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“IL Cosmetics has again surprised with its innovations”, Aurélie Ignaccolo

Premium Beauty News – The Cosmopack show was back in Bologna, from April 28 to May 1, 2022, for its first physical edition since 2019. What is your assessment?

Aurelie Ignaccolo – We didn’t really know what to expect after the pandemic-related hiatus. We were more than pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors to our stand. Overall, the show was a real success for IL Cosmetics Group!

Customers were very surprised by the number of formulas offered. Even at a slower pace at the start of the pandemic, we continued our efforts on innovation and very quickly, from September 2020, we resumed our cruising speed on our developments, in particular with a technology exclusive to IL Cosmetics for the nails category. .

Premium Beauty News – Your innovations in the “nail” category are coming at the right time when the market recovers!

Aurélie Ignaccolo – Indeed, the nail polish market has definitely stabilized, we see the end of the decline, and we have noted a desire by brands to boost the category with numerous launches planned around the world, thus increased interest in nails and warning signs of a possible increase in the market.

We have been the leader in the Longwear category since 2016, where we have relied on technologies which, even today, are fully in line with market demand!

Whatever the trends (bio-sourced / clean / microplastic-free / photoreactive formulas) the long-lasting claim remains the key element in the consumer’s purchase intention. This is why we have developed a new G’last boost’R technology involving patented components to go even further in long-lasting performance while optimizing other parameters such as shine, which remains the #1 preference. throughout the test and during the purchase intention.

Previewed in Bologna, this technology can be applied to all types of formulations, whether it is our bio-sourced portfolio, where we offer unprecedented levels of naturalness, with a minimum of 85% in shades, or whether it’s our photoreactive formulas, Oligo and Hybrid, which allow extreme hold while maintaining application and make-up removal as simple as with traditional nail polish.

In the field of Longwear, our next challenge is to offer a gel polish adapted to the requirements of the European Union for retail sales. It’s a real challenge, there is no solution on the market, it represents a strong investment in R&D.

Premium Beauty News – What about nail care products, a segment that was growing rapidly before the pandemic?

Aurelie Ignaccolo – The segment is still very dynamic, driven by the craze for sensory textures and products that combine instant healthy-look effect and efficacy proven by consumer panel testing. To meet this demand, we have enriched our portfolio with a wide choice of optimized bio-sourced formulas as well as instant and care products. Remember here that the primary concern of the consumer remains hardening, which is why we are also in the process of finalizing a formula with proven effectiveness which will also be the subject of a future patent.

Premium Beauty News – Beyond nail polish, IL Cosmetics has become a major player in mascara in Europe. Where are you on this subject?

Juanita Parra- Mascara has experienced significant growth in recent years. We have also consolidated our leading position among key suppliers in Europe. Indeed, IL Cosmetics Group today holds about 30% of the European market open to subcontracting. In this market, the trend remains volume and lash lift, without forgetting clean and natural.

After Europe, the United States is the vector of future growth for the category where we are beginning to attract key players. We know the expectations of this market well, and we produce one of the best-selling mascaras on Amazon USA. We are in the process of forming a new team to accelerate our positioning on American territory and thus increase our availability on this market.

Premium Beauty News – Another area of ​​diversification, lip make-up: a booming segment!

Laura Pereira- The lip category (liquid lipstick + lipgloss) remains the category with the strongest growth rate at IL Cosmetics, having reached approximately 12% of the European outsourcing market share in a short time. The post-covid context is very favourable, with consumers turning to lip products again and sales exploding. To meet this demand, we have multiplied the options of formulas, all customizable to best meet the expectations of brands!

Premium Beauty News – In conclusion, what are IL Cosmetics’ medium-term projects?

Aurelie Ignaccolo – We will reach the milestone of 100 million euros in turnover in 2022. Diversification remains the key to growth for the group, both in terms of products and markets.

We inaugurated our new Make-up Lab to support all make-up projects and we are planning several investments at this level to support this growth. On the industrial side, we have grouped our two packaging units in Poland to improve efficiency with a view to expanding our capacities in 2022.

In the meantime, see you at MakeUp in Paris in June…

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