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Guadeloupe, Martinique, Grenada: 3 wonderful destinations to discover during a cruise in the Caribbean

These are perhaps not the destinations most frequented by cruise passengers… But Guadeloupe, Martinique and Grenada have everything you need for travelers in search of discovery. Imposing volcano, heavenly bay, crystal clear sea, lush forest, spectacular waterfall… There is something for everyone. For a next Caribbean cruise away from the sometimes overcrowded tourist destinations, here is the best of what Guadeloupe, Martinique and Grenada have to offer their visitors.

Destination, Grenada

South of the Lesser Antilles, Grenada is nicknamed the spice island. The former British crown colony is home to more spices than any other country. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, mace, tonka beans, ginger… Most cruise ships dock in Saint George, the colorful capital, nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano (extinct for ages). For travelers who have a little time, it is possible to explore the Grenadines Islands. Otherwise, head for the coasts of the island to discover the wonderful white and sandy beaches of Grenada.

The interior of the island offers a striking contrast between jungles of palm trees, oleander, bougainvillea. To dive into this tropical atmosphere, head for the “Seven Sisters” waterfalls. Exploration begins with a hike (approximately 45 minutes) that follows an easily accessible trail through the lush Grand Etang forest. The site is magnificent, with its natural pools where you can swim or jump from waterfall to waterfall. For travelers in a bit of a hurry, an alternative is to head for the Annandale Falls, a 15-minute drive from the Saint George cruise port and in the heart of the Grand Etang Forest Reserve.

Destination, Martinique

Departing from Fort-de-France, it is extremely easy to explore Martinique and discover some must-see attractions for a day (or two) of exploration. The Ile aux Fleurs offers an incalculable number of beaches, each one more beautiful than the other. To start, why not go to the opposite side of the bay of Fort-de-France and Anse Dufour? There, the reef is particularly rich. This is an opportunity to discover snorkeling easily and make lots of memories. South of Fort-de-France, lovers of magnificent beaches will extend their visit to Grand Anse des Salines, undoubtedly the most beautiful spot in Martinique for its coconut trees, its white sand and its view of the Rocher du Diamant.

Also not to be missed, towards the north of the island, is the Jardin de Balata, which gives an idea of ​​what the perfect tropical garden could be, with its 200 species of plants, trees and tropical flowers. A little further on, the town of Saint Pierre is home to the remains of the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902. A moving visit that can be extended by visiting the Habitation Céron, a 17th century memorial estate surrounded by rainforest.

Destination, Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe is perhaps the most contrasting island of the Lesser Antilles. For visitors who have one or two extra days to enjoy the destination, it is essential to go to (choice of) Marie-Galante, la Désirade or les Saintes. Another must-see: the Guadeloupe National Park and its grandiose and verdant landscapes. Easily accessible trails lead travelers past lush forest, gorgeous waterfalls, and up to the summit of La Soufrière, the island’s volcano. Note that a panoramic road also allows you to enjoy the park from the comfort of a car.

To enjoy the beach, head south and the small town of Sainte Anne which offers a magnificent golden sand beach with calm and clear water. It is also possible to continue exploring Guadeloupe as far as the eastern tip of Grande-Terre: Pointe des Châteaux. This spectacular rocky site marks the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Hiking to the top is a must, as is enjoying one of the many small creeks around.

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