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How to organize a weekend in Europe, our 5 tips for a successful stay

Take off, yes, but in a limited time. Because like our number of RTTs, our getaways are constrained. So to get a change of air and get some fresh air, the weekend in Europe emerges as the most preferred solution. Whatever the desire and the budget, there is always a destination to make us dream. But it’s not always easy to know where to start when the desire to travel comes to shake us. To best prepare for these few European days, Stylist knocked on the door of The Offline, formerly Weekendr. The online travel agency offers its customers to help them build, tailor-made, the perfect stay for them, from booking flights and hotels to the whole program on site. Clotilde Lamorlette, in charge of customer experience, helped us take stock of everything that could help us before we tackled the real problem: what to put in your suitcase!

5 tips for going on a weekend in Europe

Go ahead

There was a time when the last moment was the assurance of finding good deals. But since the end of the epidemic, the cards have been reshuffled. “Certainly, at one time, there was the side of good last minute plans. But there (…) with the whole world starting to want to travel again, last-minute availability is less qualitative, especially in terms of accommodation. It is better to anticipate to have more choices and more interesting offers”, explains Clotilde. We are already embarking on our preparations (by contacting her at The Offline or on our side). Positive point: it gives us a date to look forward to, advent calendar style!

Start by taking care of your plane tickets

Accommodation VS flight, we don’t always know where to start. According to the pro, it is better to secure your means of transport first. “I think it’s better to take care of the flights first. The breadth of range of accommodation is greater than that of airplanes. If you want to go away for a weekend, you will want to leave from Thursday or Friday evening to Sunday evening. There aren’t fifty companies that will offer you this trip at an attractive price. On the other hand, for hotels or Airbnbs with charm, there will still be more choice”.

Don’t hesitate to book your restaurants

No question of coming back frustrated at having missed the spot that we absolutely wanted to test. Clotilde confirms it to us, if we are on the lookout for good addressesthe best is still to book as much as possible in advance. “If you have expectations or requirements in terms of address, or in any case, very specific desires, it is better to book, especially in the big cities of Europe.” What do we think the least about booking when it should be? The restaurants ! In his tailor-made trips, The Offline therefore offers to help us plan and secure each stage of our stay. But if we are the kind of tourists who prefer to let ourselves be carried away, in this case, we go there by surprise…

Anticipate his trip to the hotel

Once you arrive at the station or the airport, you still have to go to the hotel. A point that we too often forget to anticipate! “Typically, you arrive on Friday evening at 11:30 p.m. in a city you don’t know, it’s quite interesting and comfortable to have a taxi or a shuttle waiting for you. (…) We have families leaving with us, with babies, … When you arrive a little late, it’s still more practical.” Obviously The Offline can do that for us. For the most economical, we avoid at least the stress of arrival by looking in advance at how to reach our accommodation by transport.

Go off the beaten track

There are obviously the unmissable ones who have proven themselves and who always find a way to bring us back into their nets. But sometimes other, less popular weekend destinations can be the perfect getaway. “Istanbul for three days, people don’t necessarily think about it. Puglia too. Bari is a 2h15 flight. (…) Greece is not necessarily very long either. Corfu is 2h40 in flight and you are really in the sun. For a weekend, we see that people tend to stay in Madrid, Lisbon, etc… but in fact, Lisbon is 2h25 from Paris…” Her other tips: don’t neglect France! “France is full of little-known corners and there are tourist accommodation offers that are developing a lot” Sometimes the perfect weekend is under his nose…

All information about The Offline can be found here!

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