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How to boost the attractiveness of tourism professions, according to Me Tarragano

“The profession is no longer a dream,” explained Jean-Pierre Mas, president of Entreprises du Voyage, during the union’s congress in the Dominican Republic. The bosses present at the event all reported HR difficulties, voluntary departures and a shortage of CVs.

A football table will not be enough

“You have geopolitical, climatic and health hazards, which leads to a problem of attractiveness”, summarizes Marie-Laure Tarragano, lawyer in social law. So how do you keep employees motivated and avoid new departures? Marie-Laure Tarragano shared very concrete ways to strengthen the attractiveness of the company, during a workshop organized as part of the congress.

“You must clearly integrate quality of life at work into your management. “A table football in the conference room will not be enough…

If the employee once had wishes, he now has real “requirements”. “Either you take the bandwagon. Either you don’t take it and you run the risk of losing existing talent. »

Develop telework and profit-sharing

Widely tested during the health crisis, teleworking has thus become a requirement on the part of many employees. “My recommendation is to put it in place. The employees give it back a hundredfold, they show more enthusiasm and reinvent themselves. » When it is possible of course. A single-user physical agency will not have this latitude.

Telework can be established by collective agreement, a charter, or over the counter by amendment. All the major provisions provided for in the national interprofessional agreement on the subject (signed by the MEDEF) apply to the travel sector.

“Attractiveness also increasingly involves bonuses: Macron bonus, profit-sharing bonus…”, added the lawyer. However, a profit-sharing agreement, linked to the results of the company, makes sense, in particular following the elimination of salary elements during the health crisis. How to set it up? By convention or collective labor agreement, for a period of 1 to 3 years. “The EdV took over the file. I drafted a branch agreement, which will be submitted to the trade unions. “If the negotiation is successful, as for long-term unemployment (APLD), the pros will have a turnkey kit.

The lever of the APLD

Another point, which may surprise at first glance, the lawyer believes that the APLD, reformed in April 2022, serves the attractiveness of travel operators. “You can make the APLD a GPEC, ie a forward-looking management of employment and skills, whatever the size of the company. This is clearly a lever of attractiveness for employees. You will be able to smooth their time, offer them training to develop expertise and skills that they do not have. »

In concrete terms, the APLD is now applicable for 36 months (over a period of 48 months), and can be implemented on December 31, 2022 at the latest.

The EdVs will communicate as soon as possible about the amendment to the Unilateral Document (DU) or the collective agreement that will be needed to take advantage of the new measures of the system.

A CSR approach

Finally, the adoption of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is becoming key to attracting employees and customers. Younger generations want engaged employers.

For now, only large companies that are subject to extra-financial reports are required to include CSR indicators in their accounting results. “Soon, VSEs-SMEs like large companies will no longer be able to work and be subcontractors or suppliers to the companies themselves subject to extra-financial reports if they do not justify their CSR approach. In other words, “companies will be CSR or will no longer exist within a few months”, assures Marie-Laure Tarragano. In addition, to respond to calls for tenders, a company must be able to justify its CSR approach.

Social responsibility is based on a UN standard, ISO 26000. This international standard includes 7 pillars including the environment, but also working conditions, the fight against corruption… “It’s easy to implement in your companies. It’s worrying but I reassure you: you all have a lot of actions in your companies that are not qualified as CSR but which are CSR actions. “Examples: the recycling of light bulbs, the fight against computer pollution, a profit-sharing agreement. It is therefore necessary to make a real diagnosis. Ademe, Afnor, Lucie put kits online to undertake an internal audit.

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