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Here are the 10 cheapest countries in the world to spend your holidays

Staying in these ten splendid countries costs at least 30% less than in France. Here are the 10 most economical destinations for a one-week stay including travel, food and beverages, accommodation and activities.

Spending a king’s vacation with a daily budget of 25 to 35 euros is possible. The Skyscanner flight comparator has established the top 10 most economical destinations for the French taking into account the price of plane tickets, but also the cost of accommodation, meals, aperitifs and local transport for a one-week stay.

Inevitably, the countries of Eastern Europe served by low cost companies are at the top of the table. The cost of living can be higher there than in the most affordable Asian or South American countries, but the price of the flight to these distant destinations increases the price of the holidays.

10. Bolivia

The Tibet of the Americas certainly does not have access to the sea, but its majestic mountains, its museums at a few cents of euros the entrance and its cities with colonial architecture make it a very exotic holiday destination. And above all very attractive financially: one euro is enough to buy a bottle of Pacena, the local beer, and a bowl of Chairo, the potato soup!

9. Argentina

If you can afford a plane ticket at more or less 1000 euros for ten hours of travel, you can afford hotels, meals and drinks on average 41% cheaper than in France. Even in Buenos Aires, 35 euros per day is enough.

8. Honduras

The other nugget of Central America, much less expensive than Costa Rica or Guatemala, and much less touristy. A vacation in Honduras can cost less than 25 euros per day. You can dine there on the go for less than 4.50 euros, and sleep in a three-star hotel for 66 euros a night.

7. Sri Lanka

30 to 35 euros per day will be enough to stay in a comfortable hotel, fill your stomach and travel everywhere in a Tuk-Tuk. In one of the five most popular three-star hotels in the country, where the butler brings you a flute of champagne on request at midnight, the average night costs 74 euros. The meal in a small neighborhood restaurant costs less than 3 euros.

6. Vietnam

Lover of hops, it is here that the beer is the least expensive: the pint of Bia Hoi, the most popular in the country, costs 40 cents, twenty times less than the one served on the terrace in Paris. And the tourist can sip it while soaking up the almost French atmosphere of the streets of Hanoi.

5. Cambodia

Definitely one of the cheapest countries in the world. You can sleep in Cambodia for less than 3 euros a night in a dormitory, and less than 40 euros in a palace. The biggest expense will be entry to the breathtaking Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, at 17 euros a day.

4. India

Unless you stay in Mumbai, the Indian Dubai, you can be a pasha in India by paying only 20 euros a day. Traveling by train through one or more of the 29 states of this continent country, in first class with meals included, taking a taxi for 200 meters, having a gargantuan vegetarian meal and drinking beer does not cost much to the one which converts euros into rupees.

3. Greece

Consumer prices are a little closer to those of France, with a difference of only 30%. But that’s a national average. If one stays away from the very popular Mikonos and Santorini, and favors other Aegean islands, the prices of meals, drinks and accommodation drop.

2. Bulgaria

The beaches of the Black Sea, more and more frequented in recent years are as beautiful as those of southern Spain and Nessebar, a coastal city with pretty cobbled streets, has no less charm than Figuères, but you will spend two times less money than in France. A pint there costs 1 euro, a night in a 3-star less than 50 euros. Life is also affordable in Sofia, its charming capital.

1. Hungary

Life will inevitably be a little more expensive in Budapest than in the hinterland, but on average, sleeping, drinking, eating and going out in Hungary costs 45% less than in France. A cheap meal costs around 4.90 euros, and you can wash it down with a pint of beer for 1.15 euros. A taxi journey of less than 3 kilometers will not exceed 3.55 euros. The train is very cheap and the night in a youth hostel costs around ten euros.

Skyscanner methodology: The price of the flight corresponds to the average of a round trip in economy class from France, to the country quoted, all airports combined, in July and August 2017. The price of the night is the average cost per day of a double room in one of the five most popular 3-star hotels in the capital of each country, for a reservation of one week between August 1 and 7, 2018. The comparator also relied on the price of pints of beer by country recorded by the site and statistics on the cost of living of All this information was compiled on June 20.

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