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Holidays with friends: how to avoid conflicts?

Take a vacation with closest boyfriends and girlfriends can quickly turn into hell if a number of conditions are not met. We discuss, we prepare and we listen to each other: here are the golden rules for avoid conflicts when vacationing with friends.

Choosing the right friends with whom you go on vacation

We don’t go on vacation with just anyone. To make sure of have a good holiday with friendsyou have to go with people who have the same expectations as you, who more or less share your centers of interest and your way of life. “We often take an Airbnb when we go with friends. So it’s impossible to leave with someone who isn’t as orderly as we are,” says Hayat29 years.

If, like the young woman, you attach great importance to cleanliness and tidying up, that you plan to share accommodation all together and that half of them are rather the type not to wash their plates after the meal, think about it -y twice before accepting the trip.

Not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to vacation activities, either. Some prefer to tan nonstop by the pool, a book and a cocktail in hand, while others focus on the cultural aspect by chaining visits. The interest of go on vacation with friends is to spend time with them, so it is better to have more or less the same desires during this stay. Lucie, 25, agrees: “When I go on vacation with my best friends, I know that we will generally want to do the same activities and that makes the vacation more pleasant because we share crazy moments. »

Holidays with friends: the importance of adapting to everyone’s desires

A stay with relatives should be fun for everyone involved. And even if it is preferable to be more or less on the same wavelength from an activity point of view, you have to learn to adapt to everyone. Each of us has different lifestyles, our friends, however close they may be, do not necessarily have the same ones. You have to learn not to be annoyed when others don’t do things the way you do.

This is all the more valid if you opt for joint races. “On vacation, we often have breakfast at home, we buy everything so that no one is frustrated and we divide the bill into equal parts,” says Hayat. But not all groups of friends do things like this: ” My best friends and I, we don’t eat the same thing at all… Some are vegan and don’t eat any animal products. Everyone buys what they like to snack on their side and we share if some want to taste, ”explains Gaëtan, 24 years old.

Adaptation also concerns activities. It may be essential to make compromise during holidays with friends so that everyone is happy. “My two best friends love hiking, me, it’s not my favorite activity, but we try to do at least one per trip,” explains Lucie. “In return, they also adapt to my passion for photography and do not complain when I spend 20 minutes to do the same shot again, ”she adds.

  • Choose a destination that appeals to everyone

Going on vacation represents a budget. Make concessions on the travel destination with friends if you are not convinced is not really a good idea. The idea is not to harm anyone. Make a list of destinations that appeal to everyone and fit into everyone’s budget. “The best thing is to leave with people who have the same needs as us. A need for sun, a change of scenery or adventure “, recommends Gaëtan.

  • Establish a small program before leaving

After choosing the cast of your next holiday with friends, try to discuss the activities you would like to do. Do not hesitate to take the time, all together, to look for the best spots in the city. “Everyone can say what they would absolutely like to do, whether it’s a visit, an activity, a restaurant and then we try to merge everything to do the best », Details Hayat.

  • Agree on expenses

Do we divide everything equally or each pays what he wants and what he consumes? » A question that you need to ask yourself if you want your stay to go well. If you have decided that everyone will take turns paying for the groceries and that you will do the accounts at the end of the holidays, the Tricount application could help you. Everyone indicates what they have paid, and the app balances the expenses. Try all the same to have roughly the same budget for restaurants and activities.

  • Be ready to share

Travel with friends necessarily implies a notion of sharing. This is all the more true when we know that groups of friends on vacation tend to live in the same accommodation. You have to be ready to share a bathroom, potential household chores and sometimes even a bed. “It can be really practical to share your beauty products too. With my best friend we agree on who takes what and we share recommends Lucia.

  • Respect everyone’s moods and fatigue

A healthy friendship must be based on respect. This is even more valid during the holidays because we spend almost all of our time together. It is therefore essential to show respect for our friends so that the holidays do not turn into a nightmare. Be discreet if you wake up at dawn, for example, avoid screaming at the top of your lungs if one of your friends has a migraine. “When one of us falls ill or has a little slack, we don’t hesitate to take care of him or her, it’s part of the friendly commitments insists Hayat.

Spending a week, or even more, surrounded by loved ones is a pleasure. But some of us need little moments of solitude. Do not hesitate to isolate yourself for a few hours or an afternoon if necessary. Your friends will understand. If they love to party every night on vacation, and you’re not in the mood, don’t force yourself. The point of going on vacation with people you love is to have a good time.

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