and beautiful lowland roads.


Culture, community, history, romance, natural beauty and pizza! You can enjoy it in Italy.


Tropical forests, inland volcanoes, breathtaking islands and a rich heritage: Indonesia offers you an unforgettable landscape and stay.


Volcanic mountains, black sand beaches and numerous natural hot springs can amaze every eye!


This small European country has countless historical and cultural sites. Its mountains, forests, lakes, seaside, old towns and good food are just some of the things that make Slovenia so special.


Mexico has breathtaking sights, natural beauty and a rich culture that deserves to be seen.


Switzerland’s mountainous landscape, ski slopes and hiking trails make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Betting on the magnificent mountainous landscapes…

the most beautiful countries in the world to visit in 2022 spend your holidays by a lake

Or for the beauty of the sea

how to choose a holiday destination vacation by the sea

vacation rental search engine choose the next destination

Tips for choosing the next vacation destination

or go on vacation when you have a small budget choose your favorite destination

where to leave in July August 2022 choose an affordable but still rich destination

what are the most beautiful countries in the world to visit in 2022 breathtaking waterfall and forest

find the next holiday destination vacation by the sea

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