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How to see which apps are using cellular data on iPhone?

If your iPhone’s service bill is high due to cellular data usage, it’s easy to find the culprit in Settings by looking at which apps are using the most cellular data. Here’s how.

Some apps use more data than others

Cellular data is how your iPhone uses the Internet when you’re away from a Wi-Fi hotspot, such as in a public place or in your car. Depending on your mobile plan, they are not always unlimited. So, if you use a lot of cellular data, you may end up incurring significant additional charges if you’re not careful.

It is important to know that not all applications are equal in terms of data consumption. Some types of app usage, like streaming videos or music, consume a lot more data than messaging or checking email. This is explained by the fact that the transmission of videos, images and sounds requires more information than that of simple texts. Also, if you watch a lot of videos through a social media app like Twitter or Facebook while on the go, it can also consume a lot of cellular data.


To find out how much cellular data each app has used, just head to the iPhone’s built-in Settings app. To get started, open the Settings app by tapping the gear icon.

In Settings, choose “Cellular”.

In iPhone Settings, tap “Cellular”.

When you are in cellular settings, you will see several options with switches. Scroll down the list below and you will find a list of apps installed on your cell phone. They are ranked by the amount of cellular data they have used, with the most greedy being at the top of the list. Each app displays its cellular data usage just below its name.

You will see that the cellular data used is listed under the app name in iPhone Settings.

The data you see is for the “current period”, which in some cellular plans is your cell phone’s billing cycle. In other cases, the “current period” is the period since the last reset of the cellular data statistics. You can find this date at the very bottom of the cellular settings page.

At the bottom of the Cellular Settings page, you’ll see the date the current period began.

To reset stats for the current period, tap ‘Reset Stats’, located just above the ‘Last Reset’ date. All cellular data usage figures shown for the above apps will reset to zero and start counting again until the next billing period (with some carriers) or until you manually reset the statistics.


What can I do ?

If an app is using too much cellular data, it’s easy to block it from using it. To do this, open Settings and navigate to “Cellular”. Scroll through the list of apps and turn off the toggle next to the app that’s using too much cellular data.

Toggle the switch next to the app name to turn off cellular data for that app in iPhone settings.

If cellular data is turned off for this app, it will still work when your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, but if it’s not and you’re only connected to cellular data, the app won’t connect. not to the Internet.

You can also turn on Low Data Mode to reduce cellular data usage in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. Turn on the switch next to “Low Data Mode” to turn it on.

Enable “Low Data Mode”.

When Low Data Mode is on, some background tasks are disabled and you use less cellular data.

Also, if you accidentally used cellular data due to a spotty Wi-Fi connection, you can disable this feature in Settings > Cellular by turning off Wi-Fi Assist.

Disable “Wi-Fi Assist”.

Good luck and have a good trip!

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