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Here are the 17 cheapest destinations for your vacation

Summer holidays necessarily rhyme with serenity. However, if you have a limited budget, we have made the ranking of the 17 perfect countries!

Summer holidays: QUID de la dolce vita!

Since the arrival of Covid-19, no one can boast of making plans in advance. Summer or winter holidays, we were forced to adapt to a hybrid schedule. Working from home, you don’t often have the opportunity to be with loved ones. Moreover, since we had to avoid being numerous, there was no question of going into exile in the second home. Fortunately, health experts believe that the combination of good weather and vaccination should help us overcome our fears. Also, if you have few financial means at your disposal to escape, Objeko invites you to discover these 17 attractive destinations.

Summer vacation: Some last minute tips

Before booking a hotel or a rental, we recommend that you read this article. Inside the latter, we made the health pass, the need for the PCR/vaccine test or the mandatory quarantine. Once there, everything will be done to ensure that your summer vacation goes wonderfully!

Moreover, for your summer vacation, we trust you to choose the plane ticket that suits you best. In terms of schedules, proximity to the airport or stopovers, it’s a safe bet that companies have made an extra effort this year to convince you to travel.

Today, our objective is twofold. On the one hand, we suggest destinations where the cost of living is attractive so as not to spend your budget on overpriced restaurants. And on the other hand, we believe that there are enough things to visit so that the children do not get bored and return satisfied from their summer vacation.


Located a few hours from France, this destination is popular for its beaches as well as its reviews. Certainly, in the south, there are a lot of tourists, so it is better to book your summer vacation in advance. On the other hand, if you go to the east, Manacor, Artà, or the Formentor peninsula await you firmly.


Its inhabitants have always been nicknamed ” a singing peopleyou”. By going to this country for your summer vacation, you have all the ingredients to have a good time. Between its historical character (convent, manor, etc.) and the welcome of the locals, you will never forget your trip.


How to sum up this destination in a few words? It’s just not possible. Also, Objeko advises you to test all the culinary specialties of this country. When you come back from your summer vacation, you will have a few more pounds, but it will not be cellulite, but only happiness!


When you go to Vilnus, you realize almost automatically, it’s a chameleon. Indeed, the old town has many architectural styles. Therefore, tourists highly value learning the history of these different influences. And for your summer holidays, in terms of a change of scenery, it’s ideal!


Since its arrival in Europe, this country has become a destination appreciated by all. And especially for your summer vacation. If you love water and nature, this is a great place to relax with the family. Dotted with small welcoming villages, Croatia also has a multitude of national parks. We are thinking in particular of the most famous of them, Krka and Plitvice.


It only takes two hours by plane to get to Belgrade. For those who don’t have much summer vacation, but want to escape the gloom, this is perfect!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Certainly, this destination still suffers from the consequences of the many historical tragedies that have taken place there. However, the country is rebuilding itself little by little and offers to welcome you. Besides, if you like religious buildings, there is plenty to do!


Nature lovers, and more particularly hikers, never tire of going there for their summer holidays. Dotted with massifs, forests and lakes, there is plenty to do. In terms of buildings, we love certain monasteries. However, Objeko Highly recommend a visit to Rila Monastery. After all, let’s not forget that it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Summer vacation: Portugal

Between its olive groves and its vineyards, we no longer know where to turn. What is interesting to discover in Portugal is the alliance between the past and the future. This can be seen in the architecture, but also in the tourist spots. And if you choose it for your summer vacation?


How to talk about Slovakia without addressing Bratislava? Its houses of a thousand colors as well as its extraordinary beaches reach out to us! If you love purifying mountain air, the High Tatras massif is a gem. In short, there are all the ingredients to have a good time for your summer vacation!


Each member of the family should find his account. Dad likes to learn. Children prefer to play sports. And Mom loves nature walks. In any case, one thing is certain, the inhabitants like to receive for your summer holidays! As for the capital Budapest, it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed “Pearl of the Danube”.

Summer vacation: The Czech Republic

If you like to mix idleness and culture, you have finally found the perfect destination for your summer vacation.


For information, Objeko tells you that it is the largest place in Eastern Europe. Certainly, the one affectionately nicknamed ” the country of plains » lives up to its legend. Indeed, it has magnificent mountains, but also beaches worthy of postcards. As for the warm welcome of the locals, it is incomparable!


Since our childhood, we have been told about the terrifying tale of Dracula. Also, the country regularly organizes several tourist trips in this direction. The curious have only to stand. To hope to have a place for the next session, it’s time to book for your summer vacation, there are plenty of activities to do in this country.

Summer vacation: Albania

Located right between Greece and Montenegro, we constantly oscillate between East and West. Besides, if you choose this place for your summer vacation, you will be amazed. In fact, Albania has at least ten sites covered in all history books. As for the summit of Mount Korab, its height impresses as much as it makes you dizzy: 2,752 meters.


Single, as a couple or with friends, the Moldovan awaits you! The capital Chisinau is perfect for recharging your batteries. On the other hand, if you think that we can appreciate the past of a country with the eyes of today, we give you an appointment in the open-air archaeological village of Orhei Veche. Those who have been there have never been able to forget what they have discovered. Further south, the Orthodox monasteries will perfectly complement your thirst for culture. In short, for the summer holidays, it’s perfect!

Summer vacation: Latvia

Dynamism, idleness, visits, we have everything you need to have a good time. For the summer holidays, we have lunch in the national parks or we go canoeing. A few months later, when the first snowflakes fall, book yourself a bobsleigh session. Thrill seekers, this is your paradise on Earth!

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