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Here are 10 cheap destinations where you can take fire trips in 2019

That’s it, it’s New Year’s Day! A few weeks ago, Lonely Planet published its lists of the best destinations to visit in 2019.

If you have an adventurous side, you like to discover “hot” spots before everyone else, but you travel on a small budget, the following top 10 should interest you.

These are the places offering the best value for money for the coming year, according to Lonely Planet (LP) travel writers.

10 cool and cheap destinations for 2019:

1. Southern Nile Valley, Egypt

Oasis, desert, History with a capital H… The south of the Nile Valley is the region between Luxor and Awan, south of Cairo and the pyramids. You can visit temples and ancient treasures there for “a few dollars”, assures LP. Nile cruises and desert adventures are also affordable. And magical.

2. The city of Łódź, Poland

You probably don’t know this name, but remember it (and pronounce it “woodge”). In recent years, says LP, this former industrial city in decline has been able to completely reinvent itself. Fans of modern and historical architecture, street art, murals and cinema will be served and they won’t go broke. Poland remains one of the affordable European countries; it was also on the 2018 LP list.

3. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA

Did you know that this park, located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee, was the most visited in the United States? It welcomed 11 million visitors in 2017! For a hiking trip or a road trip not too far from home, think about it. You will discover the Appalachians at their best without having to spend a fortune: the entrance to the park is free.

4. Maldives

Does finding the Maldives in a list of cheap destinations surprise you? U.S. too. But apparently, there are not ONLY luxury hotels with overwater villas in this Indian Ocean archipelago. On hitherto little-visited islands in the Maldives, there are more and more lodges whose cost, LP tells us, is around US$90 per night, meals included. It’s worth keeping an eye on the price of plane tickets…

5. The city of Houston, USA

When you think of a cool town in Texas, you first think of Austin. But there is also Houston, which is attracting more and more people. To discover according to LP: Houston’s Museum District museums (19 museums including 10 free), the EaDo district with its “museum” of open-air murals, as well as the culinary scene, which will satisfy all budgets. And then, of course, there is the Space Center where NASA operates.

6. Argentina

It has glaciers, mountains, salt deserts, a trendy capital and good wines… Argentina is a top destination! According to LP, 2019 is a good year to visit it because a rare solar eclipse can be observed there in July. And also because it offers many year-round discounts to encourage travelers to go there, such as hotel tax refunds.

7. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is rarely talked about as a tourist destination. But if you’re truly adventurous and crave a change of scenery, LP believes you’ll discover wonders in the world’s 8th most populous country, and at very little cost. Think ancient cities, Buddhist temples, Asia’s longest beach at Cox’s Bazar and wild tigers in Sundarbans National Park.

8. Albania

Located between Montenegro and Greece, this European country is a tourist destination that we hardly ever think of on our side of the Atlantic. However, according to LP, it is quite the cheapest country in Europe at the moment. What will you find there? Beaches, historic villages, hiking trails, magnificent scenery, high quality cuisine… and not many tourists!

9. Ecuador

Fancy South America? For LP, Ecuador offers a compendium that is hard to beat: the Andes, the Amazon, colonial cities, the Pacific and seaside accommodations where you can still stay for a few US dollars a night. Another big point in its favour, it is said: an efficient and inexpensive bus system.

10. Slovenia

LP calls Slovenia “Europe in miniature” and a very affordable destination. Here, you will discover cities with the air of Venice, alpine passes and peaks, high-caliber vineyards, cheerful gastronomy and a cool capital: Ljubljana. We are also promised simple, affordable and often “spectacular” train and car journeys.

* All information (in English) from Lonely Planet on these destinations here.

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