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God’s Favorite Idiot | Yanic Truesdale reunites with Melissa McCarthy

Fifteen years later Gilmore GirlsYanic Truesdale reunites with Melissa McCarthy in God’s Favorite Idiot, a new series from Netflix. In reality, it is only a reunion on the screen, since far from the cameras, the two actors have remained good friends all this time.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
The Press

Christmas 2020. In the middle of the second wave of COVID-19 in Quebec, Yanic Truesdale receives a text message from Melissa McCarthy at dinner time. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. Since playing Michel Gérard and Sookie St. James respectively in seven seasons of Gilmore Girlsin the early 2000s, the two actors have always kept in touch.

Yanic Truesdale frowns, however, when he realizes that it is a video message, something they are not used to sending at all. Curious, he opens the file that the actress saved with Ben Falcone, her spouse and creative partner. In Australia, the couple is preparing to shoot a comedy. But above all, he seeks to fulfill the role of an angel. Would Yanic be interested?

“Put it on! laughs the main interested party in an interview. It was the pandemic, the confinement, the winter… I was like: “When am I leaving?” »


Ben Falcone (Clark) and Melissa McCarthy (Amily) in God’s Favorite Idiot

A month and a half later, the actor flew to the land of kangaroos after putting out a few fires. “It was a bit complex, because I was going to be outside Quebec until June, but I was supposed to shoot the second season of Guys in April. I was sure that they were going to flush me and give my role to someone else. But ultimately, no. They moved the shoots. I found that extremely nice. »

Once at his destination, and after having completed his two “nightmarish” weeks of strict confinement in a hotel room in Sydney, Yanic Truesdale begins work.

“My friends wanted to rip my head off because I was in the sun in Australia! »

Descended from the sky

Comedy divided into eight episodes of half an hour each, God’s Favorite Idiot portrays Clark (Ben Falcone), a tech support worker who begins a romantic relationship with Amily (Melissa McCarthy), an eccentric co-worker. His mundane existence, however, takes an unexpected turn when he is struck by lightning and becomes – without warning – a messenger of God. The man without history is then invested with a delicate mission, announced by the angel Chamuel (Yanic Truesdale) descended from paradise: to prevent the apocalypse.

The first appearance of Yanic Truesdale’s character is spectacular.

“My agent told me: ‘That must be one of the best appearances of all time in Hollywood!’ exclaims the Montrealer. In the scenario, it was marked that I was coming from the sky. I was sure it was going to be done with special effects. But no ! That meant I was going to be hanging fucking 150 feet in the air with a crane! »


Yanic Truesdale in God’s Favorite Idiot

Despite its wacky premise, Yanic Truesdale qualifies God’s Favorite Idiot of office comedy.

It’s not an over the top show. The stakes are a bit crackpot, but the tone remains very realistic.

Yanic Truesdale, about God’s Favorite Idiot

Filled with good feelings, God’s Favorite Idiot adds to the feel-good comedies of recent years, led by Schitt’s Creek and Ted Lasso. “I love darker stuff, nuance the actor. But currently, things are going so badly in the world… Cynicism, can we let go of it a little? »

A friendship that lasts

When asked to describe his friendship with Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale points to their many commonalities, including their humor, worldview and, most importantly, their political stances.

It also signals their love of design. “We started buying houses at the same time, underlines the actor. On our days off, we could go shopping together in the afternoon. She came to my house, she gave me ideas. I was going to her house, I was doing the same…”

Yanic Truesdale is not surprised to have developed such a beautiful relationship with the American actress, star of the films Bridesmaids and Can You Ever Forgive Me?.

All of our scenes were together [avec Melissa McCarthy]. Gilmore Girls, it was 22 episodes per year. It was long days. It was 16, 18 straight hours of working together. It creates links!

Yanic Truesdale

As for the filming of God’s Favorite Idiot, Yanic Truesdale indicates that it went well. Not only because he was able to film – for the first time in his career – stunts in front of a green screen, but also because he was able to observe his great friend at work both as as an actress and producer. “It was very cool to see a friend that I really like navigate with so much flexibility and elegance in the upper echelons of the profession. »

The best of Guys

Yanic Truesdale is currently filming the third season of Guys in Quebec with Christian Bégin, Normand Daneau and Alexis Martin. He believes that the work imagined by Jacques Davidts will reach a new height when its new episodes land on Extra next fall.

“It’s my favorite season, supports the actor. I laugh a lot while reading the texts. It’s very, very funny, but at the same time, it addresses very targeted and realistic themes. »


Normand Daneau, Yanic Truesdale, Christian Bégin and Alexis Martin in Guys

Once this adventure is over, Yanic Truesdale will take a vacation to Portugal with Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. He will then join a friend in Greece, then return to North America to eventually shoot two new parts of Fallen Angels Murder Cluba Lifetime network crime drama television movie starring singer Toni Braxton.

“It’s a good time for me,” says the 52-year-old actor. I have projects in French as well as in English. It’s really cool. It’s a nice balance. »

God’s Favorite Idiot lands on Netflix on Wednesday.

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