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influencers in Overseas to relay the action of the Uni

Eight young Europeans, including two Ultramarines, embark on a two-week journey to discover and tell what Europe is doing in the French territories of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. They will meet on May 18 in Brussels to visit the European institutions.

Promoting the French overseas territories and showing the action of the European Union in the outermost regions: it is a double communication operation that the government imagined, less than two months before the end of the French presidency of the European Union. From May 4 to 18, eight young influencers – who have 123,000 subscribers on Instagram – will travel through the ORs, the outermost regions of Europe, during a road trip organized by the Ministry of Overseas. Goal : “enhance [ces territoires] on social networks with their respective communities” thanks to the hashtag #RoadTripEUR. And show that Europe is not absent from overseas territories.

In reality, these eight young people will not explore all the ORs: they will be separated into two groups, some will take the “Caribbean-Guyana” route, where they will visit Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Martin and Guyana, the others leaving for Reunion and Mayotte. No visit to the Pacific territories, nor to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, and even less to the Spanish overseas territories (the Canary Islands) and Portuguese (Azores and Madeira).

To relay the call for applications launched in March, the Overseas Ministry asked two social media personalities: the French Léa Camilleri (309,000 subscribers on Instagram, more than 480,000 on Youtube) and the Spaniard Nil Ojeda (1.2 million followers on Instagram, almost 4 million on Youtube). The ministry also took advantage of the services of the group specializing in online media Webedia – which manages, for example, the careers of youtubers Cyprien, Norman and Bilal Hassani – to directly approach influencers potentially compatible with the project.

After receiving more than 600 applications, the ministry carried out a double selection. First, using a form, he identified the profiles of young Europeans with a community of more than 2,000 subscribers on social networks, taking quality photos and/or videos, and showing an interest in travel and Discovery. It was also necessary, for reasons of group cohesion, that they master English. Then, the ministry asked those selected for a video presentation and motivation, in order to “judge of [leur] interest in the projectbut also and mostly, “confirm their ability to offer quality content” and make sure they are “confident in front of the camera”. Because the objective remains above all to show these territories far from the continent under a good eye. Aesthetics therefore count as much as the number of followers.

Of the eight winners selected for this trip, three are French (two of them are from overseas), two are Spanish, one of them lives in Portugal, one is Belgian and the last comes from Romania.

View the eight profiles of the selected young people:

From a small 1,600 subscribers on Instagram to more than 40,000, the Overseas Ministry, conductor of the #RoadTripEUR operation, wanted to vary the profiles of the selected candidates, even if the majority of them come from Western Europe. Among them, Willem, an artist from Martinique, who has the most subscribers on Instagram.

This is not the first time that the young man, singer and YouTuber, has taken part in an operation organized by the government: already in February, he participated in several short videos posted on the social networks of the Ministry of Overseas promote ultramarine gastronomy.

Contacted by Webedia, he did not hesitate to accept this new project: “I was immediately seduced by the idea of ​​presenting the Overseas Territories under another prism than ‘the beach, the rum, the conviviality’, exhe asks before he leaves.

Our territories have a lot more to offer, and I can’t wait for the adventure to begin to live and share all that!

Willem, Martinican influencer

Willem is part of the group that will complete the “Caribbean-Guyana” route. He will not be out of place, he who has just returned from a stay in Martinique, where he is from.

Other Ultramarine to participate in the road trip from the Overseas Ministry: Sara, a Reunionese native of Saint-André, now a student at INSEEC (Institute of Advanced Economic and Commercial Studies) in Paris. On her Instagram account (where she is followed by nearly 10,700 people), she regularly shares her travels and her lifestyle – lifestyle.

Willem and Sara will be accompanied by Anatole, the third Frenchman to have been selected to discover the Overseas Territories. He is a personal sports coach and has nearly 10,800 followers on Instagram. The young Parisian jumped at the chance when he was presented with the opportunity to travel to the French overseas territories. He will follow the route “La Réunion-Mayotte”.

This road trip project, it was ideal for me, because it is the alignment of a lot of passions: travel, meeting people.

With a mother from Guadeloupe, he is already familiar with overseas territories. But Europe, he knows less. “This trip will be an opportunity to see concretely what the European Union is doing” in the outermost regions, he argues.

The objective of this project is also to make young Europeans from other countries aware of the richness of the French overseas territories. Hache, digital content creator, is Spanish. She will travel with Anatole to Reunion and Mayotte. “With the pandemic, we did not travel for two years. I have already lived in France, but I have never had the opportunity to visit its islands!”she says, enthusiastic.

Luna, another Spaniard with 13,500 Instagram followers, is also taking part in the trip. Just like Afonso, a vlogger – a blogger who mainly publishes videos – followed by 25,500 people and who represents Portugal, the Belgian Estelle (7,300 subscribers) and finally, Roxana, originally from Romania, a big fan of travel (13,500 subscribers). In a post on Instagram, the latter announced that she was leaving for two weeks for Mayotte and Reunion.

Throughout the journey, the eight influencers will have to share their adventures on their social networks. To make the project fun – Instagram being above all popular with teenagers and young adults -, the Overseas Ministry has imagined a great treasure hunt: through activities, meetings and discoveries, influencers will win stars. They will have to win the twelve stars of the European flag which they will reconstitute at the end of the trip, on May 18, in Brussels. In parallel, a mini-series on this road trip will be produced and broadcast on the ministry’s social networks.

“In the ORs, young people will visit projects financed by the structural funds of the European Union”, says the ministry. The goal “won’t just be hiking and taking a selfie behind a waterfall”jokes Anatole. “For example, we are planning to go see women entrepreneurs in Mayotte”to bear witness to the action of the European Union on the Indian Ocean island.

Léa Camilleri, the youtuber asked to promote the project to influencers, has however already planned the trip of the four young people who will go to Mayotte and Reunion. She met local actors carrying out EU-funded projects. The YouTuber has disseminated the famous stars that influencers will have to collect across the two islands in the Indian Ocean. She has just published the video of her trip on Youtube. With the hashtag #RoadTripEUR.

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